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SteamWorld Heist II Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
SteamWorld Heist II on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for SteamWorld Heist II on the Switch!

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05/18/24, 05:32  
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In the recent Partner Showcase this was easily my favorite and the most surprising announcement of them all. I have dreamed of a sequel to SteamWorld Heist for oh so long. Plus Steam Powered Giraffe is back but with all NEW music!? They're an awesome band and their tones really set the stage in the first game.

If you missed that reveal trailer then here you go!

Then they released a story deep-dive today too!
05/18/24, 05:45   
I downloaded the Switch version of the original game out of pure hype for the sequel. I don’t typically double-dip with games…but this was an exception.
05/20/24, 01:58   

You've always been a wise one. Good plan to play the original again before the new one releases as it seems the new one is really going to be expanding on everything.

My records show I beat this Dec 2015 (original release on 3DS), again in Oct 2016 on Wii U, then again on 3DS in Nov 2018, and then the last time I beat it was Apr 2022 on Switch. So it appears I've triple dipped and just hearing you going back in has me wondering if I should get a fifth playthrough in there before August...
05/20/24, 21:10   
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