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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
7.7/10 from 2 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on the Wii U!

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The first original Fatal Frame game to be released outside of Japan since the PS2.

Have you played any of the other ones? The original 3 on the PS2 have some of the heaviest horror atmosphere I've ever played. Even when you are just wandering around the sense of dread you feel is amazing. Having not really seen much gameplay footage of this I can't say for sure if it will be as tense but I sure hope so.

I always wondered why Nintendo bought into the franchise rights of this series. Seems a pretty weird thing. I mean getting an exclusive horror franchise (that is still pretty solidly horror) is cool and all but for awhile there they seemed fairly happy to let it languish in Japan.

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Posted: 10/09/15, 07:59:52  - Edited by 
 on: 10/09/15, 08:06:54
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Played the first four over the past couple years. Great games, I like 'em a lot. Getting this one when it comes out for sure.
Posted: 10/09/15, 14:02:17
I preordered the limited edition version a while back (even though I'm not a big fan of preorders or limited editions), and the wait is unbearable. Project Zero 2 Wii Edition scared the crap out of me in the best possible way, and even watching the first half hour of the new game on Youtube gets to me pretty good. This is my most wanted game of the year, easily.

Alright, back to not visiting this thread to avoid spoilage.
Posted: 10/09/15, 16:39:43
chrisbg99 said:
The first original Fatal Frame game to be released outside of Japan since the PS2.

Hey now...

okay fine, this is mostly just a spin-off, but it can still count. kinda.


I'm actually thinking about downloading this when it comes out, just because. Well, really for two reasons:

1.) To have something fairly compelling to play on my Wii U.

2.) Show support for this game in the hopes that more games from the franchise get localized.

The game becomes available right around Halloween, so it seems as if it will be at least seasonally-appropriate to play.
Posted: 10/09/15, 23:34:17
I heard the file size for this is massive--like, 15 GB of free space required to download. Am I just out of luck if I have no hard drive and a pretty healthy digital collection?
Posted: 10/10/15, 04:35:15

Judging by the game page on the eShop it is more like 10 gigs. I just bought a larger flash drive. I'd prefer to have it on disc but what can you do? The fact that NoA brought it over is almost a big enough surprise.

Anyways I've avoided spoilers as well though I have seen some the alternate costumes that you can unlock. Nothing says ghost hunting and the occult like sexy lingerie.

You think Team Ninja had some influence on this game besides the use of the game engine?
Posted: 10/10/15, 05:49:43  - Edited by 
 on: 10/10/15, 05:58:20

Probably yes. I think you can delete some games or apps to make space, then download Fatal Frame onto the Wii U hard drive. You'll just have to delete Fatal Frame and re-download your digital purchases if you want to play/use team again. It's like clearing out the fridge and rotating the contents around! A fun little mini-game Nintendo has created just for you!

I cheated and just used a 2TB external hard drive so I wouldn't have to worry about space. I hate messing around with the fridge.


That's what I wear when ghost hunting. Doesn't everyone?
Posted: 10/10/15, 20:11:50
Haha, a fun little mini-game. I can clear out some demos, but that whole "delete and download later" silliness that plagued the Wii was a massive pain and I really don't feel like doing all that again this gen.

Something about the horror genre often overlaps with the "sexy lady" approach. Not sure what it is. That said, there's been talk of possible censorship of the underwear costume because NOA apparently censored the same content out of other recent Fatal Frame titles.
Posted: 10/10/15, 20:29:59

I sure hope not. I love little, albeit arguably dumb, touches like that. And c'mon it is an M-rated game.
Posted: 10/11/15, 05:34:10

Yeah, kinda weird that violence and scares are less censored than sexuality stuff (and she's not even naked or anything). That said, that little butt-crack bit they have there is a really weird turn-off. It reminds me way too much of plumbers (and not the happy, Goomba-stomping type)...
Posted: 10/11/15, 08:06:47

Don't like a little bit of lady butt cleavage?
Posted: 10/11/15, 15:17:57
chrisbg99 said:
Don't like a little bit of lady butt cleavage?

Quote of the thread so far. And candidate for Negative World's Best Quote of the Year award.
Posted: 10/11/15, 15:47:49
TriforceBun said:
Yeah, kinda weird that violence and scares are less censored than sexuality stuff (and she's not even naked or anything).

Is that weird? This is America! The land of freaking armed protest rallies!
Posted: 10/11/15, 17:34:03
Played through the trial before work. Good stuff. Got the full game downloading right now. Will play more when I get home. Thankfully you can use the stick to move the camera as well as use the gamepad. Unfortunately my set up is rather cramped overall.
Posted: 10/22/15, 22:42:07
I plan to download this and give it a spin tonight. At least the free trial part...never played a Fatal Frame game, so I'm on the fence. I think the free trial is brilliant. If I dig it, I'll buy it.
Posted: 10/22/15, 22:56:53

Is the free trial the full 15 gigs or whatever? I can't fit that business on my Wii U! If it's less, though, I'd like to give it a shot.
Posted: 10/22/15, 23:07:57

Nope. I downloaded the "rest of the game" DLC and that portion was about 11 gigs, so I'm guessing the trial is only 3 or 4. Had to delete a few games/demos to fit it all on.
Posted: 10/23/15, 00:35:10  - Edited by 
 on: 10/23/15, 00:35:20
Phht, storage space issues? What's this you speak of? I have close to half a terrabyte free, and all of my Wii U purchases are digital (except Nintendo Land)!
Posted: 10/23/15, 00:59:17
I'm not sure the "free to start" is going to lure a lot of people in, because the first hour or so of the game is pretty unflattering. A really bad "escape sequence" followed by lots of tutorial-izing. There's one part where there's a locked door at the end of a hallway, and you find out there's a key to that door in a room at the other end of the hallway. Then when you go in that room and get the key, the map pops up and very clearly highlights the fact that the key you just picked up opens the door that is located right down the hall. Because that wasn't already apparent...ugh, stop treating me like I'm a complete idiot. Pretty embarrassing moment, and I'm hoping the hand-holding doesn't extend too far beyond the first episode.

The controls also are going to take some getting used to. The camera stick control is slooooooooooooooow. There's lag after moving the stick before the camera starts to move, and the sensitivity settings don't help (they only seem to effect whether there's any camera movement after releasing the stick). I'm also going to need some practice with the game pad motion controls. It's super important to lift the game pad up first before entering photo mode (otherwise you'll always end up aiming at the ceiling), but that's not my natural instinct when I see a ghost...yet.

I'm just not sure the Game Pad as a camera is functionally more intuitive than just pointing the Wii-mote at what you want to snap a photo of. I thought this was a missed opportunity in Fatal Frame 4 as well (it used the Wii-mote but its tilt function rather than IR). I'm also not sure about the changes they've made to the Shutter Chance...the "spirit orbs" or whatever just seem to add clutter when in camera mode. This is stuff I'll have a better grasp of after a few more hours, but my first impressions are a bit iffy.
Posted: 10/23/15, 05:53:20
For those keeping track:

Miku = Protagonist of FF1, supporting character in FF3.
Mio = Protagonist of FF2.
Mayu = Mio's sister, supporting character in FF2.
Miu = Miku's daughter, supporting character in FF5.

Remind me of this at every possible opportunity, just in case I get confused for some reason.
Posted: 10/26/15, 02:50:00
I liked what I played (I finished the free stuff) but I can't afford to buy the rest of it yet. Probably will have to wait until Christmas.
Posted: 10/28/15, 17:03:19
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