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Sky Crawlers is FINALLY coming to the US! Heck yeah!
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July 04, 2009, 08:27:45
Actually I dunno if this game is any good but it is a Wii flight game developed by the Ace Combat team and based off a Japanese animation. Released in Japan like a year ago with no word of a US release, so it seemed unlikely it would ever make it here.

But the movie was released here eventually, and now the game is finally coming.


Seems more and more Nintendo is the only one keeping interesting Wii games stuck in Japan. Blah. But glad this one is finally making it over!

(PS. I saw the movie, was kind of disappointed in it... but the game could still be sweet.)

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Posted: 07/04/09, 08:27:45    
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Heck yeah!!

Supposedly, the game is kind of uneven, but I'd love to try it for myself. The ideas behind it and controls seem interesting.

Gotta say, though, I thought HAWX kicked AC6's ass.

I'm so glad that Scamco can't milk DLC on the Wii.

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 on: 07/04/09, 22:10:15
I didn't know Mamoru Oshii had directed the movie, now I'm interested in seeing it. Even his failures are interesting, IMO, and of course the Ghost in the Shell movies are superb.

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 on: 07/06/09, 00:18:43
I've rented Ghost in the Shell about 10 times, but never watched it. It's also on my 360 Netflix streaming queue.

Same for Akira. And Shaun of the Dead. Finally watched Butch Cassidy, though.


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 on: 07/06/09, 05:23:00
Meh, your lack of taste when it comes to movies is well documented.

GitS is good, though I prefer the beautiful sequel. Akira isn't my thing. Shaun of the Dead is amazing. Butch Cassidy is an untouchable classic.

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 on: 07/06/09, 20:08:58
I never quite got into Ghost and the Shell, but I did see it like 10 years ago or something. Akira is one of those movies I thought was so awesome when I first got into anime but now it's like... yeah it is good and epic and all, but not quite matching my tastes. Wings of Honneamise is probably my favorite anime, with Porco Rosso right up there.

Sky Crawlers (movie) was just kind of... boring. Not much happens. I guess there might be some underlying themes I missed out on a bit, but for the most part... dull.

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 on: 07/06/09, 20:27:43
Doesn't it have both motion control and standard control options?

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 on: 07/06/09, 20:42:00
I was just shocked at the SEVENTIES-ness of Butch Cassidy. It was so slow and deliberate, like Dirty Harry. Plus, the whole story was basically one big chase scene, like Lord of the Rings. And then a music video pops up out of nowhere. So weird. I really thought I would love it, since I loved The Sting (and old movies, in general). Casablanca and Citizen Kane never quite did it for me, either. I dunno.

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 on: 07/06/09, 21:32:21
I think it's pretty awesome that this game is coming over to the US as well. Since getting back into video games this generation, XSEED has become one of my favorite game companies ever.

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 on: 07/07/09, 01:10:32
I know, it's too bad XSEED can't get their hands on Nintendo properties, I'd put money on them getting behind bringing over pretty much every single game we have been clamoring for over the last few years if only Nintendo would give them the green light.

Or NOA could just you know, stop being stupid and do it themselves.

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 on: 07/07/09, 04:26:13
But it wouldn't be as fun if NOA stopped being stupid.

XSEED is definitely doing a fine job though, and I agree; I really wish they could get their hands on NInty's other region-locked properties. Fatal Frame 4, dammit...

I didn't see much of the GitS movies, but watched a fair share of the recent SAC and 2nd Gig anime series. Love em both, though I still need to finish them completely (only missed... 2 eppys of Stand Alone Complex, but missed most of 2nd Gig). Dunno why I shared that. :p

And Hello X-pert!

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 on: 07/07/09, 08:51:50
Whatup, X-pert!

I also wish that Nintendo would allow others to publish the (tons and tons of) games that they refuse to localize. Really, how would it hurt them? They absorb no risk, and if the game is successful, they still have the rights to the sequel(s). (Maybe they aren't against it. They did it with Cubivore...)

XSEED is cool, but I fear that they (and maybe Ignition) aren't long for this world. How long did Working Designs last? Was it ever very profitable?

Eidos, oddly enough, also had an awesome localization/weird stuff brand - Fresh Games, or something? They did a lot of interesting stuff on PS2 (Mr. Mosquito) and the DS (Nervous Brickdown, Glory Days 2). Unfortunately, I don't think they exist anymore.

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 on: 07/07/09, 17:31:49
Woah it's time to...

...the n00b!

Just kidding. Curious, how did you find the site? It seems like despite me posting it around, I still have to recruit 99% of new members. It's always nice when someone shows up I didn't personally recruit... or did I?

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 on: 07/07/09, 18:38:51
I'll keep an eye on this...

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 on: 07/20/09, 07:10:32
Speaking of anime I just watched Perfect Blue for the first time. Wow, that's a bizarre one. Pretty good though.

A bit dated though, my brother was watching it with me like "was this back when nobody knew what the Internet was?" and I was like "well yeah, kind of..."

(It's a story about a Japanese pop star who quits to become an actress, gets involved in some raunchy stuff, finds a site where some stalker is posting about her day to day activities, people around her start dying and then she goes into a downward spiral of madness...)

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 on: 07/20/09, 07:33:44
I did rent Sky Crawlers... yeaaah there's not much to it. It's a Oshii movie alright: it's got his dog in it, it's beautiful, it's got lots and lots of pauses and people not doing anything. Pretty forgettable.

Zero, if you liked Perfect Blue, you've GOT to check out that guy's other movies: Tokyo Godfather and Millenium Actress. TG is kind of an heartwarming Christmas story about 3 hobos finding a baby in a trashbin. And Millenium Actress... will just blow your mind. The less you know going in, the better.

Neither are as violent as Perfect Blue.

Posted by 
 on: 07/20/09, 18:27:31
Hmm, I honestly had no idea those two were by the same guy, they're both on my (short) list of anime to check out. Actually I had Tokyo Godfathers in my hands once and skipped because there was no English dubbing... stupid, stupid, stupid. That was years ago back when every movie I owned had English dubbing. Now I have a lot of stuff with the original language only, I still (don't kill me diehard fans) prefer a GOOD English dub (like Miyazaki's stuff tends to get,) but I'm not all anti-subtitles anymore. And in some movies the dubbing is so bad I stick to subtitles anyway.

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 on: 07/20/09, 20:05:09
Yeah, some dubs are good. Some are not. It's always a good option to have. I've tried watching Cowboy Bebop: The Movie with subtitles a couple of times and it unfailingly puts me to sleep.

The director of PB, TG and MA, Satoshi Kon, has also made the short series Paranoia Agent, which I'm currently revisiting. The first time I watched it, years ago, it left me more confused than impressed, but now that I know where he's going with it, I'm enjoying it more.

More recently, he's made Paprika, which made pretty much the same impression on me as Paranoia Agent. I should watch it again. It was fantastic to watch it on a big screen, though.

I wish someone would recommend me some good anime, it's been a while since anything caught my attention. I try to follow certain directors' work, but Oshii, Kon and Miyazaki don't produce movies quickly enough...

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 on: 07/20/09, 20:33:49
I haven't watched too much anime in feature form (I generally prefer serial storytelling, which weights characterization over plot, more like a novel than a short story), but you should check out the Anime World Order podcast for more recommendations along those lines (Oshii, Kon, Miyazaki, Tezuka). It's a pretty informative show for both the highbrow and lowbrow sides of anime (not so much of the middlebrow, though). There was also a pretty illuminating recent news episode about some guy who got thrown in jail for importing pornographic manga from Japan.

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 on: 07/20/09, 21:58:18
Paranoia Agent used to be on Adult Swim. Man that was a weird show.

My recommendation for an awesome movie no one ever seems to have seen... Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise (Don't read the plot thing there though, they spoil a lot.)

War, religion, space, intrigue, a bit of comedy thrown in. It's pretty EPIC.

And of course, I always have to pimp Porco Rosso which seems to be the Miyazaki no one has ever seen but everyone should. It's actually my favorite of his, possibly my favorite anime period. A much more "mature" tone than you might think (I mean, actually mature, not video game industry mature... ug.) But of course tons of classic Miyazaki comedy and zaniness as well.

Posted by 
 on: 07/21/09, 19:21:24
Ah, I've seen Wings of Honneamise. Kind of hated it. The whole time, I was thinking, "Why am I watching this fictional space race story when I could be watching The Right Stuff instead"? That, and the whole thing with the guy trying to rape the religious country girl, and the girl apologizes to him the next day... I think I stopped watching.

Porco Rosso is indeed excellent. I've seen every movie Miyazaki has directed at this point save his latest, Ponyo, which is coming in theaters here in August! I can't wait!

Posted by 
 on: 07/22/09, 15:54:55
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