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Ubisoft announces Rayman Origins!
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June 15, 2010, 04:35:11
But doesn't mention what platform. WTF.

2D platformer though, looked pretty nice.

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Posted: 06/15/10, 04:35:11    
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About time, I say.

I hate the first Rayman, but Rayman 3 on GBA I liked quite a bit.

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 on: 06/15/10, 04:38:18
Oh and I think it's downloadable, which makes me question that it will be on Wii Ware, due to the space limitations.

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 on: 06/15/10, 04:41:40
So they deny us the Rayman game they should have given us in 2006? What assholes.

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 on: 06/15/10, 04:46:03

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 on: 06/15/10, 04:47:02
Looks utterly fantastic if that's in-game.


I love you Ancel.

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 on: 06/15/10, 04:48:41  - Edited by 
 on: 06/15/10, 04:48:55
Its episodic and HD only.


Ubi's art blog said:
Well, to be honest, we would love to release a biiiiiig episode of Rayman Origins this year on HD consoles.

Why in full HD?
Simply because the game already runs in this incredible image format and this really highlights the artist’s work. This doesn’t prevent us from thinking about other consoles but we are a small team so we need to set priorities.

Why episodes?
To release one this year, and because big games take a long time to make, which in turns makes their price high.
With episodes, the price must be proportional to the size of the game, there is no way we are taking gamers for loosers!
Episodes also let us imagine a longer and more developed saga than with a more “classical” format.
Oh yes, and there is a golden rule: the size of each episode and its replayability must be important enough to make the players feel … fulfilled.

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 on: 06/15/10, 05:22:19
HD only??? Seriously Ubisoft? Seriously? Wii owners bought your crappy spin-off Rayman games and you repay us by snubbing us on a true Rayman game?

I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but dammit! I frickin hate what this industry has become.

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 on: 06/15/10, 05:52:46
That was beautiful, 2D graphics have reached a new high. I can't wait!

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 on: 06/15/10, 05:58:47


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 on: 06/15/10, 06:53:33
Wow, looks beautiful, stylish, and charming.

...But only on the HD consoles? Geez, Ubi.
...And episodic? *sigh*

C'mon, if Wii can get stuff like Muramasa and Boy and His Blob, Wii can get this.

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 on: 06/15/10, 07:07:36

Maybe they'll release it on disc once all the episodes are out. Like I said above, I imagine Wii Ware's space limitations are holding them back from releasing it and even if they wanted to release on disc alongside the others, they couldn't because of the episodic format.

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 on: 06/15/10, 07:29:30
I didn't realize that Rayman was a pervy idiot.

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 on: 06/15/10, 08:29:18  - Edited by 
 on: 06/15/10, 08:30:52
@Phalanx lol Ubisoft lol

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 on: 06/15/10, 08:42:10  - Edited by 
 on: 06/15/10, 08:42:54
Ubisoft, you are friggin' STUPID.

Not releasing this game on Wii is an absolute SLAP IN THE FACE to Nintendo fans. You're also denying yourself MONEY, since you've built a Rayman/Rabbids fanbase on Wii already.

Good lord.

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 on: 06/15/10, 12:01:38
Looks beautiful but in terms of 2D I still think Muramasa has it beat.

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 on: 06/15/10, 12:15:00
It's a little bit too Nickelodeon, but the French makes up for that. Looks awesome!

No Wii support is a bad move but I guess I should be happy I have something to look forward to from the PSN store.

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 on: 06/15/10, 12:43:38
This game not being released on the Wii baffles me. Like it's been said, the franchise has been established on the Wii since it launched in 2006. I understand WiiWare's size limitations, but...I still don't get this. Rabbids in Time doesn't make up for it.

That said, I don't really care for the art style. I get what they're going for, but it looks worse (to me) than the original Rayman.

Posted by 
 on: 06/15/10, 16:14:54

do want. do not has HD console. not likely to get eider.

Posted by 
 on: 06/15/10, 17:52:46
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