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Fortnite Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
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Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fortnite on the Switch!

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Who all is playing Fortnite?! If you're not... why not? It's free! And pretty fun! I'm not even usually that big on online shooters but... DID I MENTION IT'S FREE?! Come play Fortnite with us NWers! Maybe even... TONIGHT?!

BTW we meet up in the NW chat room when we play.

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Posted: 06/20/18, 21:18:46  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/18, 05:45:29
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I tried it alone when it first dropped and didnít quite get the appeal.

BUT when I played with a bunch of NWers, it totally clicked. Fun stuff!
The problem is, I can see it becoming slightly addicting.
Posted: 06/21/18, 01:44:04  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/18, 01:44:40
Yeah I played a little bit here and there on PS4 but without friends it's... eh. With friends though, tons of fun!
Posted: 06/21/18, 02:35:10
I played a little the first night with some y'all and had more fun than I expected, but now I'm afraid to go back because I'm still really bad and will be a detriment to the team.
Posted: 06/21/18, 05:29:55
@Hinph Do we have to have Carlos post some of the videos of us dying in ridiculous, Three Stooge-like ways to convince you that we all suck?

I don't think I have EVER won a 1 on 1 firefight yet. You can't be much worse than me...

Just come hang! It's all just for fun! We never win anyway so who cares?!
Posted: 06/21/18, 05:46:36  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/18, 05:48:01

Ok, cool! Being awful is pretty comical indeed.

And yes, I would like to see that footage.
Posted: 06/21/18, 06:28:48
I've mostly played with my niece and nephews, and it's pretty fun when we can chat and plan our attack. I probably wouldn't be having much fun playing solo.

Did I mention that I really suck at aiming? I think I've killed a total of 4 people in maybe 10 hours of playing. Epic really needs to add motion controls for aiming. Then I would at least stand a chance...
Posted: 06/21/18, 17:39:49
Going from playing Doom and Splatoon 2 to Fortnite really makes the aiming like something out of the stone age. Lag and stuff doesn't help either.

EDIT: Oh no, they ditched the 50 vs 50 mode! That should be permanent! Oh well, guess I'll try this 5 teams of 20 thing.
Posted: 06/21/18, 17:45:55  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/18, 21:07:43
Yeah, mannnnn! We all are different levels of bad. Be bad with us.

I think the storm killed us all like 4 or 5 times a couple nights ago. Just sad! And fun!
Posted: 06/21/18, 22:25:52
Today I learned that someone can one shot you from a distance when you're at full health and shield. Good times.

EDIT: Btw, you can mute individual players, right? Ended up in a party with my nephew and some of his friends, and I'm just too damn old to be listening to twelve year olds getting worked up by a videogame.
Posted: 06/21/18, 22:29:46  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/18, 22:32:33
You guys should start playing earlier.
Posted: 06/21/18, 22:55:31
Gameplay changes incoming.

Epic said:

Currently, the superiority of shotguns, rockets, and uncapped building are such a dominant play style in the final circle that most other strategies are being drowned out.


We are exploring changes to weapon balance and resource economy, like e.g. resource caps.


You should be able to find Victory Royales through multiple strategies. Shotguns should be strong, but other weapons have room to grow. Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off. We want to empower you to showcase your skill, strategy, and tactics in all variety of ways.

Well, that sounds good, at least. The gameplay sure needs a bit of added depth and balancing, IMO.
Posted: 06/21/18, 23:55:46
@r_hjort Sniper rifle. It's too easy to feel safe if no one is around but if I'm going to be standing around in the open for a bit I often throw up some walls first just in case. Otherwise... stay on the move!

@r_hjort It's funny because I was just thinking the building needs some kind of limit. Maybe not an overall limit, but like you'd have some building bar and you have to wait for it to come back to build more or something. Because yeah the endgame almost always comes down to building spamming. And if that were the intention... fine? But it seems clear to me the intention with building was like on-the-fly forts and stuff, not using it as a live shield.
Posted: 06/22/18, 00:04:08  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/18, 00:06:15
But that has to have been one of the rarer sniper rifles, right? I've never seen anything wipe anyone out like that before. Not outside of anything explosive anyway.

The building mechanic is really cool, and one of the things that make Fortnite a hundred times more interesting than, say, PUBG, so it's pity about the spamming. It's even more annoying than bunny hopping. I really hope Epic will manage to find some sort of balance there.
Posted: 06/22/18, 00:20:44

Yeah, I feel like motion-assisted aiming is as good as it can currently get with a traditional gamepad, and I don't understand why it isn't an industry standard yet. All it takes is for a developer to include it as an option in a major game on PS4. Once people who use motion assisted aiming begin dominating those who don't in multiplayer, everybody will try it out and realize how much better it is than dual analog alone. "Motion controls" still have a really negative stigma as a "gimmick" from the early Wii days when they were being recklessly shoehorned into everything, but they are clearly very valuable when used properly.

Microsoft needs to include motion support in their next gamepad as well.


Hah, I look forward to being wiped over and over again with you someday soon!
Posted: 06/22/18, 01:43:12
This is about as good of an outcome as I can get:

Posted: 06/22/18, 02:38:08
Going into my first ever solo match. Anything above finishing last and I'm gonna be satisfied.

EDIT: Well, that was quick. Ended in 87th after getting shot immediately upon landing by some fucker who had already gotten their hands on an automatic. Fuck this game.

EDIT: Second match. Placed 50th. This is simply not for me. I need my team modes.

EDIT: Third match. 15th. Decent, but holy fuck that was a laggy match. It didn't contribute to me dying, but damn that was annoying, basically teleporting back and forth across the landscape.

EDIT: And back to the team modes I go! The teams of 20 thing isn't as fun as 50 vs 50, but still pretty good fun. Think this is where I'll hang around.
Posted: 06/22/18, 12:33:15  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/18, 16:13:25
I feel like 90% of success is landing far enough away from everyone else right at the start. That's hard to guarantee but I usually try to fly as far to the edge of the map / away from the bus as possible then move in from there. If spin around a bit and if I see anyone trying to drop near me I abandon my spot and aim somewhere else.

But yeah I doubt I'll even try solo. I pretty much exclusively play squads. I suck too hard at the actual shooting portion of the game. I DID make it all the way to the final 3 after the rest of my squad died early once, but mostly through luck and avoiding conflict.

I know this is a relatively new game but I'm surprised there aren't more modes beyond the 100 person battle thing. I get that battle royale is the big thing and what they are pushing but some smaller modes on smaller maps could be interesting.
Posted: 06/22/18, 20:40:45  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/18, 20:53:18
It's kind of obvious that this battle royale mode was just a slapped-on extra to the main 'story' mode that became a runaway success. But you'd think that they'd be able to add another map or two and some extra modes with how well the game is currently doing. They should do it to future proof the game, if nothing else. I'm sure this will be popular for a good long while, but I don't think what's there right now has the depth to keep people entertained like, say, Minecraft has been able to.
Posted: 06/22/18, 20:59:32
Our finest moment, caught on tape:

Posted: 06/22/18, 23:52:32
@Mop it up

Posted: 06/23/18, 00:58:01
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