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Little Nightmares II Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Little Nightmares II on the Switch!

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Posted: 02/12/21, 00:01:18
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My copy of this came in today. I had some extra Christmas credit so I thought I'd just pick up the physical copy. I fell in love with the creepy original last year around Halloween and after some consideration I didn't think I wanted to wait till next Halloween to endure this eerie endeavor.

I was going to wait until after playing Bowser's Fury to start but I might just boot it up tonight. My wife had fun watching me play the first one so maybe she'll want to watch some of this new game. It looks truly creepier than ever.
Posted: 02/12/21, 00:03:03
Definitely curious about this. I may hold off until October, though.

I did like the first game, but it was hard to not see it as a lesser Limbo/Inside with a more horror slant, and I finished it in one or two sittings and didn't really think about it again until the sequel was announced. I'm hopeful that it'll come into its own with the second game. From what little I saw (at the Game Awards? Maybe?) it looked like they're aiming for it to be a scarier game.
Posted: 02/13/21, 04:48:46
TheBigG753 said:
I did like the first game, but it was hard to not see it as a lesser Limbo/Inside with a more horror slant

This was my experience, as well. It was cool, but everyone seemed to like it more than me.
Posted: 02/17/21, 20:36:32

What made you feel it was lesser? Anything specific? For me, I found it pretty comparable to Limbo but I think the setting and story was more engrossing.
Posted: 02/18/21, 03:59:10

From what I recall, the puzzles didn't make much of an impression on me. One of the things about Limbo and especially Inside is their puzzle design, and how I can remember some of those specific puzzles years later. I don't remember anything really standing out from Little Nightmares in that regard. It definitely had a great look/vibe to it. I think had it had some really genuine scary moments it might have made up for lacking as many memorable gameplay moments.

Though it's also fair to say that having played those Playdead games (and a few others like it) prior to playing Little Nightmares affected my impressions of the latter. With Limbo in particular there wasn't much else like it at the time and it kicked off an indie puzzle-platformer trend. I'm sure if I played it for the time now I wouldn't be as impressed by it as I was back in 2011.

It's just one of those games where I played it and liked it and can't really say that any aspect of it wasn't competently made, it just didn't stick with me for whatever reason.
Posted: 02/18/21, 08:28:36

Did you think INSIDE was better than LIMBO, vice versa, or were they equal? I've yet to play INSIDE but I plan to before the year's end.
Posted: 02/21/21, 01:30:28

I thought Inside was a much better, tighter, and focused game than Limbo, and I liked Limbo quite a bit. Where I felt some of the later puzzles in Limbo felt a bit disjointed and out of place, I never had that same sense with Inside. They really put a lot of effort into making each standalone puzzle feel unique (they rarely ever repeat themselves), while they still feel connected in a way to a larger whole. I can't really describe it too much more without spoiling, so I won't. Of the indie puzzle-platform games that came out in the wake of Limbo (and Braid before that) Inside is the best one of those that I've played.
Posted: 02/22/21, 16:56:33
I completed this game last night. It was a pretty comparable length compared to the first one.

I think overall I liked this one more than the original. Taking you out of the Maw and into 'the world' elaborates and expands upon the fright and freakiness the first one delivered on. I am fascinated at how the last third of the game went and particularly how the game ended. I'd love to hear some takes on what that ending was all about. The game took a turn I didn't anticipate and my wife and I were both really engrossed in it all. I would love if they continued this series in some form or fashion. I want more story from this world. I'm glad I picked this up and played it at launch here. I considered waiting till way later in the year but I liked it enough to be glad I dove in.
Posted: 03/02/21, 00:53:51
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