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Nintendo Download: April 13-19, 2017
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April 13, 2017, 16:07:05
April 13, 2017 – Bye-Bye Boxboy!, Mr. Shifty, The Jackbox Party Pack 3, and so much more drop this week. Check out all of this week's updates today at noon eastern on your favorite eShop.

Nintendo of America said:
This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch

Mr. Shifty
– Shift through bullets, and master lightning-fast takedowns in a new kind of action game from tinyBuild and Team Shifty. The Mr. Shifty game follows a teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world’s most secure facility – players will use distraction and trickery, and explore what’s possible when stealth and action become one.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 – The threequel to the party-game phenomenon features FIVE new sense-shattering Jackbox games: Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party, Guesspionage, Tee K.O. and Fakin’ It. It’s a digital box full of actual fun!

Puyo Puyo Tetris – Demo Version – Two classic puzzle games face off in Puyo Puyo Tetris. The four-player puzzle mashup game is only a little more than a week away, launching in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch on April 25.* For people that want to try before they buy, a free demo for the game is now available.

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

– The epic trilogy that has taken the world of geometry by storm comes to its dramatic conclusion with the BYE-BYE BOXBOY! game, from the folks at HAL Laboratory, Inc., creators of the Kirby series. By rescuing new Qbabies, main character Qbby will receive one of four powers – Boxrocket, Bombox, Warpbox and Remotebox – that can help the boxy hero overcome obstacles in a new way. Tapping any of the Kirby series amiibo figures (sold separately) like Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight or Waddle Dee will permanently unlock a new colorful costume for Qbby based on that character. A free demo for all three games in the series is also available in Nintendo eShop.

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe – As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the adorable Kirby franchise, this free-to-start game features four Kirby characters with different powers: Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Beam Mage and Doctor Healmore. Grab three friends and see if you can defeat all the giant enemies!**

Nintendo eShop sales:

Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

Great deals this week! Check out the full list of deals on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games available this week at http://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals.


National StreetPass Weekend (Easter)
– Spring is finally here … and so is National StreetPass Weekend! From April 13 to April 16, collect up to six StreetPass tags from across North America when you stop by a Nintendo Zone location with your Nintendo 3DS family system. While you’re out and about enjoying the warmer weather, be sure to take advantage of the cool StreetPass features in popular games like Poochy& Yoshi’s Woolly World and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.

New My Nintendo Rewards – Yoshi and his faithful pal Poochy have a friendship you’ve gotta love. You can redeem points for up to 30 percent discounts on Yoshi’s debut, Super Mario World (Virtual Console on New Nintendo 3DS), and Poochy’s debut, Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (Virtual Console on Wii U), as well as an “Egg-cellent” Yoshi Springtime Siesta Nintendo 3DS theme. To be eligible forthe discounts on Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3, points must be redeemed by 11 p.m. PT on July 12; discount valid until 11:59 p.m. PT on Aug. 12. Members can also redeem points for full online access to guides, including the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Prima Official Game Guide and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Prima Official Game Guide. To learn more, visit http://my.nintendo.com.

Fire Emblem Heroes – Starting April 14, a Summoning event will introduce four other Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia characters: Alm… Clair… Faye… and Lukas. Several new updates to the mobile game are now available, including a new feature called Hero Merit, a new stat that increases every time a hero finishes a battle alive. When their Hero Merit reaches 500 points, players receive 500 Hero Feathers. Another update has raised the maximum stamina for all players from 50 to 99. Stay tuned for more updates.

Also new this week:

(Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch)

Bingo Collection (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

Pic-a-pix color (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

FIFTEEN (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

Ascent of Kings (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

Scoop’n Birds (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)

Pic-a-pix color (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

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Posted: 04/13/17, 16:07:05    
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The Puyo Puyo Tetris demo is a lot of fun and even features multiplayer. Great value! I'll be sure to pick this up when the full version releases.

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 17:20:40
You could have gotten the Puyo demo at launch with a quick Japanese-version profile on your Switch!

But yeah, good stuff. Nice that a US version came along too. More demos, please!

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 17:36:14
@J.K. Riki

That's true--I did exactly that for Dragon Quest Heroes. I may have to do more research on what else is available on the JP eShop. Hm...

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 20:33:22
Does Dragon Quest Heroes have an English option?

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 20:47:47

Don't believe so. However I think it is getting a PS4 release so a translation is/was made, and we could see a release outside Japan and/or demo with English on Switch, I suppose!

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 21:11:40
Omigod, after playing the Japanese Puyo Puyo Tetris demo, I hate the American Puyo Puyo Tetris voices! The Japanese ones are so goofy and cute!

To be fair, some of the American voices are alright... but some are truly awful.

They actually cut down the amount of options in the demo, too. Probably because the Japanese one was a bit too generous. I could see people not thinking that they needed the full game.

Anyway, I'll eventually grab Jackbox 3 and maybe Mr. Shifty. And maybe SamSho IV.

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 21:53:17
Jackbox is always fun!

How's Mr. Shifty?

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 21:53:37
Mixed reviews, I think. But I watched a video, and it looked pretty fun.

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 22:01:44
Nice, Samurai Shodown 4!

Why release this one and not the others? Strange.

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 22:23:59
If that were the GBA version of Super Mario World on sale, I'd probably grab that. I've been curious about the changes.

Posted by 
 on: 04/13/17, 22:30:49

I never played the JPN version, but I think the US voices are fine. Maybe that's because I have no idea who anyone is...? Seems like a pretty standard translation of a hyper-colorful Japanese game. No weirdly stilted delivery or whatever.

And the only character I use--the fish--has been cracking me up. "Try not to fall in love!"

Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 00:08:30  - Edited by 
 on: 04/14/17, 00:09:15
What's supposedly wrong with Mr.Shifty? Looked just fine in the Direct.

Either way I buy what I want, not what reviewers claim is good.

I'll buy unless I hear it's like fundamentally broken.

Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 02:47:34
Oh and that Jackbox shit looks highly intriguing.

Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 02:48:06
I dunno. Check out the Japanese demo (you can also grab a demo of the new Spelunker game!) and see what you think. I favored the lackadaisical kid with heterochromatic eyes in the Japanese demo, but he sounds like a 60-year-old man in the dub.

The Japanese demo also gives you even more bang for your zero bucks, options-wise.

Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 03:05:20  - Edited by 
 on: 04/14/17, 07:40:00
GameDadGrant said:
Nice, Samurai Shodown 4!

Why release this one and not the others? Strange.


Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 08:23:24
Mr shiffffffffffty <3

Posted by 
 on: 04/14/17, 08:59:21

I'm guessing that's an endorsement then?

Posted by 
 on: 04/16/17, 04:16:14
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