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Darksiders II Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.59/10 from 8 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Darksiders II on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I figure this game should have a discussion thread, although I'm guessing most of the discussion already happens on Miiverse. Every time I boot this game up and lose a couple of hours messing around in the dungeons, fighting off some colourful variants of skeletons and ghouls in the land of the dead, I feel compelled to post a new drawing to Miiverse and see what others are saying.

Current discussion seems to be around what should be made of the people who worked on this game. Should they be hired by Nintendo to, er, "enhance" the Zelda series with their experience? Should they be

As for the game itself, it's almost as good as Zelda, but I find that it a lot more evident in the Darksiders formula that for the most part you'll find Death finding something for one guy, so that you can get the second of three things that lets you continue the fetch-quest for another guy. At least the combat is fun, and the levelling up feels rewarding in all the things you can do to upgrade your skills and equipment.

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Posted: 03/16/13, 18:54:14  - Edited by 
 on: 03/16/13, 19:07:09
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I wish I could add to the discussion, but I haven't played the game yet. It's on my to do list.
Posted: 03/16/13, 22:54:23
How's the frame rate on the Wii U version? I got this game at launch for 360 but the frame rate was horrible so I just outright stopped playing.
Posted: 03/16/13, 22:55:21
I don't remember frame rate issues, but it was a bit buggy sometimes. I think it froze up on me on about 3 or 4 occasions.

The touchscreen menus are nice though, much more convenient than the 360 version.

No achievements is poop though.
Posted: 03/17/13, 00:44:40
I've really enjoyed what I've played so far. I'm stuck in the ashen world (art style is BRILLIANT in this game), but I could feel some frustration setting in. I'll beat it eventually, because its too damn fun to leave unfinished.
Posted: 03/17/13, 00:52:51
missypissy said:
How's the frame rate on the Wii U version? I got this game at launch for 360 but the frame rate was horrible so I just outright stopped playing.

The framerate isn't a dealbreaker, it's definitely between 30 and 60 at all times. The combat is fun, the only real complaint is that you'll always be on a fetch quest or two, and that the things you need to find are easy to miss. If you're the obsessive compulsive type, you'll be turning around at every doorway to check and see if there's something you can shoot, or retrieve, or climb onto. THQ was kind of stupid when they thought up the hiding places of some of the collectables.

If you play the game to just get through the story, customize your Death, and fight a bunch of monsters, you'll easily find a lot to enjoy about this game.
Posted: 03/17/13, 01:18:55
Darksiders II is definitely my favorite single player Wii U retail game. The comparisons I read of it being similar to Zelda have been rather spot on. The mix of action, adventure, and puzzle make for a very well balanced experience, to be sure. The music is rather good, as is the voice work, and while the graphics are very nice, there are some major tearing or frame rate issues to be found (rather consistently, and throughout). It isn't enough of a problem to be a major distraction, but it is a problem all the same, and one that should not exist. I've currently given up on the game, despite liking it as a whole, as I'm stuck fighting some ridiculously ginormous bad guy, and the camera angles just aren't cooperating well with my patience level. Hopefully I'll get back into it soon, as there's a lot to like.
Posted: 03/17/13, 01:38:49
I've paused playing the game myself. Not due to frustration, but due to other games coming out. I'm really liking the game. I'm kinda torn between using the gamepad and pro controller though. It's easier to fight using a standard controller, but the menus for equipping items and such are much easier to navigate on the gamepad. Not to mention it takes a bit too long for my tastes for them to load when not using the gamepad.
Posted: 03/17/13, 07:58:46
I really want to play this game, but I will wait until the price drops or I find a nice mint used copy. I don't think any of these games for hd systems are worth $60 bucks, not even Nintendo's first party games.

I'm surprised the price has not dropped already. I doubt the Wii U version is selling all that well, though I could be wrong. Once I can find it for $30 or less I will pick it up or download it.
Posted: 03/17/13, 12:03:15
Best Buy just started their spring clearance sale and Darksiders II is $19.99. I think it's to clear out inventory, so it might be tough to get (shipping is no longer available), but maybe check a brick and mortar store or see if in-store pickup is available. I ordered a copy this morning!

Darksiders II at Best Buy
Posted: 03/17/13, 15:07:26
I've owned this since launch, just played a tiny bit so far but it seemed cool.

I finished Batman this afternoon so I'll be getting cosy with Death soon. :)
Posted: 03/17/13, 19:36:48
@rebonack And so it begins. Cheap launch games everywhere!!!

...shipping seems available to me?! Just not ship to store.
Posted: 03/17/13, 23:53:20  - Edited by 
 on: 03/17/13, 23:55:40
Most of the discussion I find that I'm having while playing this game revolve around which power you keep assigned to your ZR button most. You'll most often either be using a gun or the Death Grip.

I like to use the gun most often: it lets you fill up your Wrath(Magic) metre and extend your combo between dash-scythe-boomerangs, it also dispatches those little annoying flying enemies in short order as he'll automatically aim for the next one after his current one dies, even if it's right behind him.

The other agent that plays this actively, Sidewinder, likes to use the Death Grip the most, as it lets him isolate a medium-sized enemy and lift them into the air, where he can continue his combo uninterrupted by enemies on the ground.
Posted: 03/18/13, 03:00:50
@Dark Weres

I like to use the shortcut buttons for those things too, I usually have 2 common items and my two most spammed abilities (Teleport slash and Reaper). I find that gives a good coverage without having to resort to switching out via Subscreens too often.
Posted: 03/18/13, 04:13:30
My two most used abilities would be Unstoppable, a self-buff, and Murder, which summons a murder of crows. I've got teleport Slash, but activating Unstoppable and Murder uses up all my wrath, and when I generate a full wrath metre again, it's just in time to reactivate them.
Posted: 03/19/13, 00:17:15
I grabbed it from Best Buy (along with Pikmin 2 for $5 and Pokemon Rumble/Adventure Time 3DS for $10). Persuade me to keep it!

My shelf is running out of room.
Posted: 03/19/13, 03:09:32

Thanks for the tip, I almost missed this! I'll post it in the Video Game Deals thread so others can know.
Posted: 03/19/13, 04:18:45
Looks like I missed out on the Best Buy deal (not available online or in any local stores I'm willing to drive to), but whatevs... I'm sure it will drop in price at every other retailer in no time. I will buy it then, as I'm always looking for a good action adventure game.
Posted: 03/19/13, 04:38:02

Damn, the closest Best Buy that has them in stock is about 1.5 hours away. Sucks that my Best Buy doesn't have any in stock.
Posted: 03/19/13, 17:22:22
I'm three dungeons in and while it hasn't hit the highs of the original game, it hasn't hit the lows either. So far I'd call it solid but unspectacular.

I've heard it's possible to customize what is on the Gamepad, but all I can seem to do is have it Gamepad only or the default menus. Anyone know if you can do more than that?
Posted: 08/09/13, 05:12:13
I see this game for about 14-15 pounds British on Amazon these days. Is it worth that? Never played the original.
Posted: 08/09/13, 11:37:29
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