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Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion impressions (3DS)

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Posted: 06/08/12, 01:16:11  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/12, 05:15:16
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Hey, great to hear this. I have a soft spot for Castle of Illusion, despite some pretty obvious flaws. So it's nice to think that they could be getting this one right.

Jealous of you,
Posted: 06/08/12, 01:20:34
Then my job is done. Packing up and taking the next plane back.
Posted: 06/08/12, 01:21:58
I remember when you actually posted impressions here....

Posted: 06/08/12, 04:11:47

Too good to even spell properly for us anymore...
Posted: 06/08/12, 04:18:55  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/12, 04:19:36
I never played Epic Mickey but I hope this turns out good. I'm just a bit scared on how the combat system may evolve (I'm looking at you Monster Tale) and give it a very boring feel... and of course the backtracking.
Posted: 06/08/12, 06:59:55
Heck yeah I can't wait for this game. 3DS is gonna be getting a lot of 2D platforming love this year, with NEW Super Mario Bros. 2, Rayman Origins and Epic Mickey. Bring it on, I say! Bring it on!
Posted: 06/08/12, 07:09:28
carlosrox said:

Too good to even spell properly for us anymore...
I'm epic and Gui knows it.
Posted: 06/08/12, 07:46:03
You are pretty epic...

This game will fill the hole in my heart that the 2.5D Castlevania game left.
Posted: 06/08/12, 17:29:39  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/12, 17:35:59
Sounds good. I really need to finish the original I guess...
Posted: 06/08/12, 17:33:37
Is the slowness annoying? Mickey looks like he is running through molasses in the demos.
Posted: 06/08/12, 17:40:16

I was wondering if it was just me that noticed that. It does seem kinda slow, but no one else seems to have mentioned it. I thought my eyes were just seeing it...slower...for some reason.
Posted: 06/08/12, 19:00:19
Yeah, it's super, super-slow. Maybe because you have to paint shit and do second-screen stuff while you're playing? I wouldn't mind a super-fast unlockable character. Or just a faster Mickey.
Posted: 06/08/12, 19:16:24
I didn't notice how slow he was while I was playing. I wish I did, I would have said something about it and asked about eventual power-ups.

But look at videos of other 2D Mickey games, like Mickey Mania. He's pretty slow there as well. Maybe it's intentional.
Posted: 06/08/12, 20:12:00
I appreciate how the director of this game is a huge Disney fan and a fan of the original. After Henry Hatsworth and Monster Tale, I have faith in this developer.

Gui, does the fact that you need to pull out the stylus every so often detract from the game's pace?
Posted: 06/08/12, 21:26:42
I kind of touched on that in the impressions, a lot of it is optional. But yes, the pace does suffer a bit from it.

I kept the stylus in my hand at all times as I played, though.
Posted: 06/08/12, 21:47:17
Speed is the only thing I saw wrong with the video at E3. Everything else looked great.
Posted: 06/08/12, 22:57:57
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