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World of Goo 2 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
World of Goo 2 on the Switch

Welcome to the official discussion thread for World of Goo 2 on the Switch!

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02/23/24, 01:50  
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Good ol' Kyle Gabler still has a good head on his shoulders!

Epic Games said:
So why now?

“My knee makes a noise when I bend it,” explains Gabler. “If old age doesn’t destroy us first, AI is coming for us next. Soon, nobody will ever need to make games ever again, since computers will build custom pleasure palaces for us all.” Ahhhh. Should have guessed. “So,” continues Gabler, “before we become totally obsolete, we knew that if we ever wanted to visit World of Goo again—in that broken, hand-crafted, rickety, junkyard, human way we build stuff—this is our last chance.”

Epic Games said:
The side of World of Goo that perhaps gets mentioned less is that underpinning its cute puzzles and brilliant mechanics is a pretty furious commentary on capitalism. Given how well that’s been going over the last 15 years, I asked if they would pick up on that beef, or if there were other things they were angry about.

“We have so many beefs,” says Gabler. “I have to say, though, as a game designer I wish I could design something so clever as capitalism. It’s the reason cool stuff gets built cheaper over time. If no one bought stuff, we wouldn’t be able to get better and faster stuff all the time. And I love stuff! I think about this clip often.”
02/23/24, 01:53   
Edited: 02/23/24, 01:54
@Secret_Tunnel Yeah but see he actually explained pretty well why I'm for more equitable wealth redistribution. Rich people don't make things on their own, even huge corporations employing various people from various classes don't make things on their own. We all rely on each other for a million things, sometimes things we probably don't even think about much. So why should 1% of people at the top have 40%+ of the wealth while 50% of people at the bottom have 1% of the wealth when we all come together as part of the vast global economy that creates the tools and services and labor and everything else that allows wealth to be produced?

It makes no sense.
02/23/24, 03:22   
Edited: 02/23/24, 03:23

I can't imagine many libertarians would oppose the US government auditing its multi-trillion-dollar annual budget, cutting out inefficiencies, and giving that money to the populace as cash.
02/23/24, 05:02   
Having replayed World of Goo and Little Inferno recently, I've realized that part of why Tomorrow Corporation's games resonate with me is because they're not strictly anti-capitalist or anti-progress. They're resigned to finding the fun in the bizarre postmodern world we live in. Underneath the irony, these games actually do want you to enjoy playing them in a very genuine and optimistic way, even if sometimes you're wearing a smirk while doing it. That's my philosophy in a nutshell.
02/23/24, 18:04   
@Secret_Tunnel I don't see libertarians ever wanting to give money to the "populace" as cash. They would just argue for less taxes / smaller government, which is fine but doesn't really address the core inequality. If anything that view just gives corporations even more power.
02/23/24, 18:16   
Edited: 02/23/24, 18:17

I don't think we're anywhere close to the Pareto frontier where we need to make deeply philosophical trade-offs between anarcho-capitalism and democratic socialism though. The reality is that many, many jobs in our society actually produce negative value, and it'd be a win-win situation to just pay those people to stay home. There probably would be enough money to go around for the entire population to be taken care of if it didn't cost $300 million to build a bus lane and if tech companies didn't spend billions making their codebases needlessly complicated.

The world if JavaScript was illegal

02/23/24, 20:56   
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