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Super Princess Peach Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
7.97/10 from 13 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Princess Peach on the DS!

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GameFly gave me a free month of video game rentals, and while browsing the DS section for Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks, I happened upon this game. I knew I had to have it. It is in my DS right now, and I am going to play it in the near future. Screw Zelda, that series is so bad I bet it did poorly in the Negative World March Madness. I'll go check the results thread later.

So yeah, I'm about to get emotional. And oddities like this game are usually the ones that engender strong feelings in those who played it. So let's talk it out.

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Posted: 05/02/14, 00:38:29  - Edited by 
 on: 05/02/14, 00:48:01
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My cousin has this game, I played through his copy. It's fairly simple, but good fun, and a step above quite a few DS platformers, actually. In fact, I could see people making the case that it's more memorable than NSMB and YIDS. Playing as Peach is a nice change of pace, and there's good post-game content, even if the game as a whole is pretty easy.

I'd buy it myself, but it's still pretty pricey everywhere. I think it's somewhat of a rare game.
Posted: 05/02/14, 00:57:01
Really? I got it out of a bin for Nikki a year or so ago at Toys R Us. Maybe it was more than a year. Or so.

Do you want me to check my local store? Their stuff doesn't seem to change too often...
Posted: 05/02/14, 01:02:03

Hmm maybe if it's cheap, the cheapest I can find it on eBay with the box and all is for around 20+ dollars (which is one guy, and actually quite a bit cheaper than I usually find it). I'm trying to hold off on buying too much right now with MK8 (and free TWW) around the corner but it's one of those "one day I'll get it" games for me.
Posted: 05/02/14, 01:07:52

Sooo, what is the "yeah, dude, pick it up!" price? 20 or less?

To add something to the conversation, I think Nikki enjoyed it. I didn't get to play it.
I always thought that playing as Peach in Paper Mario was fun, even if she wasn't doing much.
Posted: 05/02/14, 01:25:42

15 is probably the max I can go right now if you see it, considering I didn't jump on the eBay deal just now. Thanks either way!
Posted: 05/02/14, 01:52:29  - Edited by 
 on: 05/02/14, 01:52:37

I'll make a pit stop sometime in the next week or so. Don't hold your breath though -- I'm at work now!
Posted: 05/02/14, 01:58:07
I think it's a good, solid effort. I do think the emotion powers has unfortunate connotations, but I don't think it ruins the game. Not a must-have game, but a worthwhile one.
Posted: 05/02/14, 01:58:54
I find the whole 'emotion' mechanic to be kind of hilarious. Oh, Nintendo!

Anyway, I didn't mind Super Princess Peach. One of Tose's finest, perhaps? But I'm glad that I read some review which advised players to NOT buy health power-ups. I took that advice, and it raised the stakes a bit. Not too much, but...

It's one of the few games that I 100%'d, as well. I dunno why. Daily commute, I guess. Same reason I 100%'d Nightmare in Dreamland.

Speaking of rare games and Kirby, Return To Dreamland is really rare now, I guess. It makes sense, since it's one of the best kids' games ever.
Posted: 05/02/14, 03:34:12
Played through the first few worlds. It's fun seeing so many callbacks to earlier Mario games (especially Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island) in a bright new visual style.

You can tell this is one of those early DS games where they really wanted to push the touchscreen and other features. Yell into the microphone to make Toad jump! Play these stylus minigames before boss battles! Watch Peach's emotions on the bottom screen! Some of it works, some of it feels very forced.

But yeah, so far it's a pretty good little puzzle/platformer made with beginners in mind (I assume).
Posted: 05/02/14, 06:21:17
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