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Disney Epic Mickey (Nintendo Wii) discussion [game]
7.74/10 from 12 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Disney Epic Mickey on the Wii!

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Disney Epic Mickey (Nintendo Wii) Review (7.9)  by  

For North America...Nov. 25th for Europe, 26th for UK

Since Christmas is just over three weeks after release, I may just put it on my list instead of buying the game myself. Either way, I can't wait.

UPDATE OMG - I bought the game on release and have posted my brief impressions somewhere in this thread!

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Posted: 09/15/10, 19:00:52  - Edited by 
 on: 12/03/10, 00:39:26
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*Adds to Christmas list*
Posted: 09/15/10, 19:03:47
Good to know we have a release date. And it's pretty soon! w00t!

Also, didn't realize that Europe and the UK are actually... different. Like, apparently, the UK isn't in Europe, or something. Huh. I learned something today. [/ignorant_American]
Posted: 09/15/10, 19:04:16

It's not part of "mainland Europe", but it's obviously considered part of the continent itself.
Posted: 09/15/10, 19:05:00
UK is part of the EU yet they still use their own currency. That might have something to do with it.

Anyway I think I'm going to hold off on this game until Christmas. I'm strapped for cash so I'm not going to buy games anytime soon anyway. Which is part for the course because I have enough games I can play to last me until then.
Posted: 09/15/10, 19:44:04
Posted: 09/16/10, 01:53:25
Yeah, this is the first footage I've seen where I can actually get a feel for the level designs in the game. I'm not worried about it anymore. Looks good.
Posted: 09/16/10, 02:08:13
This game is on my "wait and see" list... or perhaps one that I'll get a little later down the line.

It's just not doing much for me, based on what I've seen so far, but I like the general concept and reSpect.. or... Respect for Spector. I just tried to make a pun with that, but it didn't work, but I'm still continuing to type and about to hit the post button.
Posted: 09/16/10, 02:14:24
Wait, wasn't it supposed to come out in October, and DKCR comes out in November?
Posted: 09/16/10, 08:57:36
I doubt Nintendo and Disney care what each other's release schedules are.

And retailers have been using November X as a release date for awhile now.
Posted: 09/16/10, 09:11:16

Posted: 09/16/10, 16:24:12
This and Civilization 5 are my most two anticipated games for the remainder of the year. I cannot wait, looks amazing.
Posted: 09/16/10, 17:23:02
Oh wait a minute, I read the title as Epic Kirby, that's why I was confused because Kirby is releasing in October. D'oh!
Posted: 09/17/10, 04:47:18
Awesome new trailer that talks about the music in the game and shows a bunch of unseen areas too. I mistook one of the 2D platforming stages for an actual cartoon - the game looks fantastic.

Posted: 10/29/10, 21:55:29

Incredible, a dynamic musical theme. Also, I absolutely love the use of strings and woodwinds!
Posted: 10/29/10, 22:11:48
Must have for me at this point. First game for a console I'll have bought in a long, long while.
Posted: 10/29/10, 22:29:35
I'm already booked up as far as game purchases go for now. I'll ask for it for christmas, if that doesn't happen. I'll buy it soon after, or if I just happen to work a lot leading up to christmas, i might go for it.

I just bought Bit.Trip Fate and Art Academy (DS), Goldeneye 007 is shipping soon, then so will DKCR, and finally I NEED Golden Sun Dark Dawn ASAP. Busy month.
Posted: 10/29/10, 22:37:01
Hearing the music and the attention they put into is just bittersweet now and pisses me off others couldn't follow suit. Maybe I need to take a break...
Posted: 10/29/10, 23:16:32
I can't believe this game releases NINE DAYS after Donkey Kong. 2010 has easily been Wii's best year.
Posted: 10/30/10, 00:09:08
Already have my copy pre-ordered. So fucking hyped for this game. More than Kirby, more than DKC...this game is my most hyped Wii game for the year.

It sucks that Golden Sun comes out the day before. I'll buy both, but to find the time.
Posted: 10/30/10, 01:08:20
Abdooooo said:

Incredible, a dynamic musical theme. Also, I absolutely love the use of strings and woodwinds!
Galaxy 1 and 2 had incredible music, but I don't remember it being very dynamic. If this game can match Galaxy for quality and be dynamic... should be amazing.
Posted: 10/30/10, 02:11:20  - Edited by 
 on: 10/30/10, 02:12:39
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