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Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Discussion (Nintendo SNES) [game]
9.1/10 from 7 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen on the SNES!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Ogre Battle is one of my favorite series' in the history of the universe. The second I saw the Wii and the Wii Remote I though "Ogre Battle, it is PERFECT!" We did never get it, but we were teased with the prospects as they released both Ogre Battle and the superior Ogre Battle 64 pretty darn close to each other. While we don't have a new game, we do have this first game in the series, and a cult following who can't get enough of the SNES Strategy / Sim-RPG.

Do you have any experiences with Ogre Battle, or questions with the series? If so, did you have a favorite Class of character?

We just completed Ogre Battle as our first Epic Center game, so you'll notice our "leaderboards" below. If you missed it, and you'd like to play on your own as if it were being done LIVE! for you, simply click on WEEK 1, WEEK 2, etc. and follow along that way. This, of course, is also the destination for the continuation of Ogre Battle in the Epic Center, for those who did not finish immediately as they hoped they would.


Ogre Battle is one of my favorite series' of all-time in all aspects, and it just paved a way for me where I would look for the same types of things that I experienced in this game, in other games. I wasn't a fan of RPGs on the NES until I had already dealt with SNES games (as far as I can tell; I know that I returned Faxanadu one time..I'm fine with it now, haha), and this one certainly did its job. I first met with it on a rental from Wegman's way back when, my mom double checking to make sure I actually wanted 'that' game since it didn't look like something I'd enjoy. But it spoke to me. We used to go weekly to grab a new game, and I never really said anything about it after. I do remember with that one though (and later with Final Fantasy III), I specifically went and sat on the couch next to her (after playing for a lengthy time) and told her just how much I appreciated the rental. I wasn't an unappreciative kid by any means, but I remember going out of my way to say thank you again. A game that special, striking the heart of a young boy and capturing his attention, should be experienced by a wide array of folks. Sadly, it has not.

At press time, Negative World has but 4 (FOUR) ratings for Ogre Battle in the NW Database, and just 6 (SIX) owners. I went over to howlongtobeat.com last night so I could give an accurate time to some of our Ogre Battle combatants..and nobody over there has beaten it. I'd ask people about Ogre Battle Club, and they'd tell me "nah, not really into Tactics games" or "I don't have time for Ogre Battle 64," and then I realized that some people might have no idea what I'm talking about at all. This is NOT a Tactics game. This is NOT Ogre Battle 64. This is OGRE BATTLE: MARCH OF THE BLACK QUEEN, the game that started it all.

We disembark on the the first Sunday of January (you don't have to start ON Sunday), the 6th at the stroke of midnight on the 5th. This will be run in the fashion of Okami Club / Fire Emblem Club with a series of checkpoints to hit through the course of your week. Burn through it in one night night, nibble away at it through the week, whatever you want to do, really. Just be sure (if you fall behind, its fine..and we can slow down if you need it) to have your stuff done by Saturday at the end of the week. I can promise you that it will NOT overwhelm you, and it is certainly not as time-consuming as either of the previous Clubs, and it won't be nearly as unforgiving as Fire Emblem. If you have to repeat a course for some reason, something definitely went wrong somewhere, haha.

A brief overview of Ogre Battle. It is a Strategy RPG where you control an army of characters. Within this army is groups, formed by you, consisting of 5 (or less) characters. Large characters count as 2. The game consists of your stereotypical Fantasy classes; knights, wizards, dragons, wyms, griffons, imps, giants, etc. They gain experience points, and levels, and can change class at a certain point. The battles are automated, but depending on where you set them up in their group, they perform a certain attack, a certain number of times. You'll encounter enemy groups on each map similar to your army, and whoever deals the most damage wins the battle. The loser is bounced back, but will return until they are obliterated.

You Liberate / Capture towns through your adventure, earning money along the way. Liberation will raise your reputation, a meter that is paramount to receiving one of THIRTEEN possible endings. You can't really mess up this game, so don't worry about that. If a character dies, you can simply revive them at a Temple, or just wait until the chapter ends. No permadeath here.

We'll get into the meat and potatoes of it as we progress, I expect this first game to take about EIGHT WEEKS before we move onto our next game, but that could change on the speed at which we're completing stages, for better or worse. I would be overjoyed with a great turnout in this one, but after the 3-man sprint to the finish in Fire Emblem, morale is not high (Morale! Another important Ogre Battle feature!).

We've got a few set for this initially, when you toss your hat into the ring, we'll get you on there, too.

Please post any and all questions, you have, and YES, this will be THE place for future RPG Club stuff.

See ya soon!!

(A game so awesome, Queen made TWO songs about it)



Completed Ogre Battle! - Scene 25
Mr_Mustache {α, β, γ, δ}
Mrs_Mustache {α, β, γ, δ}

Completed 8.2 - Scene 24

Completed 8.1 - Scene 23

Completed Week 7! - Scene 22

Completed 7.3 - Scene 21

Completed 7.2 - Scene 20

Completed 7.1 - Scene 19

Completed Week 6! - Scene 18

Completed 6.1 - Scene 17

Completed Week 5! - Scene 16

Completed 5.2 - Scene 15

Completed 5.1 - Scene 14

Completed Week 4! - Scene 13

Completed 4.2 - Scene 12

Completed 4.1 - Scene 11
Dark Weres {α}

Completed Week 3! - Scene 10

Completed 3.2 - Scene 9

Completed 3.1 - Scene 8

Completed Week 2! - Scene 7

Completed 2.3 - Scene 6

Completed 2.2 - Scene 5

Completed 2.1 - Scene 4

Completed Week 1 - Scene 3!

Completed 1.3 - Scene 2

α - Completed Muspelm
β - Completed Organa
γ - Completed Antanjyl
δ - Completed Shiguld / Ruined City

A Little Help: (links below!)
Maintaining Reputation and a high Alignment (ALI)
Some Tarot Card stuff(More)
Building Your Own Units

Originally from Negative World Epic Center

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Posted: 03/04/13, 07:50:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/06/13, 08:28:17
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Finished 21. Another level that killed my rep and wasn't fun at all. I'm not sure why, but I'm not enjoying this game like I did OB64. From what I remember the games seem pretty similar so I'm not sure why there's the difference.
Posted: 03/04/13, 20:29:53

Hmm.. Yeah, they are pretty similar.. OB64 is more colorful? Could that be it? I'm not disagreeing with you, this one is definitely inferior to the 64 game in nearly every regard.

Anyway, I don't remember any of these last few levels giving me much trouble; I don't know if it is a preparation thing, or a Levels thing, or a personnel thing, or what. How are those Items working for you? Do you Boots all over the place ever?

A side note: I didn't have nearly as much trouble with the final Boss Fights (for the last 3 stages) as advertised. In fact, I didn't use many Tarots on the final boss fights at all. I was told that I'd be "dead" on the 2nd volley of magic attacks on the 2nd to last stage, so that one got my attention a little bit, but now I'm not so sure... I threw a World card there just in case, but my guys survived/dodged plenty more before and after. Ah well.
Posted: 03/04/13, 20:39:46
The last two levels didn't have a boots for sale, so I've been out for awhile. I suppose I could go back to an earlier level or something. But considering these levels are already taking me a couple of hours to complete I haven't really thought about going back to any in awhile. Not to mention it's been a week or so since I've played so I didn't realize I was out.

I'm not really having any troubles beating levels though. I'm just having troubles playing the game 'the way you're supposed to'. The A.I.'s sole purpose seems to be to kill your rep. They completely go around my units and head for any city that isn't guarded. Now that these maps are so huge I've been zoomed out most of the time. So many times it seems the enemy is headed for my base (which is guarded) so I focus elsewhere on the map. Then boom, I've lost a city because that enemy unit that was headed right for my base skimmed around it and got to the city next to it. And then to another before I could do anything.

And then many battles the enemy focuses on one character in the unit. No matter how strong they are they aren't going to survive long with that kind of attention. And having characters die really annoys me.

I think my main problem is that I'm playing this side by side with Fire Emblem. And there's so much more feedback and reward for playing well. You'll level characters, build relationships and even building a character's weapon level. I also like the more direct control.
Posted: 03/05/13, 03:42:44
Yeah I guess that I didn't get very far, in the end. The game has a lot of potential and the whole macro view of commanding battles is cool, but I would have liked more micro control like in the other strategy games that I've played.
Posted: 03/05/13, 04:13:39
Yes! I'm still in the top 50th percentile!
Posted: 03/05/13, 07:30:43
I think Mustache thinks that we had a secret CHICAGO STYLE conspiracy to stop at exactly the same place.
Posted: 03/05/13, 08:01:09

Yeah, totally go back and get some on another level! What speed are you playing on? I'd been on "fastest" for...geez, weeks?

I really wish I coulda saw more people play the game (and I totally would), and saw how people were doing things, or doing things wrong, or whatever. I saw Steve do some things that made me go "hmm?," and the only other person I saw besides myself was Mrs_Mustache, and she, like me, always put up a pretty good fence with our Units. I didn't lose a SINGLE CITY until the last board of the game when a guy got around me and disappeared, and she lost like 3 the entire time. I lost a Temple on Tundra, I think.

I know its late for advice, but I always just..I dunno, I fanned my guys out and then kept guys contained. If you space them out right, there is no way that an enemy unit will be undetected. You'll see 'em coming, and then you can pounce on them! For the final level, I spread out real good, and closed in on them awesome. One of my best containment jobs through the whole game (ironically, as mentioned above, the stage I lost a city, haha). I really don't think its an "art," but I hear of so many folks having trouble holding down towns and keeping that rep up. Not sure what else to suggest. Do you have 10 units out there constantly?

Yes, units are set to things just as we are. Strongest, Weakest, Leader; you can interfere with some Tarot cards, of course, or know who is going to get attacks from the opposition and drop those characters sooner. You'll notice that some units repeat in each stage, and they are set to the same tactic that the other unit like them was set to. If you know that they're set to Leader or Weakest (ie: Magic and Physical attacks are being rained upon them constantly), move them to the back row momentarily to avoid that onslaught.

Remember that this game is nearly 20 years old now.. Of course new Fire Emblem is going to communicate better!
In any event, I appreciate your participation, and I believe in you!

Last stage was pretty neat, I hope you like it!


You guys totally DID stop playing at the same time! Blargh!

--So, the Micro Control.. Did you ever shift your Orders around during battle? I never did as a kid, but I do it CONSTANTLY now, like 3-4 times a battle. Its pretty neat! Great way to manipulate WHO gets a kill or whatever. Like, if you want to take out a Mage or something, and he gets ONE Hit All Attack, but he already attacks, it doesn't make sense anymore in THAT fight to eliminate him. Shift your control to someone else who has multiple attacks remaining. Take them out, and suffer no more damage. Hooray!
Posted: 03/06/13, 00:23:04
I did shift my orders sometimes in battle, although 9 times out of 10 what I wanted was "kill the weakest" so I mostly kept it there. And it seemed semi-random to me as to whether they would listen to my orders anyway.
Posted: 03/06/13, 00:30:05

It depends where they're located. Without a doubt, any indirect attacks will target the Weakest. If you're in the front row, and the weakest guy is in the BACK row, obviously he can't attack there. If it LOOKS like he can go around the guy and attack the weakest, but there is a guy in the front row still..changes are he'll still attack the front row guy. I think they changed that a little for Ogre Battle 64, but not by much.
Posted: 03/06/13, 00:41:51
@Mr_Mustache I've been playing on fastest since day 1.

I'm just on a different wavelength than this game right now. And I'm happy to know you are totally on it. I suppose I could manage to never lose a town if I cared to really try. But that really isn't fun to me at all. The reasons I lost towns last time weren't because I wasn't defending them. It felt like this was another level that jumped up in difficulty. So I had units defending that usually hold their own that got taken down. And like I said I had a good defense up. The enemy was heading right for my base until it somehow missed my units.
Posted: 03/06/13, 04:43:59

Those flying units are a B sometimes. They come quick and can squeak right by. And if you kill their Leader, they cruise back to base and come back fresh.

I've also discovered that I'm oodles more into this game than anyone else in the world, apparently. Really. You're not alone.
Posted: 03/06/13, 04:50:09
Just poppin' in to say that Nikki beat this tonight.

Chaos Frame of 99, w/ the World card (best), and a journey of 205 days.

So that makes two!
Posted: 03/06/13, 08:27:49
I never switched my orders in battle much. It seems like Leader or Weakest is usually the way to go, right? I never got any flying units, either. So enemies kept running away from me and regrouping, unless I hemmed them in from all sides. Bollocks.
Posted: 03/07/13, 04:09:33
I change orders all the time. Especially with certain units. I almost never focused on the leader because then the unit will retreat. But you can have a leader with 5 hp and that has lost all other soldiers in their unit and they'll still go after you.
Posted: 03/07/13, 05:31:36

Not sure what you got to, but something like Strong works best with a Pumpkin/Halloween guy (where he does 50% damage to his target), or when you're doing a Hit All Magic attack where a Mage/etc. selects the Spell best suited for the target. Leader is rough with quick units because once you drop that dude, and he has a Gryphon there still, you WON'T be able to catch it. Either get behind it, or waste your time. Weak is good for picking guys off, sure. Best is your "best" bet on hitting someone, but that kinda stinks. I almost never leave it on that.

EDIT- How did you never get any Flying units? By stage 7?? Didn't you get Canopus? And don't they just GIVE you a Gryphon after the 1st stage? Surely you must be mistaken.. No Neutral Encounters with Hawkmen? Have you severely missed out on something?


Yeah, Leaders have too much pride sometimes, and it is ultimately their undoing. It happens.
Posted: 03/07/13, 23:12:34  - Edited by 
 on: 03/07/13, 23:13:33
So, we're about two and a half weeks from Secret of Mana being completed in the Epic Center, which would've had us on schedule to do Ogre Battle 64. The 'plan' was that folks would finish up Ogre Battle (SNES) in time for the 64 game. How..are we doing? Anything?

If people AREN'T done, it looks like Ogre Battle 64 will be pushed back again, leaving room for something else, like Illusion of Gaia. Now..this isn't the place for this, but if I recall correctly, close to nobody had the desire to purchase old cartridges of IoG, and it isn't on the VC, so I have no idea whats going on.

HOPEFULLY someone has some good stuff to say about this one? Gojira, Dark_Weres? Koovaps? ..Anybody?
Posted: 04/03/13, 00:13:28
Wait, are you holding off on Ogre Battle 64 until people finish Ogre Battle SNES? Because honestly the question there should probably be "has anyone not finished that is still planning on finishing?"
Posted: 04/03/13, 00:48:25

Well, I'm going off what I was told. People were like "I'll finish Ogre Battle while Secret of Mana is going!" and Pokefreak and some others said they'd get around to it. I have no idea whats going on. I honestly think only myself and the Mrs_ are going to finish this thing.

Others though, like Ludist, were planning on the 64 game, but weren't going to play the SNES one at all.
Posted: 04/03/13, 00:59:46
I'm going to get around to this game again, but I'm not planning on playing OB64. I just have way too much on my plate right now.
Posted: 04/03/13, 05:32:58
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