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I am breaking the results into two different posts this time, handhelds and consoles. It's just too long and messy to make as one post.

Um... that is all!

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Posted: 12/29/12, 04:42:15  - Locked by 
 on: 01/08/13, 02:53:38
I can't vote KIU for #1,2,& 3?

What happens if I do? It's letting me put it in for all three slots....
Posted: 12/29/12, 05:37:33
Try it! If it works, I screwed up. It shouldn't work though. You should get a pop-up stopping you, and if you turned off JavaScript, the next page should stop you.
Posted: 12/29/12, 05:47:03  - Edited by 
 on: 12/29/12, 05:48:53

Ah, yes, there it is. Stupid rules.
Posted: 12/29/12, 06:11:51
woo. Thanks for the first voting honour Zero. Done and Done.
Posted: 12/29/12, 06:18:05
Alright, time to finally get down to it and decide once and for all. Tough!

Yeah for editors being first!
Posted: 12/29/12, 07:28:58
Is it sad that I enjoy voting in these more than actual elections?

Also, I'm wondering now if we can have more specialized categories in the future. It'd be really interesting seeing a "Best Soundtrack" in particular, and seeing, say, KIU go head-to-head with Xenoblade, etc.
Posted: 12/29/12, 07:45:46
I pushed it, pushed it good.
Posted: 12/29/12, 08:10:09
@TriforceBun I've thought about this in the past, but I wonder where it would end really? Plus it seems like the nomination process for that could be a nightmare, we don't have enough people getting involved in nominations even for GOTY and such, I can't imagine too many would nominate soundtracks.

Still, maybe... someday.
Posted: 12/29/12, 08:49:15
Welp, looks like everyone is safe from the Dark Knight this year. Booooooooooooooooo..
Posted: 12/29/12, 10:05:59
That would be awesome.

Voting done.
Posted: 12/29/12, 13:29:42
I always feel a little weird voting in these since I play so few new games each year. Like, if I've only played one new 3DS game in 2012 it'll be my number 1 vote by default, which is a little unfair to the other games on the list. But on the other hand, by this point in my life I know what type of games I like, so even if I've never played ZombiU I know that it's not my kind of game, and if I had played it it would most likely not be my top Wii U game of the year.
Posted: 12/29/12, 14:36:23
I just did what I could. I haven't played a lot of 'new' games this year.
Posted: 12/29/12, 15:22:46
@canonj I guess I played a ton of games when it comes down to it.

I did skip voting in the handheld VC category, since I have only played like two? games there, and one was years ago, and neither particularly did a lot for me.

And anyone can vote for "most wanted", as you don't have to have played the games!
Posted: 12/29/12, 17:19:48
Hmm... honestly about half of the categories have clear leads right now (but those could change), and the other half are very, very close... including one tie.

A few things are going much differently than I expected, too...

Posted: 12/29/12, 18:41:12
I predict Kid Icarus and Xenoblade to win their categories.
Posted: 12/29/12, 18:42:33
Good choices, all of them.
Posted: 12/29/12, 19:15:40
Posted: 12/29/12, 19:28:11
Vote submitted!
Posted: 12/29/12, 22:17:28
No Mario Party 9? BOO!
Posted: 12/29/12, 23:31:55
Posted: 12/30/12, 02:43:36
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