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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.29/10 from 26 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U!

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Just picked this up at the store, going to probably get started tonight. Anyone else getting this today?

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Posted: 02/21/14, 19:42:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/14, 19:46:07
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Hell yeah! Steph and I have been talking about it all week.
Posted: 02/21/14, 19:47:09
Played about three levels co-op this morning. It's my first time really trying to play a DKCR game co-op, and it's really hard! We're still trying to figure out the controls, so cooperating to get certain secrets is hard! We kept missing two puzzle pieces in every level we played. Frustrating!

Speaking of the controls… they kind of suck. I was playing with the Wii U Pro controller and using the D-pad, and it really wasn't comfortable. I'll try to switch to the stick and see if that helps, but using the d-pad, holding Y to run, and using RZ to roll was confusing. Then when you're underwater, suddenly B is what you use to go faster.

Hell, I might just switch back to a Wiimote+nunchuk combo. Shake-to-roll was preferable to having to use too many buttons.

On the positive side, the enemies are cute and funny as hell. We're really enjoying it, even though we suck.
Posted: 02/21/14, 19:57:02
I so want this!!

I convinced myself to make this be a game I hold for so I can finish Xenoblade, Luigi's Mansion 2, Pokemon X, play The Last Story, etc etc the backlog. On the podcast recording last night, Grant and Joe kept egging me to cave and... I totally have the money but I was going to try and save my money where I could... I need strength... Because that damn Nintendo Direct trailer was incredible.
Posted: 02/21/14, 20:02:38

You should totally buy this game.
Posted: 02/21/14, 20:04:14

I'm wondering myself what control method to use. I usually prefer the d-pad for 2D games, but for some reason DKCR just felt a lot better with the Nunchuk and Remote. I guess I'll try the Pro controller first, and if I don't like it I can always switch back to the Nunchuk and Remote setup.
Posted: 02/21/14, 20:05:56

Yeah, I remember feeling fine with the stick in DKCR, yet I chose the option for D-pad when I tried Tropical Freeze this morning, because it was there. But maybe simply switching to the stick on the Wii U Pro will solve my problems. And if not, remote and nunchuk it is.
Posted: 02/21/14, 20:10:39
It basically sounds like the homebrew solution to the waggle in DKCR. I wonder why they don't just make roll and run the same button? I guess it's because rolling in DKCR worked differently than the rolling in the original games.
Posted: 02/21/14, 21:03:24
Apparently, when playing with the stick, use hold Y to roll and run. Sounds much better.
Posted: 02/21/14, 21:09:30  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/14, 21:10:03
Downloaded last night, hopefully get to it this weekend. Going to use Pro Controller more than likely.
Posted: 02/21/14, 21:30:41
Going to pick it up, but I have to help my brother move before playing... ah well. It will be more of a reward that way.

Definitely rocking the Pro controller!
Posted: 02/21/14, 22:04:22
I've been using the left stick and you just use y to run/go faster under water. Pretty much, in almost every review they state the game really isn't meant for co-op gameplay, the difficulty level is just too high. People mentioned starting out playing co-op and just ended up playing single player. Esp. if the second person is not nearly as an advanced player. The game is like 10x's harder than SM3DW, and its harder than DKCR, esp. if you don't use Funky's cheat items,which you can buy with coins you collect. Retro should have just left out the co-op gameplay, even with two skilled players, its just too damn hard, couple that with, for certain KONG letter and puzzle pieces, you will need the special ability of either, Diddy, Dixie or Cranky(whose pogo move is tough to pull off consecutively). I've gotten pretty good at controlling Cranky's pogo move, but sometimes I'm not quick enough pressing the A button at the right moment.

I've been using the gamepad, hell thats what I use for all my games. I have a pro controller, but the thing is still in the box. Hell, I probably just should take the pro controller back or exchange it, cause I'll probably never end up using it.

Just gotta say, this game looks beautiful!!! SO MUCH DETAIL!!! So much in fact, at times I end up losing sight of my characters, & its tough to figure out where to go, on the fly, at times. Don't get me wrong, I love all the details, but sometimes less is better. The dynamic camera, while just eye candy, is cool as hell!

Buy this game now!!! I've actually already came across a couple people who don't own Wii Us yet, but now they do cause of Tropical Freeze. So we should see a little bump in Wii U consoles sold thru Feb and March.

Only thing I'm a little bummed out about, is there are only six main worlds. What the hell, Retro. I mean its been almost four years since DKCR was released. Though, before I or anyone else gets too upset over this, the levels are really long, much longer than those in DKCR. Many levels, can't remember, but maybe all I've played, have had two checkpoints, and its seems a few had three checkpoints. So thats a big plus. Also, I'm not going to judge the length until I've unlocked all the hidden stages, ect. Though, I will have to admit, I doubt this game ends up being bigger than SMW3D. Since the game only costs $49.99, I guess one really shouldn't gripe about the amount of worlds.

With all that being said, since the game's difficulty is so high, esp just in the first world's levels, I guess I probably wouldn't want to take on a game as large as SMW3D. I was actually surprised at how long it took me to make it through the first world. Heck, I never even got all the KONG letters or puzzle pieces. Just to clarify, one doesn't need all the puzzle pieces to 100% the game, they only unlock artwork, ect. The KONG letters is what you definitely need.

One last thing, for those who are interested in knowing, I downloaded the game last night. The game takes up 11gb of space and total time for downloading and installing was a little over 2 hours for me. I have the 'blast' internet speed thru Comcast, which isn't the fastest, but its up there at 50 Mbps. That should give you an idea how long it will take you to download the game, if you know the speed of your internet service. Also, when downloading I was streaming some shows I watch, so the download would have been faster, but I didn't feel like just sitting there waiting.
Posted: 02/22/14, 00:20:34  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/14, 00:34:10
Picking up after work with bro. Cant wait.

Both leaving work an hour and a bit early.
Posted: 02/22/14, 00:47:30
I need to experiment with the controls. Nothing feels quite right to me.

Also, it's pretty sad that there is NOTHING at all on the gamepad's screen while you play. What the heck? Not even a logo.
Posted: 02/22/14, 01:48:54

I was messing around with the different control options with the Pro controller. I think I've settled on using the analog stick to move Donkey Kong, X/Y for the roll move (and ground pound) and RZ/LZ for grabbing. With this control setup, it's very much like using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk on DKCR, but without the motion controls. I do kind of miss using the motion controls for the ground pound move, though, so I might switch to the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.
Posted: 02/22/14, 02:05:29
Anyone try out the time trials? Do you just start it out with no character or does it start it with whoever you currently have? I just hope that with Cranky Kong being able to travel through spikes and such that you don't have to run back to previous levels every single time you die to get him again just so you can achieve a better time.

EDIT: Oh it seems that you can choose who you start with at the beginning of a level. Nice!
Posted: 02/22/14, 02:08:58  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/14, 02:19:21
I will download this as soon as I get a new wireless router. Mine crapped out on me.
Posted: 02/22/14, 02:23:46
Played through the first five levels and it's just as amazing as I expected. I'm playing with the wii remote and nunchuck, because I never had an issue with DKC Return's controls and I'm having no issues here. Ground pounding with a button just wouldn't feel right.
Posted: 02/22/14, 03:04:53  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/14, 03:07:22
Played through world 1 this afternoon and it's pretty awesome so far. The first boss wasn't particularly hard, but I was surprised it went on as long as it did. if they're all like that, I can imagine some of them taking a lot of tries to beat.
Posted: 02/22/14, 03:08:58
2-1 is when this game goes to the next level. Awesome as expected so far! I'm trying out the GamePad (with stick) this time around, but it does take a bit of getting used to.
Posted: 02/22/14, 03:58:13
I cannot believe how amazing this game is.

Holy fuck. Seriously.

I...didn't expect this.

Retro fucking Studios. An hour on the first two levels playing with bro. We are mind blown.
Posted: 02/22/14, 04:09:36  - Edited by 
 on: 02/22/14, 04:11:35
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