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Hi all! I've taken over the Sports page here at Negative World. This thread is a safe space to talk about all things sports related, even sports video games!

I've also taken some hallmarks from Mr. Mustache's old sports thread and supplanted them here in the OP!

Have fun!

Current events:

NFL: The Eagles won the Super Bowl. Crazy!

NHL: Those Vegas Golden Knights keep rolling. Also, the Bruins look like the team to beat in the East next to Tampa Bay.

NBA: Basketball is a sport!

MLB: It's Opening Day!

Here's the link to the original Sports Thread: Mustache's Sports Thread

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Posted: 01/03/18, 17:51:19  - Edited by 
 on: 03/29/18, 15:28:15
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I like the theory that Vegas almost always wins at home because the visiting team was out partying all night. Makes about as much sense as any other explanation of the team's highly improbable success thus far.

Meanwhile, the two-time defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins are literally off the charts when it comes to bad puck luck:

Eagle-eyed viewers will spot the penguin's scalp and shoulder beneath the word "Unlucky" in the above image...
Posted: 01/03/18, 18:09:06  - Edited by 
 on: 01/03/18, 18:10:35

I'm at work, so I can't view the Twitter image. But yeah, something's up with the Pens.
Posted: 01/03/18, 20:19:57
If there's any wrestling fans left here, I highly recommending watching Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho from NJPW this morning. Great match. The match after it was alright, too.
Posted: 01/04/18, 16:42:59
Hope you're partying like it's 1999, Lou!

I really do just think the Pens are fatigued from the back-to-back runs, and I expect to see them continue to coast into March. I think around then, we'll see if they can "flip the switch" and go on a run. I feel like if they make the playoffs they'll be dangerous regardless of seed. I just think it's been really hard for them to get motivated right now after playing so much tough hockey the past two springs. There's a reason hardly anyone repeats anymore in the NHL (my expectations going into last season was a 1st or 2nd round exit; I thought it'd finally be the year that Caps would get past us, and I still find it hilarious that they couldn't get it done), and going through that grind three years in a row and winning again seems like too much to ask.
Posted: 01/05/18, 03:07:04

I see what you're saying. They also are benefiting from what I'd like to say is a middling Metropolitan division. No team really stands out, besides the Bruins or Caps.

And I will be partying on Sunday! Even if it's only for one day.
Posted: 01/05/18, 16:37:56
Alas, the Bills came and went in the playoffs with nothing more than a whimper. The offense was truly offensive. Very questionable play calling, and Tyrod Taylor is just not a good starting QB. He will never lead a franchise beyond where he got the Bills. It's time for him and the offensive coordinator to go.

The Bills have some big needs, especially OC, QB and WR. Here's hoping they get addressed.
Posted: 01/08/18, 13:22:30

I was rooting for them, and sad to see them out so quick.
Posted: 01/08/18, 21:07:28

I watched the entire show Wednesday night before MAGFest. Some of the best wrestling I've watched in some time.
Posted: 01/08/18, 21:41:48
I don't know how that last hit on Tyrod Taylor wasn't a penalty
Posted: 01/08/18, 23:18:08

Football is super gross. I'm shocked how little I heard about that in discussion about the game. Apparently slamming somebody's head into the ground is just part of the game.
Posted: 01/09/18, 06:34:24

Well if you do it on purpose sometimes it's a penalty. But... yeah...
Posted: 01/09/18, 06:44:53
@J.K. Riki

Oh, it was totally on purpose. There was nothing incidental or accidental about that play. ICK!
Posted: 01/09/18, 07:03:44
It was pretty gross. Two hands/arms around the neck slamming him down backwards? That was super intent to injure.

It's a shame, I will never fault the guy for not playing hard or doing everything within his ability to win. But sadly, he just does not have the elite ability to lead a mediocre team like the Bills to great heights.

Word on the street is Alex Smith might be the next WB for the Bills. I feel like it creates the same problem.


I saw the last two matches. I heard the undercard was pretty good, if not better than the main events.
Posted: 01/09/18, 13:39:30

The whole card up and down was very good and had a little bit of everything. Even not knowing the stories behind almost all but Jericho/Omega I was able to get into the stories told during the matches. It was a clinic in creating compelling atmosphere and intensity. The WWE could learn a lot from NJPW. No ridiculous gimmick matches, what blood that was shed was used in enhancing the match and the matches were given time to breathe and tell the story they wanted to tell without numerous run ins or distractions.

Also the version of Chris Jericho on display in his match with Omega could easily do a great heel title run in the WWE.
Posted: 01/09/18, 23:38:29  - Edited by 
 on: 01/09/18, 23:41:53
It's looking like the Lions will only hire a head coach that agrees to keep the current offensive coordinator. They're a big fan of half measures
Posted: 01/11/18, 21:32:17
What an end to that Saints Vikings game. Crazy. I always find it weird, though, when what is actually being celebrated is less what you did and more what the other guy didnít do. That defender seemed to actually avoid the receiver. Oh well, fans donít care.
Posted: 01/15/18, 03:21:58
I still can't believe that just happened.
Posted: 01/15/18, 03:24:57
Man oh man, my brother has got to be bummed tonight. Heck, I'm not even a sports fan and I'M kinda bummed from that!
Posted: 01/15/18, 04:31:20
That was one of the most absurd finishes to a football game in the history of the sport. Incredible.
Posted: 01/15/18, 05:29:42
I love the recording of the radio broadcast. Sullen, defeatist attitude to sudden jubilation and disbelief. Sports are awesome.
Posted: 01/15/18, 06:51:16
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