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The World Ends With You (Nintendo DS) discussion [game]
8.86/10 from 29 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The World Ends With You on the DS!

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The World Ends With You (Nintendo DS) Review (9.0)  by  

Just beat this last night. I really liked it! The music was great, and the combat system was very addicting. Being able to choose your own difficulty and level on the fly was great. I could see myself giving this game another playthrough if I hadn't rented it.

I really loved the ending. Joshua coming in and starting that one last ten-second game... "Oh, and by the way, I've already taken your entry fee." What an ass! Such a trippy ending scene. I love when everything goes down the toilet at the very end of a story. Of course, there's an epilogue to make it all better, and it was done pretty well here. "The World Begins With You" was a cool note to end on.

I like how many unanswered questions there were. What was Rhyme's entry fee? What was with that gun duel at the end? What exactly did CAT stand for? Reading through the Secret Reports cleared some stuff up. Still, I'd like to hear everyone's interpretations of the story. That's the main reason I made this thread!

Looking forward to the sequel!

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Posted: 10/03/12, 01:11:27  - Edited by 
 on: 10/03/12, 01:19:00
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Great game, right? As you can tell from my review (link in the OP), I really liked it a lot too.

Wow, my mind is unfortunately drawing a blank when it comes to many of the story elements and especially the ending! So looking back at it (with help from the internets), I must say I definitely remember feeling an emotional connection with the characters and the utter despair of it all.

The Game, Conductor, Composer, being 'erased', the UG, the RG… I have to say, this game really has a unique (and complex) plot that I found fascinating but also a little confusing.

So you got into the post-game stuff and the Secret Reports? Awesome, I didn't get around to doing that myself.

I liked Minamimoto, what an interesting Game Master: "loves to speak in mathematical terms and cannot refrain from making a calculation or from telling a math joke during conversation, to the point of obsession and perhaps mental instability."

So the sequel… iOS only, so far?

I know more people played this game, so I hope someone can provide more insight into TWEWY and its story/ ending?
Posted: 10/03/12, 07:32:20  - Edited by 
 on: 10/03/12, 07:33:30
I like that it took place in a real district of Tokyo, made it feel like I was learning some things while playing. A very unique game and it utilized a lot of the special features of the DS, as well as having a lot of unique idea that weren't dependent on DS features. I never quite got the hang of the battle system though, it always felt a bit too chaotic to me.
Posted: 10/03/12, 10:22:56
A game I have been meaning to play for years. Just need to fine it at a good price.
Posted: 10/03/12, 14:37:37
I've been meaning to replay this game, supposedly the new game + answers a lot of questions about the story.
Posted: 10/03/12, 17:39:35
I never finished the game. I got to day 5 or 6-ish.

I never really got a hang of using the battle system, especially the top screen. Seemed like anytime I started learning a bit of what to do with my partner, the game got rid of that partner and brought in a new one.

The game worked hard not to be too grindy, but I still started feeling like combat was getting pointless and monotonous.

Still, I'm a content whore, and the game delivers in spades. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff - mini-games, collectables, wireless connectivity, etc. - like Smash Brohers Brawl, seems like a game that it would be impossible to ever 100%. And great music. And some fun characters. And not an entirely generic story.

All in all, probably a game I should whip out and finish the story at some point.
Posted: 10/03/12, 19:42:26
I didn't like the game, although I can't really remember why. Maybe it was the characters or the story that dictates game progression. Gameplay was actually pretty good although it does become a bit derivative. There are a lot of pins but you can usually get by with a few so there wasn't really an incentive to collecting and using pins outside of novelty's sake. With that said, mixing the pins and clothing was interesting, especially because you obtained a boots on any particular category based on location. I need to play this game again someday. Probably from the beginning.
Posted: 10/03/12, 20:28:38  - Edited by 
 on: 10/03/12, 20:31:30
@Tranquilo The main character starts off annoying and emo, but he does grow as a character. In some ways I feel like it is one of the few games I have played that has true character development. So, don't want to spoil everything, but if his attitude was a turnoff (as I've heard it was for many people) well... he grows...
Posted: 10/03/12, 20:46:25
Liked the game a lot. It took a lot of gambles, and most of them paid off. It's been a while though, so I've forgotten a lot of specifics. Maybe someday I'll have to get a copy for myself...

As for your Rhyme question, I THINK I remember something...It was never stated in-game, but I think her entry fee was her life goals. At one point all the characters are talking about their aspirations and dreams, and Rhyme is the only one who doesn't really have any. This doesn't mesh with the way Beat describes her, saying she's uber talented and driven.
Posted: 10/04/12, 04:31:32  - Edited by 
 on: 10/04/12, 04:32:00

Ah, now that you mentiong, Beat does say something about how Rhyme felt like she had nothing to add to the world, despite her brilliance. But that might have been before The Game... not sure. Good theory.
Posted: 10/05/12, 00:56:07
I liked the unique weapon/battle system, and how they fashion-ized the armor system. And how the modernization didn't mean steampunk. :)
Posted: 10/06/12, 19:02:44
Woah, I was 17 when I made this thread! I was a little kid! That was six years ago--six years before that, I was 11!

I remember being shocked about roykoopa not remembering the ending, but I don't remember much of the plot of this game either. I was pretty excited for the Switch port, but reviews are saying that the combat's been neutered, which removes the skill ceiling for mastering the game and dulls the whole theme of relationships being hard but worth it.

So I've been thinking of playing through the DS version again!

Anyone check out the Switch port?
Posted: 10/15/18, 19:05:01
I bought the Switch port, but haven’t started it yet. I want to check it out, if only to see how they changed the combat.
Posted: 10/21/18, 15:18:31
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