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Dragon: Marked for Death Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
7/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Dragon: Marked for Death on the Switch!

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Posted: 12/20/19, 23:44:04
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Dragon Marked For Death is another great 2D action game from the good folks at Inti Creates. Somewhat nonlinear gameplay, intense action, epic boss battles and tight controls make this pretty awesome. Kind of an overlooked gem, hopefully y'all can give it a look soon.

It's only $14.99 on the eShop....!
Posted: 12/20/19, 23:47:25
Oh yeah, they also did a huge update to it recently. Check it out:

GoNintendo said:
Dragon Marked for Death has been updated to Version 2.3.0, which is detailed in the trailer above. The trailer goes over the highlights, but there's actually much more to the update to sift through. The patch notes released by Inti Creates are absolutely massive, and you can pore over them in full right here.


I should really get back to this game again soon. I'm just about done with the main quest in Pokémon so the timing feels right.
Posted: 12/20/19, 23:50:30
I grabbed it on Black Friday!
Posted: 12/21/19, 08:43:21  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/19, 08:43:53

Nice! .....have you played it yet?

There is some kind of multiplayer in this, right? Online? Maybe we can team up and do some 2D action!
Posted: 12/21/19, 23:51:24
Sure, we can do it up online. I only played the first couple of quests solo when I rented it from the libe. Have you only played solo, as well?

Pick it up, people! I think the retail version had a price drop. Let's get a foursome!
Posted: 12/22/19, 05:41:28
Yeah, only solo so far. This is basically 2D Monster Hunter, haha.

Man, I wish Switch had the PS4’s “SharePlay” feature. Or at least the 3DS’s “Download Play.” It’s so cool to be able to play multiplayer games with friends, even if they don’t own the same game you do.
Posted: 12/22/19, 19:59:38
Even after cruising through all the Mega Man Zero/ZX Collection games and Luminous Avenger iX this month, I'm kind of still jonesing for some Inti Creates action. And then I remembered this game existed...

It does look fun, so I'm interested in picking it up, but it doesn't seem terribly popular and doesn't really look like it's made for solo play. Is it worth playing at this point?
Posted: 09/22/20, 03:22:46  - Edited by 
 on: 09/22/20, 03:23:33
Ooh, this game flew completely under my radar. It's got that delicious Gunvolt artstyle. And the concept art reminds me of Elpizo from Zero 2. Skipping through that video, I have no idea what I'm looking at but I want to give this game a try. But I still do have to catch up on that Gunvolt game that already came out on Switch...

GameDadGrant said:
Yeah, only solo so far. This is basically 2D Monster Hunter, haha.

Wait, so this game isn't linear? It's a loot grinding kind of thing?
Posted: 09/22/20, 03:58:38  - Edited by 
 on: 09/22/20, 03:59:52
@Hero_Of_Hyrule Yeah it does look like a game full of "quests" and stats and junk, which...isn't normally my thing, and also tends to complicate multiplayer. But if it's filtered through Inti Creates gameplay, I might be able to gel with it.

We should try it out! For fifteen bucks I'm guessing it's worth a try, at least.
Posted: 09/23/20, 03:01:46  - Edited by 
 on: 09/23/20, 03:02:27
Speak of the devil and he shall discount...

Apparently there's two versions (each with two of the four playable characters) and they're down to $10.49 now.

Time to jump in? Anyone?
Posted: 09/23/20, 20:28:35  - Edited by 
 on: 09/23/20, 20:35:37
I still haven't played more than one mission. So I'd join! Two more?

SharePlay is pretty cool. Steam remote play, too. They're kind of clumsy, but, when they work, they're awesome.
Posted: 09/24/20, 15:29:39  - Edited by 
 on: 09/24/20, 15:31:45
@Anand Good enough for me to jump in! But more players are welcome. What version(s) of the game did you buy?
Posted: 09/24/20, 17:58:57
Game Pak. It comes with everything, I think.
Posted: 09/24/20, 19:04:45
@Anand Looks like it's just us!

The game's on sale until October 7, so I'll pick it up sometime before then.
Posted: 09/29/20, 19:24:28
Cool. I feel like there are more people who would play, though. We should put an SOS on the NW Discord!
Posted: 10/02/20, 14:08:34
@Anand How does one do such a thing? Do I need to know Morse code?
Posted: 10/03/20, 20:45:05
...open Discord and ask, I guess? It's been a while for me.
Posted: 10/04/20, 00:45:30
So I played through the opening mission with the four base characters, and they all seem like pretty fun options. Empress plays a lot like Mega Man Zero, Shinobi feels like an extremely mobile Gunvolt/Copen character, Warrior is your slow tanky guy who seems to switch between pure offense and pure defense, and Witch's button-combo spellcasting reminds me a bit of Magicka, in a good way.

The opening stage was obviously made up of character-specific tutorial stuff, but the characters are fun enough to control that I'm guessing the actual quests will be fun enough. So yeah, I'm ready to give this a shot sometime if anyone wants to party up.

@Anand Should we try coordinating on Discord sometime?
Posted: 10/10/20, 22:27:20  - Edited by 
 on: 10/10/20, 22:28:25
Sure, we could use the multiplayer channel of NW Discord, if you want to. I just learned that it existed!
Posted: 10/11/20, 19:02:17
Anand and I finally got around to playing this for a bit. Good times! It's pretty straightforward I think, even if we don't yet understand most of the doodads you pick up...

Anyone who likes Mega Man Zero/ZX or Azure Striker Gunvolt should definitely pick this up and give it a shot with us!
Posted: 02/24/21, 16:30:40
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