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New Super Mario Bros 2 impressions

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Posted: 06/07/12, 21:18:43  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/12, 01:16:41
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...and kind of what I expected. It sounds like this is the "safe" one while the Wii U one is getting a bit more attention.
Posted: 06/07/12, 21:28:26
I'm feeling quite skeptical about this game, like the DS version, it doesn't seem to distinguish itself in any way.

With the 3D, there are some real opportunities for some clever level design, but instead they've gone for a coin collecting element which I don't find that appealing. If they don't use the 3D significantly in the level design, it will be huge missed opportunity. If this is as safe as it sounds, I'm not sure I'll be getting it. The Wii U game looks far more fun at this point.
Posted: 06/07/12, 21:45:55
Thanks for the impressions Gui, though I'm in the same boat with achhibbar...I was interested before, but I'm a little on the fence now.
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:06:42
Damn, I wasn't planning on sounding so negative.

For the record, I'm pretty damn psyched about the streetpass feature, I bet it's going to be addictive as hell. It might be a good title to always have on the 3DS, so I think I'll go for the download.
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:25:49
It doesn't come off as negative, more like "safe". Like there are no real surprises, and we should know what to expect. Is that the impression you were trying to give?
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:28:49

It wasn't negative, it was affirmation based on what I saw. I'll still probably get the digital download, but it's not a "must buy" for me at the moment.
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:29:05  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/12, 23:29:25

Yes, safe is right.
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:42:13
StreetPass features for this is kind of lame. It's the type that makes you want to compete with people so why not just include online features instead? I'd more than likely never use StreetPass for this and surely Nintendo realizes other people are in the same boat.
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:49:27
@Guillaume That's fine. I suspected as much. I'm trying to be more excited about the 3DS version but it seems like it may not be at the level of the Wii U version in which case... why exactly do I need it? I loved the Wii game but the DS game isn't really one of my favorites. I'm kind of thinking the same thing might happen with these two.

Of course, I'll buy it anyway. I mean, in the end, it's probably at least going to be good to great.
Posted: 06/07/12, 23:53:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/07/12, 23:53:53
I like the DS version all right, mostly because it worked for me on the go. One question: Are we going to have to play this thing on the 3DS's crappy, squeaky D-pad? Or is there a possible way the Circle Pad doesn't feel awful in 2D Mario?

You said the controls are better, Gui. How so?
Posted: 06/08/12, 00:00:32  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/12, 00:00:49
How is this one more safe than the WiiU version? They both seem pretty safe. And you can't even properly fly in the console game.
Posted: 06/08/12, 00:02:49
Yeah, I don't like the vibe I'm getting from this one. I don't know if the coin gimmick will be pointless extra-life fuel or tied to something worthwhile. I'm not even sure which I would prefer: if it's pointless, then it's just a marketing gimmick that won't affect the game. If it's tied to something, then I'm going to be scrounging the level for coins, and that collectathon focus is what nearly killed Rayman Origins for me.

I might have to wait on this one. At least the Wii U game looks gorgeous and interesting. I hope it has online play, though it's unlikely when the 3DS game doesn't...
Posted: 06/08/12, 00:05:06

You know what, I don't think I earned lives from collecting coins. I'm not 100% sure about that though.


The Wii U game has interesting power-ups that change the way Mario moves. The flying squirrel suit changes the way Mario controls more than you think. The Wii U game also has new enemies. The NSMB2 demo has neither of those things.


Mario feels a tad more agile in NSMBU than in NSMB2. It's hard to describe. His weight and inertia are slightly different.

Don't worry about the circle pad, that's what I used and it felt just fine. Maybe a couple of times I slid down slopes when I didn't mean to, however.
Posted: 06/08/12, 00:25:00
I like NSMB more than SM3L, so I'll take more and the fact that it has online means I'll play it both ways at least once.
Posted: 06/08/12, 00:40:51
The way it seems is: NSMB2=SMB3, NSMBU=SMW.

But the score attack aspect could be really fun. It had better have some decent leaderboard functionality.
Posted: 06/08/12, 03:13:03
@Anand im perfectly fine with these comparisons both will be day one for me.
Posted: 06/08/12, 04:22:16
Scrawnton said:
@Anand im perfectly fine with these comparisons both will be day one for me.
Posted: 06/08/12, 05:15:38
Sounds great, I'm all about speed runs. Just hope there is some competitive local multiplayer.
Posted: 06/08/12, 05:22:05
I just hope there's some kind of online leaderboards, but knowing Nintendo there probably won't be.
Posted: 06/08/12, 05:43:31

Interesting. Thanks for the insight!


We know there will at least be "Street Pass Leaderboards" since they mentioned that at the conference. You can compete with your friends on how many coins you collect per stage.
Posted: 06/08/12, 05:59:05
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