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The Negative World Nintendoomed Depression Cast: Episode 2
Kris explains why all your childhood dreams are about to be crushed. Into dust. It's bad.

Today's guest: Ploot. Why not?

You can download this mug, too. Just hit the download button in the upper right, get your bad self a copy in MP3 format, and then go play it on your Microsoft Zune.

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Posted: 05/03/17, 04:44:42  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/17, 04:51:33
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Zippity Zam, indeed. Hey, there's a pretty good name for a kid...
Posted: 05/03/17, 04:56:17  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/17, 04:56:29
Blast From the Past.
Posted: 05/03/17, 05:43:47
Amusing as always Kris.
Posted: 05/03/17, 05:54:31
Funny stuff. Are you going to keep doing more?

After all, Why Stop Now?
Posted: 05/03/17, 06:53:34  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/17, 06:53:45
Dragonflame6969 knows what's up. Voice of the people.

EDIT: BTW, after the cast finished, it moved onto Zero's cover of Eternal Flame. Was that supposed to happen or just a random thing based on the related tracks? Because it was strangely poignant after those truth bombs.
Posted: 05/03/17, 07:21:13  - Edited by 
 on: 05/03/17, 07:24:11
I had a time.
Posted: 05/03/17, 07:34:28
....how did Ploot change his number so fast?!
Posted: 05/03/17, 15:57:00

I'm glad someone still remembers that and could get the joke!

To answer your question: I might do another one down the road. I'm never going to do them with any regularity, but they are fun to make.


Yeah, I don't know. I liked that about a year ago so now it plays all the time when I'm in Soundcloud. Could it be one of the songs from my new album? Nooooooooooo. Gotta be precious Zero and his precious chiptune cover of a precious Bangles song...


He used his Canadian magic.
Posted: 05/04/17, 04:19:00
But is the Depression Cast high art?

It's probably funnier if you're high.
Posted: 05/05/17, 03:55:54

The Louvre isn't taking my calls so you may not be recognized in our time. : (
Posted: 05/05/17, 04:02:04

I've always wanted my final words to be "What an artist dies in me!"
Posted: 05/05/17, 04:05:21

Imagine the buzz when they find the prototype for that NW Dungeon Inquisitor game. Someone will probably become a billionaire.
Posted: 05/05/17, 04:07:11

Hahahaha! Crypt Asker! Amongst all my failed Negative World projects, that was probably the best and most failed.

That's my Unfinished Symphony. I bequeath it to you, Stephen, after I'm gone.
Posted: 05/05/17, 04:08:35
Funny stuff! Zelda IS thick, yo.

Srsly, though, this could be your key to Internet fame, Kris!

Sure, most gaming pundits shit on Nintendo. But mostly just in passing. You could make the first dedicated Shitting On Nintendo channel!

Well, second, if you count Jim Sterling...
Posted: 05/05/17, 04:35:18
Holy shit, this is a thing of beauty!
Posted: 05/05/17, 14:50:12
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