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Tetris Discussion (Nintendo NES) [game]
Tetris on the NES
8.94/10 from 36 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tetris on the NES!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I just LAUNCHED THE ROCKET to the tune of 56,200, with 148 Lines on Lv14. What is the best you remember doing in this addictive / nerve-racking game?

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06/08/13, 07:02    Edited: 06/08/13, 07:03
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I honestly never played the NES version.

Actually I never really got much into Tetris until the DS version. Hmm.

Back on the Game Boy version I could get up to around 50 or 75 lines or so before I just got bored.
06/08/13, 07:09   
I've played the NES version but not that much. The Game Boy is the one I own (and still do!) and I think 184 lines was my record on that one.
06/08/13, 14:58   
Tetris on the 64 was my favorite until Tetris DS. Couldn't tell you any oy my scores :-/
06/08/13, 15:22   
I don't remember scores, but I'm pretty sure I've gotten to level 16 before. I'm not sure it's possible to get any further, the blocks kind of start to fall instantly at that point. I guess you'd need some luck with the pieces and also how the stack is shaped when it starts happening.
06/08/13, 21:36   
@Mop it up

Wow, that sounds crazy!

Zero said:
I honestly never played the NES version.

What the hell, Zero...
06/09/13, 01:43   
Played a ton of Tetris on the NES and GB when I was kid always fun. I really like the version of Tetris that is out on the PSN. Its a good one. Shockingly EA didn't completely ruin it.
06/09/13, 02:41   
On the NES the Tengen version is superior with 2 player and co-op modes, Nintendo version is really lackluster effort in comparison.
06/10/13, 02:21   
Tetris on the NES pretty much sucks. The Gameboy version is vastly superior. Had some epic head-to-head battles on the playground during recess when I was in elementary school. Good times.

My scores were never all that great, but a buddy of mine had like 215 lines once, on some insanely high level. I could never do that well.
06/10/13, 02:46   
This was my preferred version of Tetris until I got a PC version that allowed me to play head to head over a modem connection. Great game. No idea why anyone's trashing it. It's Still Tetris.
06/10/13, 03:16   
I love Tetris on the NES The official NES version; I never had the chance to try the Tengen version. I also have played the Game Boy Color version, which is neat, but at the time I wasn't into it, so I gave my copy to my sister I should buy another copy someday, since I still carry my GBA SP with me.
06/10/13, 03:19   
I just got 120002 at Lv 11 and rocketed the Kremlin into space. Wheee!
06/10/13, 03:31   

Single-player Tetris.
06/10/13, 04:15   
Sorry if I don't agree that THAT ought to be the factor that disqualifies the NES version. I've never in my life played a Gameboy game multiplayer. You need two consoles, two carts and that little cable. Forget it.
06/10/13, 07:18   

*shrugs* To each his own.

Tetris was always super-easy to get multiplayer going on Gameboy, though. Because that game was bundled with the system, literally EVERYONE had it. And I always carried the Link Cable in my backpack, so it was never a big deal to get a head-to-head game (or two, or three) started.

You never even got to play Pokémon multiplayer? That was the go-to multiplayer game for me and my buddies in college for years.
06/10/13, 15:17   
I was too old. Pokemon came out when I was like 17 or something. I've still never figured it out.
06/10/13, 15:36   

Rock beats scissors, Scissors beat paper, Paper beats rock
06/10/13, 15:39   

Yeah, but if that's all it is, then it's boring. Obviously there's more going on than that.
06/10/13, 15:54   

You should probably give the games a spin, they are quite good! There's a new entry coming out on 3DS at the end of the year...I'd encourage you to check it out!
06/10/13, 20:34   
@kriswright Yeah, there's a little more going on. There are 17 types of rocks, papers, and scissors.
06/10/13, 21:35   

How is your score like double mine, but not as high a Level??


Well, that can't be it because the Tetris 2 entry in the Database has a terrible score, and it has 2p Human vs. Human AND Human vs. CPU.
06/10/13, 23:51   
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