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All 120 Stars from Super Mario 64 represented in awesome artistic montage form!
This is too cool! What a nice homage to the late, great, Super Mario 64!

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Artist, Kitsovereign's, DeviantArt page

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Posted: 07/07/12, 01:34:20  - Edited by 
 on: 07/07/12, 01:37:35
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Ha HA!
I love this. Nice style.
Posted: 07/07/12, 01:37:49
Amanda and I want it as a poster!!
Posted: 07/07/12, 01:49:45
I want this as a quilt!

I've never wanted a quilt before.
Posted: 07/07/12, 01:51:03
That is so friggin' awesome! If this found its way onto a comforter it'd never leave my bed.
Posted: 07/07/12, 02:04:03
But there were technically 121 stars!

Awesome design!
Posted: 07/07/12, 02:08:51
Amazing! The attention to detail blows my mind, makes me want to get all 120 stars yet again.
Posted: 07/07/12, 02:12:45
Wow, this thing is great! This should be the Platinum reward for Club Nintendo in any form, be it poster or quilt.
Posted: 07/07/12, 02:29:54  - Edited by 
 on: 07/07/12, 02:30:58
Awesome. I'd love a wallpaper version.
Posted: 07/09/12, 23:13:02
The artist should update it with the total 150 stars from the DS version, too.
Posted: 07/10/12, 07:05:05
@GameDadGrant Baggggh. Gotta stay old school.

In other news, Amanda and I are up to 49 stars. The most annoying so far, by a mile, has been the Pyramid Puzzle one. Where you have to get the 5 coins inside the pyramid. Blagh. The camera is just awful there.

It's interesting revisiting this game. Some parts of it are still pretty amazing. When you know what you're doing, stars can take less than a minute to get, so it's kind of addicting to just get a bunch at once. Then again, you have stupid stars where you have to find the 5 secret spots in a level, or basically just go exactly where you went before, but instead of fighting a boss, you jump on a few platforms. Or in the lava world, you have two stars that are virtually identical, except in one fight, you fight a Big Bully, and in another, you fight three small ones. The game is still quite an achievement though.
Posted: 07/10/12, 08:55:43
Oh my God that is awesome!
Posted: 07/10/12, 09:28:59
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