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Super Mega Baseball 3 Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
9.5/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mega Baseball 3 on the Switch!

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Posted: 05/17/20, 01:03:06
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Have you guys tried this series? Super Mega Baseball 3 just might be the best baseball game ever made. It's goofy arcadey fun, but you can totally customize the experience and difficulty to make it anything from super easy to ridulously hardcore. The mechanics are *chef kiss*, the presentation is full of charm, the online and offline features are crazy robust, and it runs at 60fps on Switch. It may not have the MLB license, but it plays way better than The Show.

Super Mega 2 was already awesome, and the third entry brings some nice refinements and has a better overall feel. Download the demo and check it out! It even has free online play in Pennant Race mode to ensure that the servers are populated.
Posted: 05/17/20, 01:16:39  - Edited by 
 on: 05/17/20, 01:18:51
I was a late adapter to SMB2 and am about 2/3rds through my first season.

I think I mentioned in the “favorite sports game” thread that despite being a big baseball fan, I’d never really found a baseball game that I truly loved. SMB2 absolutely became that game. It has the right balance between being video-game-y enough not to push a semi-casual like me away, while being simulation-y enough to put the hooks in a baseball geek like me. It has wit and charm and polish.

I understand that you can import your custom teams and leagues from SMB2 to SMB3. If that works well, that would be a major selling point for me to eventually get SMB3 after I feel I’ve “put my time” into SMB2. SMB3 has the one thing SMB3 lacked - a dynasty mode!
Posted: 05/19/20, 02:45:21
Can you create your own customizable characters? Like, could I recreate my YMCA team from 1988 in this game?
Posted: 05/19/20, 05:32:07
Yeah, it's a great balance. It really hits all the bases! Try the demo for SMB3 and post your impressions. The new features, like player traits, real-time stealing, and lead/lag baserunning control, are pretty cool.

Assuming they are humanoid life forms... yes!
Posted: 05/19/20, 05:48:13

Well, a couple were debatable. But I can anthropomorphize those blubbery kids.

I’ll probably get this eventually.
Posted: 05/19/20, 06:11:53
I bought Super Mega Baseball 2 TWICE. Once on PS4 and again on Switch. Such a great game.
I’ll be grabbing this one down the line.
Posted: 05/21/20, 03:23:31
Anand said:
Try the demo for SMB3 and post your impressions.

I downloaded it and played a 3 inning exhibition. Ended up being a great game. Each team hit a solo home run in regulation. Then my team doubled home the winning run in the 4th.

The graphics were oddly both less cartoonish and less polished. I’m sure I’ll get used to them. The view seems to be farther from the action and the view from behind the batter seems more straight behind the batter instead of the slight angle of the previous game. Also something that needs a little getting used to. Maybe it was just my catcher’s white uniform, but I was having a harder time seeing the pitcher reticule. Something I rely on quite a bit since nibbling the corner is my main pitching strategy.

I love that they have the cpu generated character names announced. Always bugged me that they didn’t have the last game. Maybe I’ll eventually get tired of hearing “Mash Taters,” “Joven Bambino,” “Hammer Longballo,” etc. But there’s a reason I never changed any of the names in SMB2. It absolutely nails my sense of humor.

Three innings isn’t nearly enough to pick up the nuances of the differences between the versions, but I’m most curious about how the player characteristic system works. Everyone seems to have a special power of some sort, like “tough out.” Also I noticed that the players have a more obvious graded rating to make it more clear who’s good and who’s bad.
Posted: 05/21/20, 08:17:18
You'll never get tired of "Hammer Longballo".

You can actually see what the traits do. Just press the right bumper. Or something.

Haha, Mash Taters...!
Posted: 05/22/20, 03:10:17  - Edited by 
 on: 05/22/20, 03:10:52
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