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For the past ten years, I've watched Nintendo's E3 livestream from the comfort of my home on some classic summer Tuesday mornings.

Now I'm adult with a real job, and I might miss it live this year!

Somebody please post the full recorded E3 video in this thread once it's uploaded to Nintendo's channel without any context as to what's in it.

If you're going to miss the livestream, bookmark this page, stay away from the internet, and come here when you're ready to watch it.

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Posted: 06/07/18, 01:23:20
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Posted: 06/07/18, 07:45:32
I'm very tempted to avoid the whole Internet until then, yes, but I don't think I can manage that. Just too much time to spend away... Sigh, I hope not much is spoiled. I hate this whole leaking info thing that the world is all about now.
Posted: 06/07/18, 17:12:32
Perhaps I'm just not remembering properly, but I feel like there have been more leaks and announcements in the weeks before E3 than there has been in previous years.
Posted: 06/07/18, 19:29:56
Adults with real jobs take a long bathroom break and watch it on their phones, duh.
Posted: 06/07/18, 21:38:57
@Mop it up

Posted: 06/07/18, 22:36:29
@Mop it up

Seems like it.


I blocked off the whole afternoon starting at 11:30am. I'll sit in meeting rooms working from there with a nice long lunch during the show.
Posted: 06/08/18, 04:24:08
What is the point of avoiding E3 "spoilers"? Do people want to see announcements on the company's terms? Do people find the thing entertaining? I am asking out of sincere ignorance here; I'm not trying to be smug or anything. I'm so dissilussioned with the industry that I sincerely don't understand.
Posted: 06/08/18, 04:39:04

I think it's about context more than anything. Seeing the headlines won't in any way convey the same thing as seeing the actual reveals for yourself.

I know you're a young'un, but do you remember the Twilight Princess reveal in 2004? Actually seeing that trailer come up is an entirely different experience than an second-hand article of "New Zelda game announced for Gamecube" that you have to poke through for screenshots and video footage.
Posted: 06/08/18, 04:44:36

It's the difference between opening your Christmas presents or having your friends or family just tell you what's inside. Sure, it's cool no matter what in the end, but there's a great pleasure in the discovery.

As Shadowlink mentioned too, for many of us, we've grown up where spoilers were not a problem. Rumors barely were. The relics of the feelings I felt when hearing about E3 presentations after reading rumors in the latest Nintendo Power, that still exists in me today. I used to go get a big slurpee, and/or awesome lunch then come home to a pretty clean bedroom and watch live or whatever. Now with the job, I make concessions but the excitement stands strong.
Posted: 06/08/18, 05:03:32
Okay, I get that. Thinking back, I used to feel the same way. Today, I don't even care to watch a Nintendo Direct or an E3 conference because they just feel like advertisements. And if I do care about a game, I'd rather have it be as much of a surprise as possible (aside from Smash bros). But your descriptions helped me to remember a time when I used to excitedly watch those presentations.

Anyway, I hope you guys have fun with E3 :)
Posted: 06/08/18, 05:21:24  - Edited by 
 on: 06/08/18, 05:22:42
I'm not gonna be able to avoid the spoilers, so I won't even try. I'm just gonna hold out hope that whatever's already been spoiled will pale in comparison to some huge and awesome surprise. Although I'm sort of skeptical about that.

Being my crass old self, I'd say that any announcement is an advertisement. But even with that in the back of my head I can enjoy the E3 spectacle and try to make something fun out of it still. Out of nostalgia and, I suppose, a sense of community. Kind of like how I can enjoy the olympics even though that's a corrupt corporate shitfest. Bread and circuses. Bread and circuses.
Posted: 06/08/18, 11:36:53
Could someone claim the responsibility of embedding the video in here? Just to make sure it actually gets done lol.

Zero said:
Adults with real jobs take a long bathroom break and watch it on their phones, duh.

I would totally do this if it wasn't my first week, haha. If I'm not busy I might just pull up the livestream on my PC though, no one will care if I multitask for a little bit...
Posted: 06/08/18, 16:27:52
Alright, here's the livestream:

I assume this will be enough, but if there's a recorded version someone should post that too!
Posted: 06/12/18, 05:25:00


I left Twitter this morning and am not going back noon tomorrow, so nothing is spoiled.
Posted: 06/12/18, 06:16:00
Here's the full direct:

Posted: 06/12/18, 20:11:36
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