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Who is your favorite Nintendo third-party (including their past and present)? [poll]
Activision (0/32 votes)
Capcom (19/32 votes)
EA (0/32 votes)
Hudson (0/32 votes)
Konami (2/32 votes)
Namco (0/32 votes)
Sega (0/32 votes)
Square Enix (7/32 votes)
Tecmo (0/32 votes)
Ubisoft (4/32 votes)

The question is simple: Which of these third-party companies is your favorite, in terms of games they have developed and/ or published for Nintendo systems from the beginning of time until today?

Since a Negative World poll is limited to ten choices, I decided to stick with (arguably) the most well known companies who have contributed significantly to the library of games on Nintendo platforms, in terms of both quality and quantity.

Some of these guys have been around since the NES days; others fell from grace (Sega) on their way to becoming Nintendo supporters. One of them no longer exists, while others have become companies certain gamers have come to loathe (in part because of their success?). (And I cheated a bit by putting Square Enix on the list instead of separating them as they were before the merger, for those who have a greater preference for one or the other).

(Note: I'm not including Rare; their main support was as a second-party/ direct partner with Nintendo.)

There are some obvious favorites of mine to choose from (including Capcom and Konami) but I'm having a hard time picking just one favorite.

What about you? Easy decision? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Posted: 10/02/12, 03:25:37  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/12, 06:43:23
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No contest.
Posted: 10/02/12, 03:29:43  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/12, 03:29:58
It'd probably be between Konami, Capcom, and Square for me.

Konami was good in the NES days (TMNT2, 3, Contra, Castlevania), and even better in the SNES days (SCastlevania 4, Contra III, Turtles in Time). Square knocked it out of the park on the SNES with Mana, Evermore, FF2, and of course the killer duo of FF3 and CT. But I'm not as crazy about either company these days, with FF on the decline (although I enjoyed Dark Lord and Theatrhythm) and Castlevania's RPG elements getting a little tiresome for me. I'm also not the biggest MGS fan, and the Turtles games are all but dried up. Silent Hill is good though.

So I voted Capcom. NES had the outstanding Mega Man classics, SNES had the MMX trilogy, but the GCN may have had their best output with REmake, Viewtiful Joe, and the incredible RE4. Even the Wii got some good stuff with Zack and Wiki (not my favorite, but it's well-liked), Okami (ditto), and Mega Man 9 (now we're talkin').
Posted: 10/02/12, 03:35:10
nate38 said:

No contest.

But if we didn't count the past I'd probably pick Ubisoft, especially now that they're awesome HD titles are coming to Wii U as well
Posted: 10/02/12, 03:49:02
I picked Squeenix for the sheer number of hours I have logged into their games. Although, my fave for the last two gens is/has been is Atlus.
Posted: 10/02/12, 03:58:54  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/12, 15:18:37
Capcom is probably second to Nintendo in terms of games I love.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:04:06
Put it this way, if Capcom came out with their own console, I'd buy it.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:10:30
Eff it, I voted Konami because Castlevania is my favorite non-Nintendo franchise, Mega Man is okay, Phoenix Wright is genius, and Resident Evil has a special place in my heart... but I just can't vote for Capcom.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:31:06

Konami a close second.

SEGA would be in the running if we weren't counting only Nintendo systems.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:40:31
This is going to sound weird, but I've probably bought more 3rd party titles from Ubisoft as I have any others, and by a significant margin, to boot. I know y'all dismiss them with Red Steel, but that's just one title out of many exceptionally fun titles they have delivered over the years.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:46:15
CAPCOM by far.

Too bad they are sort of a shell of what they used to be.

Konami and Square are probably tied for second though.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:47:13
Capcom, Capcom, Capcom. No contest. Even in their current, shell-like state, they are probably STILL my favorite third-party publisher.

Konami was in the running in the 8-bit days, but they fell waaay behind after that. And they've been falling faster ever since.

I don't care about Square.

Yeah, I've actually bought several consoles solely to play Capcom games.
Posted: 10/02/12, 04:56:42
I guess Capcom.

There was a brief period during the early Gamecube days when I thought Sega might be bringing the magic... didn't last very long.
Posted: 10/02/12, 05:01:00
@Deerock69 Ubisoft gets too much hate I think. Yeah they have some awful policies like DRM and make tons of awful cash-in games, but they still make unique hits in tons of genres. They're not high on my all-time favorites list, but they've earned a decent share of my gaming attention this gen.
Posted: 10/02/12, 05:32:21
Capcom for their past. Definitely not their present though. Especially with all their "don't hold your breath for a new Mega Man game" comments. Way to celebrate his anniversary, assholes.
Posted: 10/02/12, 05:37:08
All time, Capcom has the most games I like. That being said, they have been pretty bad this generation, maybe the most disappointing publisher.

As far as currently, Ubisoft is the best publisher on that list.
Posted: 10/02/12, 05:55:46
Capcom are the betterest-test-est.
Posted: 10/02/12, 07:11:03
Oh my gosh, what cruel punishment is this?!

I can't vote right now. Someone needs to convince me (or doesn't).

Awesome Square Enix gave me Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy pre-crap Awesome, Secret of Mana, Ogre Battles!
Capcom is Mega Man..but not much more?
Konami has some awesome games, too.. GOLLY.

Haha, I just realized I'm going pretty much TOTALLY off of my NES/SNES experiences. I don't deal with any of these companies now, really.. Like FINlos said, Atlus has been King around these parts for years. Though I guess Capcom did have Monster Hunter Tri. How could I forget..

Let me sleep on it. Baby baby, let me sleep on it. Let me sleep on it.. I'll give you an answer in the mornin'.
Posted: 10/02/12, 12:30:01

Capcom has ton of awesome stuff. Zack and Wiki? RE4? And I was about to hit you over the head with MH3 until you remembered it on your own

Of course a lot of their awesome stuff appears on handhelds...

Gotta go Capcom based purely on consistency. The others have some great games, but there's not nearly as many entries.

And let's not forget that Capcom were responsible for three solid Zelda games.
Posted: 10/02/12, 12:36:32  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/12, 12:37:00
Mine is still Square-Enix. Adding their superb SNES and PSX catalog, i think they are an amazing studio. I know they are practically non-existent on nintendo consoles now, but they are amazing on their handhelds (for now it is pretty minor on 3ds compared to ds).
Posted: 10/02/12, 15:16:36
Posted: 10/02/12, 17:13:17
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