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Would you buy Mario 64 3DS? [poll]
Yes (12/36 votes)
No (16/36 votes)
Maybe (8/36 votes)
If Nintendo ever remakes Super Mario 64 for the 3DS, would you buy it? Assume better visuals, 3D effect, all the extra stages from the DS version, all the minigames, and SLIDER control.

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Posted: 02/18/11, 09:08:05  - Edited by 
 on: 02/18/11, 23:57:15
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No. I like the game, but not that much. Now, Sunshine, or the Galaxy games? YES, PLEASE!
Posted: 02/18/11, 09:14:12
Hell yes. I'm what you call a sucker. Also, I barely touched the DS version so...it's not that bad for me.
Posted: 02/18/11, 09:34:49
No. I already have Super Mario 64.
Posted: 02/18/11, 09:49:24
Absolutely yes. They would have to do have a nice graphic polish-up though like they're doing with Ocarina of Time.
Posted: 02/18/11, 09:56:55
No. They are working on a new 3D Mario game for the handheld.
Posted: 02/18/11, 10:40:23
Maybe. If they included the extras from the DS version, yes.
Posted: 02/18/11, 10:43:52
No, it's my least favourite Mario game.
Posted: 02/18/11, 16:00:54
It's a yes for me. I love Mario 64 but i dont play it on the DS because of the butchered controls.
Posted: 02/18/11, 16:03:13
Only if it were called Super Mario 64 2 and included finished versions of those levels I saw in some mag once.

In other words, no.
Posted: 02/18/11, 16:04:18
I'd rather have a redone Sunshine honestly, but I would probably buy it.
Posted: 02/18/11, 16:08:34
Absolutely, one of my favorite games of all time. Upgraded visuals akin to OoT ---> OoT 3DS? Yes please.
Posted: 02/18/11, 16:31:17
@-JKR- Same here!
Posted: 02/19/11, 00:46:10
I already own THREE copies of it!

So yeah, probably.
Posted: 02/19/11, 02:27:23  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/11, 02:27:47
nate38 said:
I already own THREE copies of it!

So yeah, probably.

Posted: 02/19/11, 04:02:56

Well you can play Mario 64 DS on the 3DS with analog controls. Of course, the input is still digital, but there's 8 directions, which is enough for analog movement.
Posted: 02/19/11, 04:26:55  - Edited by 
 on: 02/19/11, 04:27:21
Super Mario 64 is my favorite game ever. I actually think it is the best video game ever. Period. I never got it on DS.
Posted: 02/19/11, 04:42:19

They'd have to add multiplayer to the mini-games suite, and maybe make the multiplayer stuff online. And then not sell it at full price.

And even then... it'd be a *maybe* for me. I really liked all the extras they threw into the DS game (and the "standard" game is classic of course, too) but... I've already played it. Nintendo would have to give me some other incentive to get me to buy the game AGAIN. Graphics aren't really gonna do it.
Posted: 02/19/11, 04:47:19
Definitely, the game is a masterpiece, it would work welll on the 3DS.
Posted: 02/19/11, 04:49:31
I think it's inevitable that Nintendo will eventually do a remake of SM64. If not for the 3DS then another system. I'm actually pretty curious as to what the new Mario game is going to be for the 3DS that Miyamoto was talking about recently. He seemed pretty excited about it.
Posted: 02/19/11, 05:32:00
I'd want the Mario 64 DD stuff included, with co-op gaming with Luigi online. Anything less I prolly wouldn't bother
Posted: 02/19/11, 05:41:34
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