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BYE-BYE BOXBOY! Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.4/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for BYE-BYE BOXBOY! on the 3DS!

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A few weeks late, the thrilling conclusion to the epic BOXBOY! trilogy is finally here!
In line with the previous two games, it's a steal priced at a mere $4.99 on the Nintendo eShop.

Got save files from BoxBoy and BoxBoxBoy? You get a Qucy costume and a Game Boy color filter!

Got Kirby series amiibos? You get HAL Laboratories crossover costumes!

New to the series? Check out the BOXBOY! Series Demo Version on the eShop, with a taste of the unique features of all three games.

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Posted: 04/13/17, 18:36:59  - Edited by 
 on: 04/13/17, 18:37:35
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Anyone else pick this up? I zipped through the first five Worlds last night, along with the first Challenge World. I like the fancy new boxes! You get the first special box type in World 5: before then it's a BOXBOY! refresher course. The one legitimate criticism of these games is that they stay kind of easy for too long, but I guess HAL/Nintendo feels they should ease players into each title.
Posted: 04/13/17, 18:40:37
Easy, you say? Hmm. That actually adds another notch into the favorable column for me, because the big reason I didn't try this series before was because I don't like hard games, and a lot of things about this seemed hard. So... maybe it's time!
Posted: 04/13/17, 18:46:24
@J.K. Riki Oh yeah, all three games ramp up nice and slow. Try 'em out!

Five hours after starting, the credits roll! It wasn't too tough, or even all that memorable compared to the last two games. The special boxes only make short appearances and then disappear, and the other level gimmicks haven't been all that notable. I'd be disappointed if I didn't know that there's plenty more after the credits.
Posted: 04/15/17, 18:26:03
Got this day one since I love the first two games so much, but I probably won't start playing it anytime soon. I want to make sure I give it the appropriate attention it deserves, and I've got too much stuff going as it is with all the Zeldas and Snake Passes and Human Resource Machines.
Posted: 04/15/17, 18:47:45
I gotta nab this. It's only $5? Wow. Were the others that cheap?
Posted: 04/15/17, 18:59:57
Yeah, they're all dirt cheap considering the quality/quantity you get. I honestly didn't expect much from the first game but decided to give it a shot just because it was so cheap.
Posted: 04/15/17, 19:06:52
@DrFinkelstein Yep, all five bucks. Sometimes they even go on sale for less. Really good value.

I've started the post-credits stuff and it quickly gets into roadblock territory. Been stumped for 10+ minutes several times already. Good stuff.
Posted: 04/15/17, 19:54:05
Is the trilogy cart coming out in NA? I was certain that it was, but I can't find confirmation anywhere.
Posted: 04/16/17, 08:29:29
@Hero_Of_Hyrule No, I don't think that was ever announced for NA. I'm not sure if EU gets it, even.

Almost done! Just gotta figure out the final Challenge World stage. Has me stumped hard.

Overall I think BYE-BYE BOXBOY! is a slight step down from its predecessors. The new box types just aren't around enough, though they're nice while they last. And I feel like some of the solutions are a little...jankier than usual? Like, I seem to remember BOXBOY and BOXBOXBOY having mostly "clean" solutions that don't feel like you're cheating a little, while BBB seems to require more of that. Maybe I'm overthinking it, though. Or maybe I'm not finding the intended solutions and just janking out alternate ones, haha.

Either way, it's just not quite fresh enough to keep the formula from feeling like it's worn out a bit. If this really is the end of the adventures of Qbby and pals, I think it's a fitting place to stop.
Posted: 04/26/17, 18:05:54
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