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OT: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Full Trailer

This series looks incredible! This is my most anticipated show of next fall.

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Posted: 05/14/13, 23:58:43
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I'm realllllly hoping it'll be good. Glad to see Coulson back!
Posted: 05/15/13, 00:03:28
I'm into it.
Posted: 05/15/13, 00:57:40
Can't see it from here, but is there any word on if Maria Hill has been recast?

If they don't introduce her right away then we might still get Cobie Smulders after she's finishd her last season of HIMYM...
Posted: 05/15/13, 01:06:21
@plootHave they explained how he has come back from the dead?
Posted: 05/15/13, 01:12:01

Me too, but how? I've obviously missed something very important.
Posted: 05/15/13, 01:13:07
They haven't explained it yet. They'll likely just say that they faked his death to rally the Avengers. Or, at least, they THOUGHT he was dead at the time, but he wasn't really. In a world with gods and aliens and monsters, I'm sure they'll find a way to bring him back.
Posted: 05/15/13, 02:26:08
It's Joss Whedon. If there is one thing that he knows how to do well, is bringing dead people back.

Can't watch at the moment but I am really looking forward to this. Everything Whedon touches is gold, he's like King Midas.
Posted: 05/15/13, 03:00:51  - Edited by 
 on: 05/15/13, 03:02:05
I was about to say this looked really average however at the end I realized it was for a TV show and not a movie.

In which case it may very well be excellent. Firefly was an awesome show and Joss Whedon is obviously incredibly talented at creating compelling characters and throwing them into highly entertaining and sometimes thought provoking scenarios. His name alone means I'll check this out.

Speaking of Joss Whedon, is Buffy the Vampire Slayer any good? I've never watched it, primarily because the name of the show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer however I know it got good reviews and if I'm not mistaken the entire series is now on Netflix. Worth getting into?
Posted: 05/15/13, 03:34:57
Yes yes yes. While it doesn't have as much character depth as Firefly and Dollhouse, it is still an amazing show. One of my favorites. Angel is good too.
Posted: 05/15/13, 03:38:16

It's no Stargate
Posted: 05/15/13, 04:08:37
It's probably better IMO. Stargate was always scattered with it's episode quality, Buffy was more consistent.

It's been a while since I have watched either though.
Posted: 05/15/13, 04:13:37
The first season is "Monster of the week" crap, but once you get through that, you have one of my favourite shows.
There is great characterization, and the crossovers with Angel are wonderful.

I still maintain that Buffy had the BEST finale of any show I have watched.

The show goes through some ups and downs near the end, but hey, the musical episode is packed in there, along with the great finale.

Do watch, but don't judge it based on season one.
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:05:09  - Edited by 
 on: 05/15/13, 05:05:42
It looks like it could be a fun show.
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:08:11
The finale was great, but Dollhouses' was better.

Have you seen/read Buffy Season 8?
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:15:37
whenever I saw episodes I thought it was a entertaining show. That was also Ms. Carpenter in her prime
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:16:47
Joss Whedon knows how to pick the ladies.
Posted: 05/15/13, 05:54:01
I really liked Dollhouse's finale as well, but it sort of became a different show compared to its inception. Buffy trumps Echo for me.

As for Buffy Season 8, I have a couple trades. It's not too bad.
Posted: 05/15/13, 06:24:35
I prefer Echo. And it didn't become a different show, it was just able to lead up to what it was going to be.
Posted: 05/15/13, 07:18:55
@Oldmanwinter - I'm not a big Whedon fan personally. I really enjoyed Dr. Horrible, and I thought Firefly was a little better than okay (really, I thought Firefly was pretty great but with a lot of missed potential/character missteps, and not because of the cancellation), but Dollhouse bored me, and I absolutely hated Angel. As for Buffy, I feel like it's his most inconsistent series (though to be fair, I never finished Dollhouse or Angel). Some seasons are awesome, some are terrible. The first three seasons are all decently solid to great (though not without their poor quality moments), but Season 4 made me quit the show. I eventually forced myself to come back to it, and then Season 5's opening made me quit the show again. Once I forced myself back a second time, it was relatively smooth sailing throughout the remainder.

Since you seem to hold Whedon and his writing in a higher regard than I do, you'd probably really like Buffy. I prefer Buffy to Dollhouse and Angel (though most people seem to prefer Angel between it and Buffy), but it doesn't hold up to Dr. Horrible and Firefly for me. Still pretty good overall though.

On-topic: I'm looking forward to this. None of the new shows so far have totally blown me away (though Mind Games and Resurrection may have me slightly more interested as far as the new ABC shows go anyway), but this does look like one of the more interesting ones. I do hope they come up with a better story for Coulson's return than a simple "Loki's attack was never fatal, and we just pretended he died to motivate the Avengers" thing though.
Posted: 05/15/13, 10:00:19
What was wrong with Dollhouse?
Posted: 05/15/13, 10:23:21
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