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Kamiko Discussion (Nintendo Switch) [game]
Kamiko on the Switch
8.35/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kamiko on the Switch!

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Kamiko Review (Nintendo Switch) (8.2)  by  

I don't know too much about it but it definitely looks very nice. It's very cheap too which makes me think it's quite short (which I don't mind).

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Posted: 04/28/17, 18:53:47
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Is that out now?! I definitely wanted to check it out. I read that it is about an hour long or so first playthrough, so yeah, a short game.
Posted: 04/28/17, 19:46:03  - Edited by 
 on: 04/28/17, 19:46:30
It's on my wish list, but I haven't bought it yet. Looks like a fun romp.
Posted: 04/28/17, 19:53:16
Yeah I was surprised too. I had no idea this was out any time soon. Ah, yeah that length sounds familiar. But I assume it'll take me longer than that ;)
Posted: 04/28/17, 20:06:20
Posted: 04/28/17, 21:39:20
Which SD card is best to store Kamiko screenshots?
Posted: 04/29/17, 00:42:18
I got it. Played about a half hour, finished 2 areas. It's pretty neat. Presentation is really solid... great graphics, great music. Gameplay is kind of like taking the action from a top down Zelda game (but a bit more simplified, you get a choice of 3 unique characters but each only holds their one weapon) and then mixing in some minor pushing boxes on switches / carrying keys to locks / etc. with a boss at the end of each area. Kind of feels like uh... a single player, more action focused 4 Swords type deal? But definitely more way simplistic. I don't want to give off the impression that this is a Zelda-type game. It's more about raw action with a limited moveset.

Considering how short it supposedly is I will probably finish it soon, but it seems like it might be worth playing through with each of the 3 characters, since they each have a unique weapon so that could make it feel a bit different each time.
Posted: 04/29/17, 02:12:49  - Edited by 
 on: 04/30/17, 04:59:14
ludist210 said:
It's on my wish list, but I haven't bought it yet. Looks like a fun romp.
Posted: 04/29/17, 03:31:57
Posted: 04/29/17, 13:01:48
I bought it but I only had time to play for a few minutes on Thursday night, and then Mario Kart 8 happened.
Posted: 04/30/17, 03:06:16
This is pretty awesome!

The music is legit! It sounds slightly modern chip tune-y but also meshes well with actual 8 bit music. It also kinda sounds like SNES era games like Chrono Trigger.

The controls are very nice and I like the boss fights a ton as well. A good, reasonable challenge.
Posted: 05/01/17, 00:22:16
Nope, but I've got the 360 version:

Posted: 05/01/17, 12:59:32
For 5 bucks I'm game for almost anything.
Posted: 05/01/17, 15:48:44
chrisbg99 said:
For 5 bucks I'm game for almost anything.
*insert random indecent proposal here*
Posted: 05/01/17, 16:57:00
I decided to make this the official discussion thread for the game instead of starting a new one.

So, I just finished my playthrough with the first character. Final time was 1:06, once you add in deaths and such probably closer to 1.5-2 hours, but still, definitely not a long game. There is a ????? on the menu that I assume opens up when you beat it with all 3 characters, no idea if that is anything gameplay related or just like unlockable bonus art or something.

Considering how short the game is, I'll probably do all 3 characters.

I'm thinking of reviewing this game so I'll save detailed thoughts until then. But I enjoyed it.
Posted: 05/02/17, 01:38:40  - Edited by 
 on: 05/02/17, 01:39:05
Good idea to avoid thread clutter.

You should have done this to other pre discussion threads I've made on certain games! Someone else always gets the glory!

Look forward to your review. I don't have many complaints so far, I'm honestly really impressed. It nails the atmosphere, controls, music, and art style. It could maybe use a little more gameplay variety, AND A MAP, but the game is short/small enough (and cheap!) that I can't put much weight in such criticisms.

I love that this game takes itself seriously. This is what I want from indie games.
Posted: 05/03/17, 12:35:17
Hmm, I assumed beating it with all 3 characters would unlock the ????? in the menu, but it did not. Have no idea how to unlock that. Perhaps have to collect every upgrade as well, which I did not do and do not intend to do.

So I'm done. Review will be coming uh... tomorrow probably?

/EDIT Looked it up and apparently to unlock the ????? menu you need to collect all of the 4 "secret" items, possibly for all 3 characters, possibly in addition to all of the other items? I found one by accident but have no idea where the other 3 area and am not interested in trying to find them all. Apparently you only unlock a thing where you can listen to the game songs / sfx anyway, nothing huge. LINK.

So yeah, I'm done. Fun game, not groundbreaking, will say more in my review tomorrow-ish.
Posted: 05/04/17, 00:49:07  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/17, 01:03:38
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