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Shapes of Gray Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Shapes of Gray on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Anyone else playing this?

I just played through the first quest. Difficult enough that I died a fair amount of times, but I kept feeling like I *almost* had it and pushed through.

Second quest seems a lot more challenging...

Arcade mode seems pretty neat too. A lot of this stuff is new since I played the work-in-progress awhile back.

Yeah I made the music for the game, COLLUSIONNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

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Posted: 05/22/15, 04:08:35  - Edited by 
 on: 05/22/15, 04:10:18
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Just started it myself. Didn't quite make it through the first quest before food arrived, so I took a break. I'll get back to it later. Yeah, I died more than a few times. I so easily can get sloppy in these twin stick games.
Posted: 05/22/15, 04:17:02
Phew. I made it through the first section and quite enjoyed what I've experienced so far. I dabbled in some further stuff, but not enough to form a solid opinion of those sections.

Aside from the occasional stutter causing some damage (boo), the game is fun, and the right kind of infuriating. I'll get a little more in-depth when I've experienced more.
Posted: 05/22/15, 08:12:28
Awesome! Picking it up today!
Posted: 05/22/15, 17:46:14
Finally made it through the first round of stages. Tough, but fair. The length of the slash really forces you to be careful. I ended up trying to sideswipe all the enemies. The arcade mode seemed pretty cool. I definitely see myself chasing some high scores there. Oh, and the music is super rad as well!
Posted: 05/23/15, 02:23:14
How much?
Posted: 05/23/15, 02:24:46
Posted: 05/23/15, 03:15:03
Thanks for the game, Trent. It's fun! I particularly like the faux burn-in effect when the guys blow up.

Also, I'm sure that's supposed to be a sword, but since these characters are stylized and symbolic, I've been assuming I'm playing as Bo Jackson beating down shape monsters with a baseball bat.
Posted: 05/23/15, 06:49:05
It's pretty fun!

So in arcade mode, what's that ball that's attracted to you supposed to do? It explodes on you but doesn't hurt you. Are we supposed to bounce it on enemies, killing them? For extra points or something?
Posted: 05/23/15, 07:09:38
Glad you guys are all liking the game! Thanks for picking it up. Keep posting any impressions you have about it, positive or negative, I want to read them!


At the end of each level, your Remaining Seconds * 100 * Number of Coins is added onto your score. Every time you hit that unkillable enemy, you get one coin, so you want to juggle it for as long as possible to farm coins from it. Doing so while playing through the levels at the same time is super tough! Otherwise, you can still grab the coins that are lying around the arena.
Posted: 05/23/15, 09:37:42
Hey Secret_Tunnel! I'm a crummy buddy and didn't get around to downloading it until today. Went in blind!

All in all, nice work! I was compelled enough to blast through the initial 49 stages in one sitting, although it was quite the challenge at times. The game looks simple but clean, and the style and viewpoint make me feel like I'm looking through a microscope, beating down paramecia! Good hit detection and solid arcadey gameplay, although I think I would've liked a bit more "damage invincibility" if that makes sense. Sometimes my life would crumble before my very eyes if I bounced around enemies too fast.

All the Zelda references are good fun, too, from the Lorule Triforce to the Manhandla boss to the familiar final battle. And some of the enemies (like the one with the weak spot on the back, or the hopping foes in quest 2) remind me of NES Zelda as well. Zero's funky electronic beats keep things feeling intense and surreal.

Looking forward to trying out the later levels next!
Posted: 01/29/16, 22:09:57
I forgot to post about it, but I also downloaded your game a month or two ago. It's fun! A very tight and efficient little game. I finished a bit more than half of it (although that's apparently not the whole thing?). I'll probably polish it off soon.

(I liked the music, too.)
Posted: 02/06/16, 05:52:50

Thanks guys, really glad you're enjoying the game! Hearing people's thoughts on it is still fun months later.
Posted: 02/06/16, 07:25:10
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