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Mega Man X (Nintendo SNES) discussion [game]
9.04/10 from 57 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mega Man X on the SNES!

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I downloaded this game today and have made it up to Sigma stage #3 I believe. I have all the unlockables including the Hadouken which as far as I can tell works whenever it damn well pleases. Also I believe I made the game significantly harder for myself as I did a lot of the bosses out of order. I started with Armadillo man, then went to Flaming Mammoth, Storm Eagle, Chilly Penguin, Sting Chameleon, Launch Octopus, Boomer Kuwanger, and finished with Spark Mandrill.

Anyway, another SNES classic I have been meaning to strike off my list is one step closer to being um, struck.

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Posted: 09/17/12, 11:59:53  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/12, 12:07:37
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I don't think I've ever attempted that game out of order. I can tell you how I go each and every time right now:

Chill Penguin - Storm Eagle - Flame Mammoth - Spark Mandrill - Armored Armadillo - Launch Octopus - Bommer Kuwanger - Sting Chameleon. Yep.

Did you get the Special Upgrade in Flame Mammoth's board? I guess you must've since you were able to get the Hadouken deal, which requires you to have "everything." Are you having trouble with it? You gotta have full power to pull it off, and it works on pretty much anything. I don't know if I've ever scored a hit on the final final boss with it, but I've killed "everything but" with it.

Hey. Hey. Did you cut off Flame Mammoth's nose? Its funny!
Posted: 09/17/12, 12:47:07
Mustache, that's the same order I tend to go in as well I used to do Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, and Flame Mammoth, even though I wouldn't fight them in the order of their weaknesses, simply because I found them the easiest to beat as a kid, and I could get some good hidden items from those collective stages, which helped for tackling the rest of the game.
Posted: 09/17/12, 13:31:35

That's the order I take too! High five!
I don't always cut off Mammoth's nose, but I always cut off Launch Octopus's arms.
Posted: 09/17/12, 14:00:08
I suppose I always started with Chill Penguin too, although I don't know why. I vaguely recall having a little Mega Man X booklet thing and it started with Chill Penguin so I just kind of went along with that?


Anyway, Mega Man X was so awesome. I know a lot of people hold the originals more fondly but X just kicked it to a whole other level for me. Also it introduced one of the greatest video game characters ever.

I'll let you guys guess who I am talking about...
Posted: 09/17/12, 14:05:58
@Zero Vile, of course!
Posted: 09/17/12, 14:23:30
Weird! I always started with Storm Eagle, because I felt he had one of the more awesome weapons. And he was pretty easy to beat with the mega buster.
Posted: 09/17/12, 15:27:24  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/12, 15:27:53

Ah is it only with full health? That's probably it.

I think the intended order is:

ChillyPenguin, Spark Mandrill, armored Armadillo, Launch Octopus, Boomer Kuwanger, Chameleon, Storm Eagle, and Flame Mammoth.

That gets you the dash upgrade quickly and gives each mavericks weakness one level earlier.

Anyway, I am tempted to try X2 and X3, are they worth it?
Posted: 09/17/12, 16:25:14

I used to do it in this order, but now I typically hit up the biggest upgrade levels first (all the armors as the first four). Chill Penguin for the dash (gotta have the dash), then Storm Eagle for the helmet and other goodies, then Flame Mammoth for the arm, and then Sting Chameleon for the armor. The order after that doesn't really matter to me, but I'd recommend doing Spark Mandrill before Armored Armadillo since the 'dillo is VERY difficult to beat without the weakness weapon (unlike most of the Mavericks in this game, IMO).

I would definitely recommend X2 and X3 if you liked X, although the first game is my favorite in this sub-series.

The hadoken is cool but I usually skip it these days since it takes so long to get.
Posted: 09/17/12, 16:30:04

Same. I started with @Stephen's order, but then I started doing it the @Mr_Mustache method and it's much easier in the long run.
Posted: 09/17/12, 16:46:19
Stephen said:
Anyway, I am tempted to try X2 and X3, are they worth it?

Yeah! The first game is still the best, but the sequels are very good, too.
Posted: 09/17/12, 17:33:06
@StephenFirst game is still the best but I loved X2 and X3 is good as well.
Posted: 09/17/12, 17:48:43
@TheOldManFromZelda Also he has some of the best music in a game, ever. I actually did a guitar cover on my 4-track like 10 years ago. Well, one quick loop of the song, roughly recorded. I vaguely recall bumping it to MP3 but I have no idea where it ended up.

@Stephen X2 is a tad bit odder / darker but I think the quality level is still up there with X, definitely a great game. And it has awesome music too. X3 is where things start to drop a bit, it's still fun but I don't think it quite matches X and X2.
Posted: 09/17/12, 22:54:05  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/12, 22:56:44

Yeah I fought (and beat) Armored Armadillo totally without upgrades except for the Sub Tank you get in that stage. Talk about baptism by fire.
Posted: 09/17/12, 23:51:17
Oh! I don't even know if I knew about cutting off Launch Octopus' arms! Now that you mention it, this game has some pretty cool stuff in it when you fight a guy with a specific weapon. Nobody even mentioned setting Chill Penguin aflame!



Chill Penguin's stage has the Dash Upgrade. Storm Eagle's has the Head Upgrade. And then Flame Mammoth has the Buster Upgrade. 1-2-3, here we go. I hit Sting Chameleon last, but thats just because the way I'm ingrained to do things doesn't really put me in too much trouble where I'd need the Body Upgrade just yet (take 50% Damage).


Yep! Gotta be maxed out on health. And if you hit it right off the bat, it works best, like, as soon as you start a fight.


I fight him with the Mega Buster, too. Apparently Sting Chameleon's thing works pretty well against him as well (for when you fight him later!).


It DOES take a while to get. I wonder why they decided on 8 full runs through that stage? Weird, eh?


Storm Eagle's music is EXCELLENT. I've also semi-recently came to love love LOVE Launch Octopus' filthy bassline. Just DIRTY.
Posted: 09/18/12, 00:02:12

Oh I burned Chilly Penguin to the ground, don't you worry about that.

EDIT: On the note of items interacting with characters, it seems the order of the stages effects some stages as well. Or at least replaying them after beating the Maverick. I couldn't get the heart tank in Sting Chameleons stage until (I think) Launch Octopus was defeated pushing more water there. Something similar happened with Flame Mammoth's stage.
Posted: 09/18/12, 00:05:32  - Edited by 
 on: 09/18/12, 00:08:29
Mega Man X is so fucking awesome. What a glorious game. GLORIOUS. I don't feel like writing why, you already know anyway. The sequels aren't too bad either, I'd argue X6 is just "okay" and 7 and 8 are bad. But everything before that is pure fun. I'm actually not entirely confident stating the original is the best. I have insane amounts of fun with X4.

Unlike the original series, I actually never knew the boss orders for the X games. I never really cared and was able to beat the games anyway. On X, I always start with Storm Eagle, then follow up with Sting Chameleon and then whatever order I feel like at the moment. Usually Armored Armadillo comes next.

I'm just posting that because I like it.
Posted: 09/18/12, 04:48:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/18/12, 04:54:47
Got to Sigma finally. I like that the game gives you a bit of mercy with this fight and lets you start right there ready to go.
Posted: 09/18/12, 05:05:01
Mega Man 7 was better.

Posted: 09/18/12, 05:26:11
You better run! It had 3D segments man. Awful, awful 3D segments. Axl is cool though
Posted: 09/18/12, 05:43:04  - Edited by 
 on: 09/18/12, 05:43:36
I love this game.
This is on my hit list of retro games to collect but I can't find it for a decent price.
Pawn shops and retro game stores are sorely lacking in the good stuff lately.

I am itching to get back into this!
Posted: 09/18/12, 05:48:00
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