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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the 3DS!

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Captain Toad is now portable! Which is great, since it seemed like it would have been the perfect fit for on-the-go gaming. Well, better late than never, and now you can take Captain Toad and his adventures with you! All-new stages included from the hit game Super Mario Odyssey!

Let's get set for adventure!

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Posted: 07/10/18, 20:06:25  - Edited by 
 on: 07/10/18, 20:08:07
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So as of this post, only the demo is available from the eShop. But I do have this pre-ordered from GameStop and I'm looking forward to the full release. I've played a bit of it already, and I'm very happy with how well this game looks and performs on the 3DS. Everything looks great, the FPS is nice and smooth, and the controls seem spot-on.

I'm playing it on NEW 3DS, so I've been using the C-nub for camera control. Works perfectly, as one might expect. Touch-screen camera movement is also quite good. The shoulder buttons apparently also move the camera, but when you can use the touch-screen or c-nub, why bother?

The demo only has a handful of stages, but it's a great little teaser of what's to come. I've never played the Wii U version, so I'm quite happy about having an updated version that is also portable. Only thing I'd wish for is some stronger use of the stereoscopic 3D, since it's a little weaksauce IMO compared to say, Metroid: Samus Returns. Still, glad it has it at all, since some of the more recent 3DS games lack the 3D effect entirely.

Anyone else try the demo? And is anyone else besides me playing this for the first time?
Posted: 07/10/18, 20:12:46
I've only played the demo on Switch. I actually have the game on Wii U, but I haven't played it. It's a clever little game, but a bit too methodical and indirect for my tastes.

I do appreciate the inclusion of 3D, though. Especially since each stage is like a diorama. But it still hits my other 3DS pet peeve. No enhancements on New 3DS!! Whyyyy?! WTFFFF! 60fps would have been awesome.

(And 3D would be awesome in other games.)
Posted: 07/12/18, 16:11:01  - Edited by 
 on: 07/12/18, 16:12:58

Yeah, some extra perks for N3DS owners would have been nice. I heard rumors that the textures are better on the newer hardware (a la Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate)...but I havenít seen anything that proves it.
Posted: 07/12/18, 17:24:13
...but not MH Generations?

Textures, schmextures! 60 fps!
Posted: 07/13/18, 04:55:32
Played through a bit of the game, pretty fun so far! I used a Super Mario Odyssey amiibo (Wedding Dress Peach) and it unlocked the new stages right away! Neat!

The New Donk City stage was surprisingly complicated!
Posted: 07/15/18, 22:27:29
I heard they took the Mario 3D World levels out and replaced them with the Odyssey levels.
Why did they do that?! Why not both?
Posted: 07/15/18, 22:48:34
Posted: 07/16/18, 00:42:30
@ploot I'll be honest, I wouldn't miss the 3D World levels. They were just kinda long walks, from what I remember. I'd think/hope the Odyssey-based levels would be more compact.
Posted: 07/16/18, 05:21:18

Is that true? I'm not sure if they did that or not. When do you run into the 3D World stages? I've only gone through the first world and one Odyssey stage.
Posted: 07/16/18, 18:03:47
It's one of my fave games on Wii U, but I read it has just 4 new stages in it, so I don't have a reason to get it again.
Posted: 07/16/18, 18:06:34
Anand said:
I've only played the demo on Switch. I actually have the game on Wii U, but I haven't played it. It's a clever little game, but a bit too methodical and indirect for my tastes.
Okay, you know what? I played through the first chapter on Switch and I take it all back. This game has melted my ice-cold heart. It's so damned cute! And the levels, while not particularly challenging, are so freaking cool! Like a playable Rubik's Cube.

How could I have doubted EAD Tokyo??
Posted: 08/18/18, 16:23:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/18/18, 16:30:48


Lol, but yeah, this game is terrific fun. I hope they make another one.
Posted: 08/19/18, 00:36:53
Does this game take the stuff seen in Super Mario 3D World to the next level or is it basically just more of that?

Because those stages were fun but I don't think I need more. But if they expanded on the concept...
Posted: 08/19/18, 00:39:17  - Edited by 
 on: 08/19/18, 00:39:50

All of it is great!

....but I don't know if it's basically more of the same or better. Never played the original.
Posted: 08/20/18, 18:48:14
@Zero Hm... sort of? The game is still relatively simple, but there's definitely more variety and creativity than what was seen in 3D World.

What I do miss though is that Captain Toad can no longer attempt to jump.
Posted: 08/20/18, 19:12:33

I actually don't remember that much about Captain Toad, but dunkey's review combined with my own experience tells me yes. Weren't there only like five Captain Toad levels in the 3D World? Same basic idea, but with way more creative level design. Lots of different elements to work with.

Posted: 08/20/18, 20:50:18
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