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Submit a game for the March Retro Game Club
You know the drill: pick a VC game on the Wii or eShop, and make a case for it. We'll vote on them this week-end.

For reference, here are the votes the last submissions got:

DKC2: 19 pts (new to 4 people)
Dynamite Headdy: 16 pts (new to 7 people)
Ristar: 15 pts (new to 6 people)
Super C: 12 pts (new to 5 people)

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Posted: 02/29/12, 08:08:04
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Personally, I would submit Pilotwings, but after reading the last few replies... you guys think it would be wiser to wait until we see what Club Nintendo has to offer in March?

Of course, not every RGC could follow what's on Club Nintendo, otherwise we'd only play first party stuff.
Posted: 02/29/12, 08:19:33
If only the Wizards & Warriors games were on there.
Posted: 02/29/12, 08:28:29
Dynamite Headdy!!!

No DKC 2 geez, everyone has already played that already by now already.
Posted: 02/29/12, 08:49:44
I would vote for Pilotwings, and I have it unlike Actraiser which I though I had but didn't and had no money to buy it
Posted: 02/29/12, 10:18:42

More people need to get their NES' out / buy one. I'm with ya, dude, Wizards and Warriors would be awesome.

Posted: 02/29/12, 11:02:57
Wizards & Warriors is Rareware so... probably never going to happen.
Posted: 02/29/12, 11:08:39
@Mr_Mustache, I still have my copy. GOOD game! I wonder how it would have fared if Metacritics would have been around in those days... Thanks for the video, the music brought back lots of memories.

@Zero... Yeah. Bummer.
Posted: 02/29/12, 12:43:30
Yea, lets play DKC2!
Posted: 02/29/12, 13:17:54

Well if Acclaim still existed we might have got it eventually. Since publishing rights seems to be the big sticking point for games (see Breath of Fire being released by Square and not Capcom).
Posted: 02/29/12, 13:30:04
Jargon said:
How about Shinobi 3 for Genesis? Everyone had fun the last time we played a ninja game! This one has great variety in stages, epic boss fights, it's not too difficult and it won't take too long to beat. The perfect Retro Game Club game!

Here's an except from Nintendo's Life's review:

Shinobi III is really the best sequel you could ask for. Itís one of the best examples of a action/platform game there is and has enough variety and challenge to keep you coming back for more time and time again. A must buy on the Virtual Console and comes highly recommended. 9/10

Here's a video of the first level. Not the most exciting level, of course, but I don't want to spoil some of the amazing parts.

Posted: 02/29/12, 14:56:38
This looks like fun! I like it when stuff explodes for no reason.
Posted: 02/29/12, 15:16:32
DKC2 sounds appealing because I have it on VC but never went passed the first world and it been nearly 14 years since I Played the whole thing.
Posted: 02/29/12, 15:39:06
Forgive me if this has been done in the past, but I'm really looking for a reason to play Paper Mario for n64. I loved the ones in gcn and wii and I'm really looking forward too the 3dd version but I'd like to try the play the n64 one first. If that's already been done here though then just ignore this.
Posted: 02/29/12, 15:44:24

Paper Mario would be good. The problem is the sheer length of it...it can take 20+ hours to complete.
Posted: 02/29/12, 16:06:31
We could extend it to two months. That said, I don't know if the RGC is the best format to play Paper Mario. We'll see!
Posted: 02/29/12, 16:21:48
i am so down for DKC2

But I'll submit Bionic Commando (GB).
Posted: 02/29/12, 17:03:57
I'll submit Strider for Genesis.
Posted: 02/29/12, 17:57:43
I own DKC2 on the VC and never beat it, so if that was the RGC game I might play along. I'm not a huge DKC fan.
Posted: 02/29/12, 19:50:32
Is no one going to submit Kid Icarus? Since the release is looming closer...
Posted: 02/29/12, 20:22:27
@Guillaume I'd rather wait for the 3D Classic Version.

I submit Super Castlevania IV for the SNES. It's not a RGC submission thread until I submit this game!
Posted: 02/29/12, 20:40:51
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