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Liberation Maiden Discussion (Nintendo 3DS eShop) [game]
7.86/10 from 14 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Liberation Maiden on the 3DS!

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Liberation Maiden Review (Nintendo 3DS eShop) (8.0)  by  

I think that had Guild 01 been released as it was in Japan (as a retail game containing this game as well as the fantastic Crimson Shroud), it might have been my game of the year. As it stands, both these games come very, very close to the top of the 26-or-so 2012 releases I've played on Nintendo hardware!

I didn't really have expectations for this game, to be honest. The idea of a 3D shooter made by Grasshopper Manufacture starring a 17 year old President of Japan using a mech to destroy invaders and liberate her people intrigued me less than perhaps it should have. I think I've come to expect crazy scenarios from Suda 51, just as much as I've come to expect a janky game.

It really isn't. It played superbly and anyone who was fine with the controls in Kid Icarus Uprising will probably like these controls even more, since there is no platforming in this game. You float above the ground and move about with the circle pad, while using the stylus to aim independently. You "paint" targets like you would in Rez, or Panzer Dragoon, or Sin & Punishment 2, and then lift the stylus to unleash tons of laser beams towards the targets you've painted. It feels powerful and it looks very cool.

The game is super short, but it packs a lot of variety. The five stages are all unique and it's not just the scenery that changes, but the types of enemies and the building structures as well. The first stage pits you against battleships over water; the foggy second stage has you dodge radars and searchlights while you destroy fuel silos; in a snow stage, you follow rails and destroy trains, etc.

I think I have a thing for games in which you "purify" areas by blowing up lots of enemies from a near-overhead perspective. There is something deeply satisfying about turning a previously hazardous area into a safe place, and pushing ahead into even more protected areas. The game reminds me of Space Invaders Get Even in that way. Perhaps also the old EA "Strike" series, though I never even completed one level in those games.

Anyway: great, great, short game. But great. Though it's really short. But fun! Check it out!

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Posted: 01/16/13, 03:46:37  - Edited by 
 on: 01/16/13, 03:46:45
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Big fan of this game, I found the length to be okay since it was a relatively low-priced eShop title, and I played through twice just because I enjoyed the gameplay and the hilarious rock-songs that play during the boss battles.
Posted: 01/16/13, 04:47:07
Big fan of this game, I found the length to be okay since it was a relatively low-priced eShop title, and I played through twice just because I enjoyed the gameplay and the hilarious rock-songs that play during the boss battles.
Posted: 01/16/13, 04:47:09
What is the (low) price?

I'm kind of surprised that I haven't gotten this yet, as Suda is awesome. I think a part of me wants to get Sine Mora first but another part of me has way, way too many console games to play at the moment and not quite as many handheld games to play.
Posted: 01/16/13, 06:00:57
The game is $7.99. It may seem pricey given the length and given how Gunman Clive, which lasted about as long, was $2, but honestly the production values in this game are something else, and I do want to replay it a bunch. I think it really shows that it was part of a retail compilation: it's of the same quality as a full game, it's over real quickly. But I would without a doubt pay $30 for a game five times as long but with the same gameplay and production values.
Posted: 01/16/13, 06:12:05  - Edited by 
 on: 01/16/13, 06:46:18
Amazing game!! I have 29 of the 30 unlockables. Last thing I need to do is destroy a certain number of those cargo trains. .... not sure how many playthroughs that's going to take.

Regardless, sooo much fun. I talked about it on the podcast this past week ... hopefully that goes online before 2013 ends =P
Posted: 01/16/13, 07:22:35
I will pick up this and Crimson Shroud.........eventually. Hope it sells well.
Posted: 01/16/13, 17:23:27
Is there a way to turn while strafing? It seems to be one or the other, which makes it tough to control...
Posted: 01/17/13, 07:30:58

No, I don't think so. That said, I never used strafing much at all.
Posted: 01/17/13, 08:00:59
I love how blatantly Japanese this game is. I feel like that is missing from a lot of Japanese games nowadays, at least, those that come to the West. And I understand that American gamers don't care about Japanese-style stuff anymore yada yada but I still think it is cool.

I can't imagine a Western developer thinking "Hey let's make a game where the president of the United States is a young girl. And um... also she goes around defending her country in a flying robot..."
Posted: 01/17/13, 08:10:48  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/13, 08:12:22

I really love the setting too. Man oh man am I hoping this game somehow spawns a sequel/series! Imagine this on the Wii U with pointer controls!? *drools*
Posted: 01/17/13, 08:21:36
Zero said:
I love how blatantly Japanese this game is.
Yep, it's wonderful.
Posted: 01/17/13, 16:35:04
This game is pretty fun, though the music is way too ambient for a hectic action game. At least the tempo increases for the boss fights. Whoever decided to put the Elite Beat Agents-esque "spin-the-stylus-on-screen-as-fast-as-you-can" mechanic into this game should be shot at point blank range.
Posted: 05/01/13, 00:12:30
Amazingly, I fired it up today for the first time to and cruised through the first three levels on easy. Fun, but I also don't care for the end-level "spin-the-stylus-on-screen-as-fast-as-you-can". Though I suppose that's better than using the analog stick (Mario Party 1, I'm looking at you)...

The camera could be a little better, but it works.
Posted: 05/01/13, 00:20:19  - Edited by 
 on: 05/01/13, 00:20:58
Um, what!?

Apparently we're getting the visual novel sequel that came out on PS3 2 years ago?

edit - No we're not. Fake account.
Posted: 06/25/15, 07:08:14  - Edited by 
 on: 06/25/15, 16:27:05
Whoa, I'll take it!
Posted: 06/25/15, 07:15:15
Oops. Fake Atlus youtube account.
Posted: 06/25/15, 07:24:33
Wha...? Wait. What!!???

Hmm... same insane anime flavor as the 3DS game, none of the fun crazy shooting stuff as the 3DS game...

Not sure if want.

EDIT: Oh man. Now that I can't have it I really want!
Posted: 06/25/15, 07:25:48  - Edited by 
 on: 06/25/15, 07:54:50
I really wish that was true though!!!!
Posted: 06/25/15, 07:53:48
Posted: 06/25/15, 14:46:26
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