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Spiritual Warfare Discussion (Nintendo NES) [game]
6.8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Spiritual Warfare on the NES!

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What the. This is a thing that exists? A bible-themed Zelda clone?


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Posted: 06/06/13, 22:41:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/06/13, 22:41:44
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Link already carried a shield with a Cross on it, it was only a matter of time, yes?
Posted: 06/06/13, 23:20:29
Because Wisdom Tree had no shame.
Posted: 06/07/13, 01:34:32
I just think that it is funny that it is called "Spiritual Warfare". Sounds like a bad 80s Christian metal band name.
Posted: 06/07/13, 02:30:06

"Bad 80s Christian metal band" should be equivalent to an oxymoron, because all Churchy = Good, right?

Kris should probably review this game. I'm pretty intrigued by it!

EDIT- Hmm..I can get it for ~$15 w/ shipping on eBay..
Posted: 06/09/13, 03:26:38  - Edited by 
 on: 06/09/13, 03:28:38
Around the 16:55 mark:

Posted: 06/09/13, 04:01:50

Man, now I want to play it even more..

--I wanna play Doki Doki Jesus, too!
Posted: 06/09/13, 05:02:31
@Mr_Mustache I meant bad at playing their instruments, not bad people. Although I'm sure some Christian rockers have been bad people before.
Posted: 06/09/13, 08:11:57
Where the heck have you been?
Posted: 06/09/13, 17:28:24

...It was a joke....


Seriouslah. --Did you see that Zero hasn't played TETRIS (NES) either?!
Posted: 06/09/13, 20:48:44
Who plays Tetris on the NES? Game Boy man.
Posted: 06/09/13, 20:50:53

People who like colors. Aren't you the guy who said video games bring all the colors of the wind into your life?
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:22:20
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:25:23
A copy of Bible Games is up for auction on the Swedish equivalent to eBay right now. Feeling kind of tempted, just for the sake of having it in my modest collection. But for the same amount of money I could get myself that copy of Shadowgate with the Swedish translation that I always wanted.
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:26:48

Bible Adventures?

It's interesting as a curiosity, but don't think for a second you're going to enjoy it beyond the kitsch factor.

Shadowgate might be a better pick up.
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:28:54
Yeah, it would only be bought as a collectible, and nothing else. It looks like a very tedious game, to say the least. If I buy either of the two, it will definitely be Shadowgate (was big on the NES point-and-clicks back in the day).

Are there any unlicensed NES games that are good enough as games to actively hunt down?
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:31:51
@kriswright In my imagination everything has color. Even if IRL it is creamed spinach color.
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:40:24
@r_hjort You should get the actually good game, Shadowgate.
Posted: 06/09/13, 22:51:47
@Mop it up
Yeah, I know. And I will, at some point. Played it as a kid, but never beat it since I never had a copy of my own. Bought, beat and loved Deja Vu and Maniac Mansion, though. Was waiting for Kemco to release Uninvited in Europe, but sadly, they never did. I plan to buy an NTSC cart and mod it, one day.

Sorry for all the off-topicness.
Posted: 06/09/13, 23:00:43
Because an on-topic discussion about the game Spiritual Warfare would have went so far.
Posted: 06/09/13, 23:16:24
This thread would have been a cornucopia of insightful religious discussion, social commentary and life-changing anecdotes, but then I came along and ruined things for everyone.

Posted: 06/09/13, 23:42:52
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