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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.39/10 from 16 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the Wii U!

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.0)  by  

Time for adventure!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker releases in just a couple of days! Reviews are flowing in. For the moment I'll quote Zero until I can flesh this information out later today or tomorrow.

Zero said:
Review embargo must have lifted, tons of reviews pouring in

Mostly in the 7-9 range. Averaging an 80% exactly between 16 reviews right now. About what I expected. Should be fun.

I think it's about dang time for Toad to get his own game and deeper personality. Captain Toad is so ridiculously adorable that I think he needs his own amiibo too. Sounds like there are a lot of stages to be had with a lot of uniqueness.

I look forward to sharing tips, strategies, thoughts, and scores(?) come Friday the 5th.

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Posted: 12/01/14, 19:41:27  - Edited by 
 on: 12/01/14, 19:49:28
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Aww, I was just about to make this thread!

After playing the demo at Best Buy, my wife and I need this game.
The addition of turnips to defeat enemies, and the little details added to the levels, such as a group of lazing Toads, really add to the feel of the game.

I think it was the moment in the first stage, when you can meet up with the other Toads and fall asleep under a tree (by pressing the action button) that sold it on me. Silly, I know, but it's just so darned cute.

I was luke-warm on the Captain Toad stages in SM3DW, but these feel "better" somehow.
Posted: 12/01/14, 20:24:32
I will be getting this in the near future, but probably not until 2015. Too many games, too little time, until then.
Posted: 12/01/14, 20:57:33
The amount of people calling this Toad's first game really goes to show how nobody knows about Wario's Woods. Which is a bit of a shame, as that's still one of my fave puzzle games.
Posted: 12/01/14, 21:35:40
@Mop it up

I know all about Wario's Woods. It's not the first game Toad headlined, this is. Toad was a playable character in a single-screen puzzler. I like those games but when others like myself say that phrase we mean it in terms of doing more than what Toad does in Wario's Woods.
Posted: 12/02/14, 00:00:56
@DrFinkelstein Nice cover, but that isn't what people mean in my experience. They really didn't know or forgot about it when I mention it!
Posted: 12/02/14, 00:06:42
Game is out on my bday! One of my brothers will probably treat me to it, but it being a cheaper game I may opt for it on my own :)

I expect a really good game. Saw the Best Buy demo and it looked great.
Posted: 12/02/14, 00:10:25
The last game on my must have list for the season. Can't wait to play it.
Posted: 12/02/14, 03:31:02
I know I could take like 20 seconds and search this on Google but... is this game co-op?!
Posted: 12/02/14, 03:47:25
From what I've seen of the game, it doesn't have co-op... At least, traditionally.

Taking turns and figuring out the puzzles together will probably be quite fun, however. Trish and I enjoyed what we played at Best Buy.
Posted: 12/02/14, 05:03:21
@Mop it up

Well then I'm the only one! One is the loneliest number...

If people forget Wario's Woods then that's disappointing. It was my favorite title you could get in Animal Crossing and I've enjoyed it quite a bit.


No idea man. Not sure if anyone but reviewers know right now and I haven't read enough reviews to learn this or not.


Ohhhh yeah! Agreed.
Posted: 12/02/14, 05:08:24
10 Stages in and 1 bonus stage beat. This game is so fun.
Posted: 12/06/14, 04:11:36
I want this game .

I am being punished for my New 3DS hubris.
Posted: 12/06/14, 04:23:05
My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I rattled this off.

She gave me a look like I'd asked for Mein Kampf.
Posted: 12/06/14, 04:30:42
Mine didn't show in the mail today. Sigh.
I have to wait till Monday I suppose.

Posted: 12/06/14, 07:00:22

Mine came in yesterday but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. I am surprising my girlfriend by shipping it to her place but FedEx/Amazon kind of suck shrooms when it comes to delivering to her. I don't understand it. I hope she gets it today.
Posted: 12/06/14, 14:52:46

Future Shop or Best Buy, I presume? I have an order placed with both stores (Best Buy originally during E3 then Future Shop during a $10 off sale a couple weeks ago). Both stores shipped the game yesterday, which is weird because I usually have good luck getting games on release day from them. Oh well, I can wait a couple more days, and there's always a chance that Canada Post will deliver the game today or tomorrow now that they're doing weekend deliveries during the Christmas season.
Posted: 12/06/14, 16:04:26
This does seem like a good game to "play" together, even though only one person is controlling the character at a time.

I actually ordered 10 games during their E3 deal and, 4/5 of the time I receive the game on release. Smash came on its release day, and that was the most important.

Aside from Toad (which I also ordered during the $10 off dealy), the only games that didn't show on time were A Link Between Worlds and Mario 3D World, which both released on the same day.
Posted: 12/06/14, 16:11:47

Heh, I got A Link Between Worlds from Future Shop on release day, but Mario 3D World came on Monday. Those idiots shipped the games separately!

(sorry for getting off topic...)
Posted: 12/06/14, 16:18:18

I should clarify that there's two copies here. I try to discourage us buying the same games or me buying her a game I own because well, when we move in together there's going to be a lot of redundancy then, but Toad is her all-time favorite character so I had to surprise her with it. She can't use funds on it herself right now. So I have my copy less than 6 inches from my fingertips but hers is on a FedEx truck somewhere. Luckily the tracking finally updated and I'm seeing it's out for delivery. She'll get it today. Very excited.
Posted: 12/06/14, 17:13:04
Beat the first episode. And learned there is a time trial mode. I'll wait until after I beat the entire game for that.
Posted: 12/06/14, 17:27:53
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