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Yo-Kai Watch Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Yo-Kai Watch on the 3DS!

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Welcome to the world of Yo-Kai Watch!

One summer day in the town of Springdale, a painfully average boy, Nate, sets out to collect insects for a school science project. Instead of bugs, though, Nate finds a loud-mouthed Yo-kai named Whisper locked inside a Crank-a-kai machine! He gives Nate a Yo-kai Watch, a device that lets humans see the normally invisible Yo-kai. Nate uses the watch to investigate mysteries around town, convincing Yo-kai to give up their hi-jinks and instead use their powers for good.

Yo-Kai are spirit-like entities that cause everyday hi-jinks for humans. They are not spirits themselves, however. They are not ghosts. They are simply...Yo-Kai. If you're feeling overly sleepy one morning, or can't seem to feel full no matter how much you eat, or just feel agitated for no real apparent reason...there may be a Yo-Kai at work, toying with your emotions! But they are invisible to humans. Only people with the Yo-Kai Watch device can look past the veil of our reality and see the mischievous Yo-Kai at work.

Anyone that enjoys games about exploration, collection, and battling. This is an obvious go-to game for those that enjoy Pokémon, though thankfully this game doesn't feature nearly as many Yo-Kai as there are pocket monsters. It's much easier to "Catch 'em All" in this than any other PKMN game. RPG players should definitely pick this up. And thankfully this is a game that is suitable for all ages! So get out there, and befriend some Yo-Kai!

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Posted: 11/28/15, 19:37:27  - Edited by 
 on: 11/28/15, 19:54:21
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So. Yeah. Yo-Kai Watch has FINALLY hit our shores, and things seem to be going pretty well for the franchise. It was a mega-hit in Japan, and seems to be gaining some traction here in the West. Disney has been broadcasting the show, the toys are available in shops, and of course, the game is now available on Nintendo 3DS!

I've only played a bit of it, myself so far. My kids both have their own copies of the game, and they seem to enjoy it quite a bit. I gotta say, if there's one thing Level-5 does really well in just about any project they take on, it's presentation. The graphics in this game are really well done. Not *quite* Ni No Kuni-level stuff, but still very impressive on the 3DS screen. Bright colors, fluid animation, and a surprising amount of detail.

The game controls well, too. Not too difficult a thing for a game such as this, but everything works about as you might expect, and Level-5 even put in some non-invasive touch-screen controls too to spice things up.

Has anyone else played this? At all? Because I have a question regarding Terror Time.
Posted: 11/28/15, 19:59:52
I tried the demo, and the game seemed all right, though the battle system didn't feel very involving. I s'pose it may be more about putting together and managing teams, and there could also be more to it that wasn't introduced in the demo. Probably not a good game that demos well in such short time. I'll probably still pick it up at some point, but I'm certainly in no hurry to grab yet another RPG, especially with Xenoblade X just around the corner. No time for all these!
Posted: 11/28/15, 21:42:08
@Mop it up

Yeah, I have a feeling that next year will be even tougher for RPG fans to keep up. 2016 is the Year of the 3DS RPG.

As for Yo-Kai Watch's battle system...yeah, there is a bit more to it than what the demo shows. There are more "Inspiriting" moves, and different ways of Purification. Fusing the Yo-Kai can affect battle as well. And the game even takes (another) page from Pokémon by having certain "Types" of Yo-Kai have a greater strength (or weakness) against other Yo-Kai. Unfortunately it's not quite as simple as "WATER beats FIRE" - the different kind of Yo-Kai are kind of nebulous in description. "Charming." "Tough." "Eerie." Stuff like that. Is Charming Type strong or weak against Tough Type? Is Eerie better than either? Who knows from the description. Takes some learning. Which, depending on one's interest in the game, is either a good or bad thing.

Placing your Yo-Kai in particular parts of your Yo-Kai Watch device will also affect battle. If you place two or more of the same Type next to each other, bonuses and boosts are granted to your team. It's sort of like putting two of your soldiers together to fight side-by-side in Fire Emblem. Kinda.

More interestingly, the game also has a "Pin" system, which is also briefly covered in the demo, but not really expanded upon. Basically, you can place a "Pin" on a Yo-Kai you are fighting, or even a specific place on the Yo-Kai you are fighting, and your team will focus their attacks on that point. This actually becomes something important, as (at least to the point where I am) there is a boss that has a very specific weak point on his body, but only by attacking certain other parts of his body will he reveal it. So you have to focus attacks on one part of him, then quickly turn around and target the weak point to actually damage him. I like it, as it adds a bit more action and strategy to the battles rather than just picking an attack and mashing 'A' over and over.

Anyway, you basically had it right. This kind of game doesn't really demo all that well. It almost reminds me of the Monster Hunter demos I've tried before. They do a really, really poor job of explaining the entire game. But yeah, not a game that demos well in such a short time. There's much more below the surface!
Posted: 11/29/15, 18:08:15
Hmm. I suppose I'm the only one experiencing this?

Maybe this game hits a little too close to Pokémon for this group, and is being skipped because of that. Not sure. Maybe this launched too close to Xenoblade Chronicles X.
Posted: 12/05/15, 00:14:42
I was playing it and really enjoying it but X just dropped and I feel that my 3DS will be neglected for a bit. The combat system really warmed on me from my initial impressions of it from the demo. The world is beautiful and enjoyable to traverse. I will be getting back to it hopefully by the New Year.
Posted: 12/06/15, 02:16:36
I played the demo, but didn't find myself getting into it much. It felt like Pokemon without my favorite Pokemon, ha ha. In fact, maybe I'll go restart Pokemon X, since I never beat it...
Posted: 12/06/15, 05:57:37
This may fall on deaf ears, since it seems no one on this site is playing this game...but just in case! When you get to the boss named "Tarantutor" - just be sure you're ready. He's no joke. Make sure your Yo-Kai are properly leveled. My team was all at Level 25 or above, and I *struggled* with this boss. For an easier encounter, I'd recommend grinding a bit and get your team at Level 30 or so. At least.

And stock up on Candy Apples. You'll need 'em.
Posted: 12/16/15, 16:41:18
After getting your Yo-Kai Watch up to level 3, things start to open up. The pinnacle peak uh...meadow, I think it was? Really peaceful area.

Currently working on getting some higher rated Yo-Kai to join my supernatural entourage. Most of them are rated C or so. I'd like to get some Rank B and Rank A ones, but they are harder to come by.

The legendary Rank S ones seem so unobtainable at the moment...
Posted: 12/30/15, 04:20:42
This was purchased today and I am already placing it in my top ten best soundtracks in a game ever.

Seems like Yo-kai Watch is not a big game on negativeworld, but hopefully I can talk about this game with at least grant...I have so many questions and so much excitement after my first two hours.
Posted: 01/17/16, 03:08:33  - Edited by 
 on: 01/17/16, 03:09:47
I really liked the demo, seems like a charming high quality game, I just don't have time for a new game right now, still playing Steamworld Heist on 3DS and me Wii U/PS4 backlogs are getting pretty out of control.
Posted: 01/17/16, 03:15:08
I was always interested in this game and I think what finally made me purchase it was watching giantbomb.com's quick look on it. The music was just perfect as was the style of the game. I just spend several months playing uninspiring ps4/xbox one games as well as glitchy messes that are seen as the most popular games of the year. It is nice to go back to something that is just a completely solid product with stellar gameplay, good setting, and overall great quality.
Posted: 01/17/16, 03:47:09

Indeed! It's a solid game. I really dig it.

James Jones from Radio Free Nintendo named it as his favorite game of the past year. (I think? It was in his Top 5 for sure) It's just a super-charming experience and a welcome change of pace from Pokémon - while also not REPLACING Pikachu and the gang.

Level-5 does good work. I hope we get the sequels localized here too!
Posted: 01/18/16, 04:58:25
@GameDadGrant The battles get pretty hectic and it is a blast to play. I have some issues with the UI of the game; I think the sidequests take up too much time because of there being no quest marker and the game being obtuse with the way it makes you find things. There are no icons on the map to show me the back alley entrances I already discovered and what there names are and etc.,

I think if they made the game more user friendly it would be way more enjoyable; however, I put ten hours into the game this weekend and I am having a great time with it.
Posted: 01/19/16, 00:09:00
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