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Dr. Mario Online Rx (Nintendo WiiWare) discussion [game]
8.06/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dr. Mario Online Rx on the Wii!

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Who here has Dr. Mario Rx? I'd love to get some online going. I haven't played in forever so my skills have atrophied, but I'm a fairly advanced player I'd say and I'd love to get a challenge that isn't some Japanese housewife. Anyone wanna try to plan some gaming?

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Posted: 12/06/09, 07:43:58
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I do. Haven't played this in a while so I've gotten rust to the T and I couldn't quite get into this game like I did Dr. Mario 64 on the N64 eight years ago. I don't play it as much as I do the other Wi-fi compatible games when I do go online.
Posted: 12/08/09, 02:20:35
I wouldn't mind playing sometime. I have to dig up my code, though.

(Plus, I think it's actually 8-year-old Japanese girls that are destroying us online.)
Posted: 12/08/09, 07:34:56
My Dr. Mario Friend Code is 004348507421. Add me and let me know yours if you want to play.
Posted: 12/08/09, 23:52:48
bump for the new crowd!
Posted: 12/18/09, 01:02:43
I'll come back here later - I do have Dr. Mario but I forget my code so I'll have to post it here sometime.... Everytime I played online, I'd get my ass handed to me on a platter... I play on slow speed..I'm able to clear very high levels, but online forces you to go medium speed and I hate it... If you play with a friend can you change the speed?

Posted: 12/18/09, 05:04:59
3842 - 1303 - 8644

I'm busy with schoolwork right now, but there's my code. ; )

Sometime tomorrow or this weekend would be good.
Posted: 12/18/09, 05:14:01
Peter, you're added, I'm down for tomorrow or the weekend whenever's good with you.

Smerd, I believe you can play with any settings when you play with a friend but I'm not sure. I hope so because if you can only play on slow speed, I'm gonna need a handicap :p
Posted: 12/18/09, 05:26:50
I might but I'd likely get trounced...

I love puzzle games, but man I suck at Dr. Mario, lol. Last time I played online I got mine handed to me.

At least in Planet Puzzle League online I can compete.

Seriously though, I'll keep an eye out. Might do some good to get in a few rounds with the doctor.
Posted: 12/18/09, 05:37:29
Man, I haven't touched this game in ages. Just booted it up and added you 2 :)

7784 - 3699 - 9364
Posted: 12/18/09, 07:28:11
Well - I think it's better getting my butt kicked by people I talk to rather then housewives overseas...


I just added the 3 of you above me. I'm up for a game sometime today..
Posted: 12/18/09, 15:52:01
I'll add you two once the heat comes on and I can feel my extremities enough to operate a Wii remote.
Posted: 12/18/09, 15:56:20
I'll get my friend code and add it here later. I'd love to play online! I'm tired of my wife handing it to me every time we play, so might as well get it handed to me by someone else!
Posted: 12/18/09, 16:03:02
That icon is incredible.
Posted: 12/18/09, 16:33:26
ok I've added everyone. I'm not working today so outside playing some bball from noon to 2, I should be ready to go whenever.
Posted: 12/18/09, 17:00:48
You know, I generally like brick drop games and variants on that theme, like Puyo Pop, but I've always hated Dr. Mario. Something about the premise or the presentation has always rubbed me the wrong way and I don't think I've played it for more than 15 minutes, ever.

Sorry, continue with your normal activities. I had to get that off my chest. :p
Posted: 12/18/09, 18:28:39
Even the music?!
Posted: 12/18/09, 20:32:46
anandxxx said:
Even the music?!

I've never played long enough to notice the music. It's probably the only game I've ever played that I've been completely unable to even try to get into. I have no idea why that is, just that it is. Weird, I know.
Posted: 12/18/09, 20:35:39
well, you're missing out. I'm officially ready to play from here on out today.
Posted: 12/18/09, 21:16:15
The only thing about Dr.Mario that I like is the music.
Posted: 12/18/09, 21:28:38
*singing* I am Dr. Mar I O and I perscribe High Fives!

Posted: 12/18/09, 21:30:53
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