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Sayonara Wild Hearts Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
8.1/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Sayonara Wild Hearts on the Switch!

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Posted: 09/19/19, 18:00:20  - Edited by 
 on: 09/19/19, 18:00:31
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Has anyone been following this game? I thought it looked cool and then forgot about it, but now it is out and getting awesome reviews and it's only like $13 (cheap for an indie game nowadays) and it looks awesome! I guess it is like an action / rhythm game? Some comparisons to Thumper, but nowhere near as dark?

The only negative I've heard so far is it is supposedly very short, but I barely have time for games now anyway.

Definitely going to pick it up later today and check it out.

Posted: 09/19/19, 18:02:01  - Edited by 
 on: 09/19/19, 18:02:43
This looks really cool. Be sure to bump this thread in a couple weeks once I'm done with Link's Awakening and Duck Game!

I often have it where I'm listening to a song and I think, "Huh, I wonder if a game could evoke the same feeling as this song? In the same way that we have music videos for songs, could you make a "music game" for this song?" And then I think, "Wait, no, that wouldn't make sense, how would the game even play? What genre would it be?" As if constraining my ideas by thinking in terms of genres is a good way to be creative.

So seeing this game describe itself as a pop album created from the ground up in video game form makes me really want to play it and see what they did.
Posted: 09/19/19, 23:15:18
Wow that teaser was trippy! Have no idea how the game plays, though. But yeah, I've heard this is getting great reviews. Guess I'll keep my eye on it!
Posted: 09/20/19, 14:00:40

Ok so, I beat the game. It's only about an hour long, and although getting golds on each level would be tough, to just finish the levels isn't that hard. Wish it were longer, but it is what it is.

THAT HOUR THOUGH. HOLY F DO THEY CRAM SO MUCH AMAZING STUFF INTO IT. Like it's seriously just a constant barrage of new and cool stuff happening. Skateboarding, sword fights, giant robot wolves, just... like every little section has something new and neat in it. It's not just background details either, the gameplay itself shifts, as well as perspectives and everything. Reminds me a bit of Sin & Punishment: Star Successor in that respect.

Also, the style is like nothing else. This is one of the most well presented games I've played. The soundtrack is pretty awesome too. I just sat on the title screen listening to it before even starting. It's one of those rare games, like the Persona series, that just feels super slick and cool in every little detail.

Incidentally, except for being way better on most every single measurable level, this game actually reminds me a lot of what I've been trying to do with my game, In Retrospect. Auto movement, switching of cameras, different ways to move, vehicles, lots of freeform action but also syncing some stuff to the soundtrack.

One thing it doesn't have that In Retrospect does have though, that I really wish it did have, is leaderboards. Now that I beat it, it's like... now what? There isn't much to do once you beat the game. You unlock a mode that is basically playing the entire game for a single score, which I will probably play through because holy freak this game is cool and short enough to replay so I definitely want to replay it... but that's not the most compelling "extra". I guess you can try to get better scores just for their own sake, and if you get gold medals on every level (seems nearly impossible but I guess some people will do it) you unlock... something else? But otherwise that's it.

Still, just to have this experience, even if a short one... so cool. It may have only been an hour but it is definitely one of my favorite gaming hours in recent memory.

Also, random fact, Queen Latifah is the narrator, which apparently happened due to an offhand comment one of the developers made as a joke.. So weird. But she fits!

Posted: 09/21/19, 08:08:29  - Edited by 
 on: 09/22/19, 04:10:09
Just beat it. It was great! My kind of music and very stylish. I love that it was only an hour long, didn't overstay its welcome. In a weird way, it kind of reminds me of A Way Out, just a really solid polished little thing.
Posted: 02/23/20, 08:53:11
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