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Nano Assault Neo (Nintendo Wii U eShop) discussion [game]
8.17/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Nano Assault Neo on the Wii U!

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Nano Assault Neo (Nintendo Wii U eShop) Review (9.0)  by  

This is actually the first game I played once I got my Wii U in order. It's just $10, and it looks GLORIOUS.

It's like a faster-paced, no-frills version of the 3DS game. The enemies are more plentiful, your rate of fire is faster, the story bits are gone (sorry Joe), and it's just pure arcade action.

The game has awesome leaderboards. Unlike any leaderboards in any Wii game ever, you can filter your Friends' scores. The leaderboards also appear to be updated damn near instantaneously, unlikes the lb's for most PSN games I've played.

You can play on the TV or the GamePad. Either way, you're getting kick-ass visuals. Shin'en are masters at what they do, always have been and still are.

Play it!

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Posted: 11/21/12, 16:41:20  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/12, 16:45:57
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I'm convinced. I'll buy it when I get home from work!
Posted: 11/21/12, 16:54:39
Got it yesterday and it's insane how great it looks for the size of the game (82mb was it?). I'm not sure if it lends itself well to replayability but I guess I have to figure out better how getting higher scores will work. Plus there seems to be at least one other mode to unlock.
Posted: 11/21/12, 17:00:45

You get more points by clearing a cell fully (once you hit 90% completion, you have 30 seconds to exit, which makes clearing the remaining 10% a challenge!), by not losing lives, by having good accuracy, and by keeping your combos going (which is really, really hard to do).

If you like going for high scores, I don't see why this game wouldn't fit the bill.
Posted: 11/21/12, 17:06:14
Guillaume since you love leaderboards so much you should check out NFS Most Wanted (maybe when it comes to Wii U), it's an entire universe of leaderboards! Leaderboards inside of leaderboards on top of leaderboards that are made of tiny leaderboards. It's awesome.
Posted: 11/21/12, 17:29:07
Maybe once I finish Burnout Paradise, lol.

I don't need many racing games in my life, I've discovered. Barely touched Wipeout.
Posted: 11/21/12, 17:43:23

Yeah I just need to experiment more with it. It seems more short focused sessions of Super Stardust HD which I don't mind. It seems you could herd many enemies in one area then take them out as quickly as possible with powerups and focus your satellites to take them out quickly.


I'm tempted to get the game for Wii U even though I have it for PS3... though I wish I could get more from what I paid for it. It's absolutely trash for me on PS3 and I can barely use Autolog cause it keeps disconnecting me.
Posted: 11/21/12, 17:45:38
You could filter your friend's leaderboards in Mario Kart Wii...

Anyway, I'm not too interested in this game if it's just the 3DS game with a shiny coat of paint. That game was too simple and over too quickly.
Posted: 11/21/12, 17:55:24
What the heck, I'll bite. I've spent a lot more for a lot less at launches before.

@anon_mastermind I thought this was a sequel, not a remake? Although it doesn't matter to me since I've never played the original.
Posted: 11/21/12, 20:00:20  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/12, 20:01:27
When I play on the gamepad, sometimes a second of lag decalibrates the analog sticks. Any way to fix this aside from restarting the software?
Posted: 11/21/12, 20:21:34
And... downloading. Without even haven gotten out of bed yet this morning, literally. This Gamepad is maybe too convenient.
Posted: 11/21/12, 20:25:12
This game is great, I hope to get a review out for it soon if I can find some free time! It's been fun seeing you guys on the leaderboard, @Guillaume and @VofEscaflowne!


Hmm, I'm not sure...
Posted: 11/21/12, 20:26:34
anon_mastermind said:
You could filter your friend's leaderboards in Mario Kart Wii...
Yeah, the same goes for Call of Duty games on Wii.
Posted: 11/21/12, 20:29:14
FINE! Maybe my post wasn't 100% accurate, but you know what I mean!


Hasn't happened to me. I'll keep an eye out for that problem.
Posted: 11/21/12, 20:31:52
The mini-map of the cell would help a lot for getting the last 10% I bet. Maybe I should stop playing gamepad only.
Posted: 11/21/12, 21:04:59
I'm playing on Vita and the autolog works fine, except if you let the Vita go to sleep... then it disconnects and it won't reconnect until you go into settings and do it manually, kind of annoying for a handheld.

Anyway, what's your PSN? I can try to beat your times/jumps etc.

PS: nevermind, it's in your profile, I'll send you a request next time I'm on.
Posted: 11/21/12, 21:21:31  - Edited by 
 on: 11/21/12, 21:23:58

...there's a mini-map?

Guess I haven't been looking down at the GamePad much.
Posted: 11/21/12, 21:38:09
I hope the Gamepad signal will reach my bedroom, this seems like a great title to play in bed.
Posted: 11/21/12, 21:44:39
I'm top 100 on Epsilon! Of course, Roy and Panda are in front of me. Negative World representin' on the leaderboards. Too bad you can't create clans.

I kind of don't really understand the mechanics though, I'm just winging it. How are combos created!? What determines when the exit appears?! Etc.

Oh, I guess Guillaume already answered the exit one, but what do you mean by cleared? Kill all of the enemies?

@roykoopa64 Review it! Yes! And I'll help pimp the review out a bit now that I understand how to do this better.

@warerare That's how I'm playing it. It's a great title to play a round or two before bed.

@Renjaku Shoot. But I like playing Gamepad-only!
Posted: 11/22/12, 11:20:00  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/12, 11:26:34

Yes, clearing a cell 100%.
Posted: 11/22/12, 14:12:50

Don't expect me to try and get better times and such though... unless if the game magically starts working again. I haven't played in a couple of weeks and no one at EA is showing any sign of wanting to help me.


You also seem to be able to create combos by killing multiple enemies in succession. So if you buy the combo power up that increases it to 9 so that it lasts longer before it resets, you can hoard bunch of enemies together and then kill them rapidly for a better score. At least that's how I think it would work.
Posted: 11/22/12, 15:47:51  - Edited by 
 on: 11/22/12, 15:49:25
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