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Arc Rise Fantasia Discussion (Nintendo Wii) [game]
8/10 from one rating

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Arc Rise Fantasia on the Wii! To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

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Well this is pretty awful. Why do only 7 people own this awesome game?

I lost my file when my Wii took a siesta, but I fully plan on coming back, sooner than later.
Anyone else give this a whirl? If no, why the heck not?

Turn-based action with a TWIST!!

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Posted: 09/13/13, 02:28:23  - Edited by 
 on: 09/13/13, 02:29:28
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I feel real bad about not playing this more. I put about 20 hours into it when I got it before putting it aside for a few other games and then my Wii crashed on me and I haven't been able to really get back into it.
Posted: 09/13/13, 06:51:45
I had good intentions to purchase this one, but I didn't for whatever reason. If I can find it for a decent price, I may bite...I do enjoy a good RPG (even if I have too many to play right now).
Posted: 09/13/13, 15:55:06
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