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Nintendo Direct TODAY (Friday) 3 pm Pacific but only for... their theme park?
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December 18, 2020, 12:34
A little curious. Not really sure what to expect.

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12/18/20, 12:34   Edited:  12/18/20, 12:33
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Sure, I'll take it I suppose.

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 on: 12/18/20, 16:06
I guess I have to watch it, but I dunno, I feel like seeing any photos of a theme park at all is a spoiler!

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 on: 12/18/20, 18:56
Yeah, unlike videogames basically showing the land itself is a spoiler since there's not much more to it. Granted they could also just hide most of the content of the rides.

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 on: 12/18/20, 21:28
A great reason to visit Japan again!

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 on: 12/19/20, 00:54
Oh baby, that restaurant looks awesome. One day!

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 on: 12/19/20, 01:26
... what if you don't like mushrooms?

I do, though.

The restaurant reminds me of that Peach and Toad comedy sketch, where the only two dishes were a toad stuffed with peaches and a peach stuffed with toad.

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 on: 12/19/20, 01:28
You can pick em off that burger!

Some of those dishes look like they're doing the fancy restaurant thing where all the serving sizes are really small. I wonder if they'll supersize the menu for America? And add a Wario's Nightclub expansion!

Posted by 
 on: 12/19/20, 02:10
Ooo, it should be a disco!

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 on: 12/19/20, 03:24
I have tentative travel plans to Japan in June. Fingers-crossed that international travel is closer to back to normal by then. I will spend a day or two at the park! I am outrageously excited from this video. And that AR Mario Kart ride promises to be amazing! My only concern is gobs of people clustered at every activity point, but it’ll still be so much fun!

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 on: 12/21/20, 13:17   Edited:  12/21/20, 13:19
The two times Miyamoto called himself Dad to Mario/Luigi gave me feelings.

Posted by 
 on: 12/23/20, 03:20
@carlosrox I really want to learn more about him before he gets really old. For once, I'd love to learn about one of my idols before the end of their life, and not just because they get sick or pass away. He's helped to contribute some really special things in this world, for sure.

Posted by 
 on: 12/23/20, 16:55
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