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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Nintendo Gamecube) discussion [game]
8.88/10 from 30 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on the GCN!

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Yes, I'm talking about that platform game you can play with the bongos. I just want to hear you guys' opinions on it.

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Posted: 09/27/12, 03:43:12
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Yeppers! I really enjoyed it. The platforming was good fun and you could REALLY get a rhythm going. It's one of those games where once you "get it" you get hooked.

Also, using the bongos to beat the poop out of the bosses is very satisfying!
Posted: 09/27/12, 03:46:16  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/12, 03:46:26
YES! One of my favorites on the system. It's absolutely awesome and beating those bongos is strangely satisfying.
Posted: 09/27/12, 03:46:41
I did, and it was amazing, got it for $5 at Gamestop right after Wii launched. Actually... now that I think about it I need to get my bongos back from my friend who borrowed them like 3 years ago.
Posted: 09/27/12, 03:48:18
I did. I also bought the 2 Donkey Konga games & 3 sets of Bongos. I sold the whole thing before I left for New Zealand for a year. Great hardware, great games. :)
Posted: 09/27/12, 03:59:34
I bought it a few years after it launched. Didn't really like it at the time. I'd be willing to try again. Kinda wish I hadn't given it away.
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:01:38
Wait wait HOLD ON.

Why wasn't this made as a discussion thread?! That's the whole point of those threads!!!
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:02:44
Well... by doing so, you loose the title. I wouldn't have come to this thread if it wasn't for the title, really.
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:12:12
That was one of the most bizarrely satisfying games on gamecube. It was a ton of fun, had some neat ideas and designs, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I was so glad when they announced the same team (EAD Tokyo) would be doing Galaxy. The bongos took a little getting used it, but they ended up making for a really neat experience. It let your momentum really do a LOT.
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:16:55
@Davoid Hmm, interesting point. But really, a discussion thread about the game is obviously going to contain like 99% of the same content as a thread with his title, no?
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:19:27
@Zero... Well, the original question was who bought that game. Without the title & opening, the thread will tend to slide & shift as the discussion goes, and won't be about the opening discussion anymore. The ideal solution, I believe, would be to be able to link multiple threads to a game... keeping the original title but having the list of threads related to the game under the opening... thoughts?
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:36:10
I bought it a few months ago when I found it cheap in a GameStop. However, I don't have the bongos, and so I feel like I'm missing something when I play it with the controller. It's still a nice game though, and you can definitely see some of Super Mario Galaxy's inspiration in this game. Heck, it even uses some of the same sound effects!
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:49:43
So yeah, Jungle Beat. Definitely own. It's awesome. The creativity in the stages is pretty insane. It's not at the same level as Super Mario Galaxy, but it is easy to believe that the team went on to make that game. There are even a lot of elements of DKJB that show up in Galaxy, like the floating water areas and such.

I also like how the stages have the whole points / combo thing going on. It leads to a lot of replayability in what otherwise would be a quick finish and move on game.

@Davoid Hmm yeah, but then his post was just looking for opinions on it, so I'm not sure at that he would be like "BUT ONLY IF YOU BOUGHT IT!" Maybe? I mean essentially it would just become a Donkey Kong Jungle Beat discussion thread.

This "game" thing was such a great idea but also difficult to figure out the best way to implement it.
Posted: 09/27/12, 04:58:25
What the hell happened to my thread...

Anyway, yea, the same team that made DK Jungle Beat went on to make Galaxy. That makes it all the more intriguing. I actually wanted to check it out when it first came out but for whatever reason I wasn't able to. I saved up for a while, had the money aside and everything. Maybe I just decided not to because I may have wanted to buy something else...
Posted: 09/27/12, 05:20:00  - Edited by 
 on: 09/27/12, 05:23:47
This game was a blast. I really loved the one-on-one battles with the gorilla bosses. Using those bongos really made it feel like I was beating the snot out of those damn dirty apes!
Posted: 09/27/12, 06:16:31
Very beautiful game with a ton of... dynamics. Monkey's getting struck by lightning and such. I really liked it, but the boss fights could have been better.

It's easy to see how much Mario Galaxy was influenced by that game.
Posted: 09/27/12, 06:52:19
Anyone know? Bongo controls work with the wii? I've been wanting to get this game. I know where I can get a GC version or where I can get the NPC version. I'll get the bongos if I'm sure it works on the wii.
Posted: 09/27/12, 16:36:47
^ Bongos don't work on Wii. I think the Wii version is just as good as the original though because of the added extras on the levels. It feels more like a platformer.

Anyway regardless of the platform this game is AWESOME!!! I wrote a review here on NW.
Posted: 09/27/12, 17:33:29
@chrisguy, the Bongos work on Wii, with the Gamecube version, not with the Wii version.
Posted: 09/28/12, 00:05:48
@Davoid Oooooh, that's what he meant. Yeah you can plug the bongos into the Wii of course, the plug is the same as a regular controller...
Posted: 09/28/12, 01:56:09
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