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Do you like using Amazon to buy games? Or anything? Want to help out Negative World?
Negative World has an Amazon shop now! I meant to set this up like... a year ago, but I have finally gotten around to it.

You can check it out in the menu under "more" or RIGHT HERE!

Here is how it works:

#1. You go to the shop as stated above
#2. You buy stuff at the same prices you would by going directly to Amazon
#3. Negative World gets a small cut

Simple enough. /EDIT It is now open to the entire Amazon site. Buy anything and everything that you want! Use the link above to get started.

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Posted: 11/05/12, 03:54:07  - Edited by 
 on: 11/08/12, 07:35:00
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Yeah, I buy games on Amazon sometimes. I'll be sure to help out our site!
Posted: 11/05/12, 04:05:24
I'm game. I will purchase something tonight.
Posted: 11/05/12, 04:07:29
You'll be hearing from me soon.
Posted: 11/05/12, 04:11:38
I might order some games after launch (depending on my money situation), I don't always shop on Amazon... I did, however, just pre-order some GamePad screen protectors
Posted: 11/05/12, 05:23:03
Yep, I prefer to go through Amazon if possible. I'll have to remember to use this next time I intend to buy a game.
Posted: 11/05/12, 14:11:20
Heh, I like the headline quote for the page.

I will have to remind myself to check this out when I want to buy a game from Amazon. Good idea, Zero.
Posted: 11/05/12, 14:46:04
That's cool dude, the next time I order a game via Amazon I will definitely do it through here!
Posted: 11/05/12, 15:15:16
So it took you this long to track down and eliminate Paleo.
Posted: 11/05/12, 15:23:33
vinniebrock said:
I don't always shop on Amazon...

Posted: 11/05/12, 15:52:11
"What're ya buyin?"

Hahahaha yes!
Posted: 11/05/12, 15:55:05
Yes and no.
Posted: 11/05/12, 15:55:36
I buy most of my games from Amazon, so I will definitely be using this.
Posted: 11/05/12, 16:06:51
@vinniebrock Oh, man! Thanks for the reminder! I haven't ordered my screen protector yet. I think I'll do that.
Posted: 11/05/12, 16:17:02
I don't buy much from Amazon anymore, but I'll use this whenever I decide to.
Posted: 11/05/12, 16:18:40
I'd like to help out but amazon.com is kind of difficult when it comes to shipping across the border. Some stuff they will do, other stuff not so much. Unfortunately in my experience games are the #1 thing they don't ship across borders.
Posted: 11/05/12, 19:26:50
Is it world-wide?
Posted: 11/05/12, 19:48:24
So, for full disclosure, apparently the Negative World cut is 4%, which is honestly higher than I'd have suspected. And apparently it increases based on items referred per month:

Although this says "general" products and I believe I read somewhere once that games can bring in a tad bit higher of a percentage.

@Cube191 Good question. I'd suspect it works however the regular Amazon.Com works. As far as I know, all this storefront really is, in the end, is an Amazon.Com app that works like Amazon.Com but passes on the information of where the sales came from as well.

Well, if any of you Canadians try this out let me know if it works as is. I'd probably need a Canadian address to sign up for the Canadian program. Hmm. Maybe could use Shirley's.
Posted: 11/05/12, 20:06:32  - Edited by 
 on: 11/05/12, 20:14:03
I can't believe that "not too long ago" Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World were both bargain bin stalwarts at Best Buy, and now BOTH of them go for $70 new. How does that happen?
Posted: 11/07/12, 01:16:34
@Mr_Mustache The same thing happened with Metroid Prime Trilogy. Why do people suddenly want these games after they go out of print? Is it just the adage of wanting what you can't have?
Posted: 11/07/12, 03:33:26
I think it is just that they get limited shipments and sell out.
Posted: 11/07/12, 03:52:34
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