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La-Mulana (Nintendo WiiWare) discussion [game]
La-Mulana on the Wii
7.72/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for La-Mulana on the Wii!

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Did anyone else pick this up?! I got it and played about a half hour, it's pretty neat! Gameplaywise it feels almost like an old school Castlevania but with the new Metroidvania progression... of course the characters and such are Indiana Jones inspired. There are all kinds of secrets and stuff too, although at times it can be a bit obtuse as to where to head next. Hmm, and the buttons are weird, especially for menus, they are reversed from how I would usually expect them and it makes navigating menus a chore. Otherwise, it's a pretty neat game so far.

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Posted: 09/23/12, 03:04:02  - Edited by 
 on: 04/08/13, 01:32:28
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So, who can vouch this game is actually any good? I'm tempted to look into it.
Posted: 09/23/12, 04:06:34
I'm about an hour in and it's pretty darn good.

One thing I will say though is I really have no idea where I'm supposed to be going. It's like... you go into the temple, and you can go to a bunch of different areas, and there are all kinds of things that look like they need to be "solved" but it is a bit unclear what has to happen first. And it is also a bit mazelike at times. Etc. So... this could potentially be frustrating. I dunno. Maybe there is something I'm missing. You get a ton of hints but they're often pretty abstract.

This is the only review I have found, it is pretty positive.

This seems like an important piece of information (it may be a spoiler, but I think it is pretty necessary info...)

Thankfully, the very first area contains an extremely helpful item that'll let you warp to any area in which you've located a warp tablet, so there's no pointless backtracking.

I didn't stumble upon that item at all! Hmm. Wonder where it could be...
Posted: 09/23/12, 04:19:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/23/12, 04:26:45

I had read recently that there's a lot of intentional dead-ends. I was concerned of such a thing.
Posted: 09/23/12, 04:23:15
Hmm, there may be? I'm still getting the hang of it. Most rooms seem to have some purpose. But reading that review, it does sound like this can be a very complicated game. It probably won't be for everyone. I'm already struggling with it... the core gameplay is awesome, the obtuseness, not so much.
Posted: 09/23/12, 04:31:15
I'm definitely gonna pick this up in the near future. I'm moving next week, so once I'm all settled in I'll probably give it a download.
Posted: 09/23/12, 05:13:18
Honestly, I'll probably end up ignoring this game and then picking it up sometime when I'm high on Wii U.
Posted: 09/23/12, 05:55:57
Another review. :)
Posted: 09/23/12, 08:52:22
@Davoid *coughs* that's the review I posted... *coughs*
Posted: 09/23/12, 09:13:13
But but but... .... shit.
Posted: 09/23/12, 09:17:32
I was really excited for this game in like 1961 when it was first announced.

These days, well, I just watched a trailer and it still looks GREAT. But I will probably wait a bit to pick it up. Got a lot of gameage on my plate at the moment.
Posted: 09/23/12, 11:09:37
2 hours in, definitely loving it. I still feel like I'm running around without knowing what I'm "supposed" to be doing a lot but each area is small enough that even before you get a map you can still start to get a sense of where you are. And of course, eventually you can find a map. Also I'm not totally sure that there even is a "supposed" to be, I mean, there are obviously things that you need to do, but I don't know that there is always a strict order? Some things definitely need to be done before others though. Anyway, whatever the case, although for awhile I felt like I wasn't really making much progress, I just now got a few upgrades in a row so I think I'm back on track.

The flipside is that it feels like a real maze / mystery / whatever which is pretty cool. Contrasted with Monster Tale, which was "Metroidvania" but it was always obvious where to go, this definitely feels superior.

Honestly, at the moment I'd say top 5 WiiWare, or if not, very very close. I might change my mind if the obtuseness throws me off too much later on, but for now it's workable, and the core gameplay is just plain great.

NinSage said:
I was really excited for this game in like 1961 when it was first announced.
Yeah I noticed that it was put into our database in 2009. Insane. I'm just glad that it wasn't cancelled or anything.
Posted: 09/23/12, 11:25:22  - Edited by 
 on: 09/23/12, 11:31:55
Zero said:
I'm just glad that it wasn't cancelled or anything.

Posted: 09/23/12, 17:23:35
I've been waiting for this forever, but I'm going to hold on a little longer and pick it up on Wii U. I'm getting a UK console this time around, so I won't be able to transfer my Wii purchases.

Thanks for the impressions! I can't (not literally) wait to play it.
Posted: 09/23/12, 17:25:02
Posted: 09/23/12, 18:13:35
Posted: 09/23/12, 18:27:58
@GelatinousEncore But that review says Nicalis is the publisher and they didn't publish the NA version! Factually incorrect... STONE HIM!!!

@Guillaume Evil.
Posted: 09/23/12, 19:59:36  - Edited by 
 on: 09/23/12, 21:34:46
After three attempts last night (with attendant error codes) I finally downloaded this. Not very far in but the music is damn catchy. And it has promise, even if the map is a little overwhelming to start with.

Might have to put it on hold whilst I finish some other stuff though so I can focus on it properly though.

BTW I was reading through the online manual, have they done the broken English thing on purpose? The translation feels like I've gone back in time to the early 90's
Posted: 09/23/12, 23:10:29
Really liking it. I miss games like this. This doesn't feel overly retro, or like a cheap imitation. It legitimately feels like an SNES caliber game.

It's challenging too. You also depend on saves. No checkpoints. Great music.

Oh I will say the jump mechanics are a tad weird.
Posted: 09/24/12, 05:26:42  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/12, 05:29:11
Has anyone been playing this? It's a confusing game. I beat some boss and got the credits but I definitely don't feel done with it, there are tons of empty slots on my item screen, certain areas that I have barely explored, tons of "puzzles" that I haven't solved, and even after the credits the game says that there are these 4 things that I should collect...

So I guess getting to the credits means jack in this game. Fine. But now what? It's a bit confusing about what is still left. I mean, I know there is a lot left to do, but I'm not entirely sure how to keep track of it and yada yada. I'm really not sure where to go next.

Hmm. And the few FAQS that exist are confusing too. I think it's a game that you can do things in various orders so it is tough to use a FAQ to figure out what to do "next" unless you follow it step by step.
Posted: 11/06/12, 05:27:11
I finally downloaded La-Mulana yesterday after Jonny Metts' praise for this game on RFN, and after reading this review I found. My tastes often seem to line up with Jonny's, especially when it comes to Metroidvania games, so I gave it a shot and I really like it! Like Carlos said, I'm really impressed by the fact that this game doesn't really feel like it's going for a retro vibe, it just legitimately feels like a SNES era game. I only played an hour or so, but it seems very... obtuse, and not transparent at all. I watched a "beginners' guide" video which helped me get started, and I recommend anyone else do too. Looking forward to playing more tonight.
Posted: 01/24/13, 17:17:07
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