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MAGICAL DROP III Discussion (Neo Geo) [game]
8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for MAGICAL DROP III on the Neo Geo!

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Posted: 01/04/22, 05:21:27
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This game's awesome! A friend and I got hooked on it at a local arcade. Looks like it used to be on Switch but got taken down? But Magical Drop II is on NSO for free and is one of the games that everyone wrote off without trying but is actually great!?
Posted: 01/04/22, 05:22:33
I think I have that one on Virtual Console (but my Wii U is at the parents'). I remember it being fun, but without anyone to play it with, I didn't have a reason to stick with it.
Posted: 01/05/22, 18:01:33
Yeah, Magical Drop is good! Coincidentally, my first experience playing the series was on Gui's Wii at the first NW NYC meet-up, and I found it to be surprisingly fun and engaging in multiplayer.

Critter Crunch is essentially the same thing as Magical Drop, right? Anyway, I'm glad that I picked MDIII up when it landed on the eShop. I think I also grabbed the weird PS1 entry (with power-ups and stuff) on PS3 from the Japanese PSN. But I am similarly lacking local competition... Why don't people like puzzlers anymore?!

Anyway, Windjammers is another multiplayer NG classic. Fingers crossed for the sequel this month!
Posted: 01/06/22, 17:26:48  - Edited by 
 on: 01/06/22, 17:28:41
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