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Frontlog: Do you pre-order and crowdfund?
We're all used to having console and Steam backlogs. I try not to think about mine too much, although I have been trying to finish more games lately during the console transition to Switch. But what about the other side of the coin?

Do you pre-order games to support your favorite companies or to make sure you have a particular edition? What about crowdfunding? Due to the amount of time it takes to make and release these games you can end up with a pretty hefty number of games you've paid for but haven't received yet.

I just added mine up and was kinda surprised how many I'm waiting on.


Underworld Ascendant (1st person RPG - Kickstarter)
Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove (Multiplayer 3rd person - Kickstarter)
Bloodstained (Metroidvania - Kickstarter)
Happy Hell (3d platformer - Kickstarter)
Yooka-Laylee (3d platformer - Kickstarter)
SpaceVenture (Point and click adventure - Kickstarter)
Psychonauts 2 (3d action platformer - fig)
Phoenix Point (Turn based Tactics, World based strategy - fig)



How about you?

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Posted: 05/01/17, 23:25:39  - Edited by 
 on: 05/01/17, 23:26:39
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Haven't kickstarted any games yet. I'd consider it if the right project came up but every time I am interested in something it gets funded (or is well on its way) anyway by the time I hear about it.

I used to pre-order more but these days I pre-order once reviews hit and I can pre-load unless there is some kind of deal where it makes sense to pre-order a bit earlier. Given that, the farthest out a pre-order will be is like a month. So I don't have anything there either currently.

So yeah, my frontlog is pretty much nada.
Posted: 05/01/17, 23:32:14
I don't really pre-order or crowdfund outside of some rare exceptions.
Posted: 05/01/17, 23:47:20
When I was younger I used to preorder every single game a wanted. But now I only preorder when i expect there to be a scarcity issue, which is almost never. Maybe I'll preorder the new fire emblem because I'a nervous Nintendo will intentionally understock it, but who know.
Posted: 05/02/17, 00:37:03
Preorder only when I know I want a game and there are cool bonuses. I haven't crowdfunded anything yet and likely never will.
Posted: 05/02/17, 00:45:54
Breath of the Wild is the only game I've ever pre-ordered, and I should've just gotten the digital version of that anyway.

I've only ever Kickstarted one game. That was four years ago and it isn't out yet. I'll typically only chip in to Kickstart something if the rewards are worth it for me.
Posted: 05/02/17, 02:14:35
Yeah I preorder on PSN sometimes, I'm an idiot. There is just something so nice about realizing that it happens to be past midnight on a Monday and oh wait doesn't RE7 come out tomorrow? Let me check... well yes it does and hey it's already downloaded and ready to play!

I'm kind of out of the Kickstarter game though, I made an exception for Bloodstained but that's a special case. I mean it's freaking Iga, I'd just give him $50 for the hell of it, even if he wasn't making a game, he's brought me so much joy over the years.
Posted: 05/02/17, 03:55:58  - Edited by 
 on: 05/02/17, 03:59:14
I used to preorder but I recently got burned on two games $130 AUD worth,

I used to get my games from a company called Dungeon Crawl they would import games and sell them at slightly cheaper prices then EBgames( Gamestop)

I have pre-ordered about 10 games all paid for in advance and as they got released they sent them out no issues then they went bankrupt and I got screwed on the remaining two games left on my order

Deus Ex & Scale Bound

So now I don't really pre-order games or if I do I only pay a small deposit and the balance on pickup.
Posted: 05/02/17, 03:57:30
Whoa that sucks! Scalebound, wow. Those guys sound sketchy!
Posted: 05/02/17, 04:00:54
I preorder, sometimes. I never kickstart games.
Posted: 05/02/17, 06:00:05
I am done with pre-ordering and kickstarting videogames. Nowadays if I kickstarter something it's something a bit more tangible like board games or coffee table books.
Posted: 05/02/17, 06:27:00
I never crowdfund and don't have any plans. I rarely pre-order, but also rarely buy games on release. In the few cases I did pre-order, it was due to a deal or because I thought the item might be limited, or both.
Posted: 05/02/17, 23:42:54
Yes and yes.

I pre-order games regularly at GameStop, and I've even pre-ordered stuff from the eShop.

I've chipped into four or five KickStarter projects so far. Apparently I love having a backlog AND a frontlog! LOL
Posted: 05/02/17, 23:54:45
@GameDadGrant if you own a 3DS and DON'T have a backlog you're doing it wrong.
Posted: 05/03/17, 03:56:02
Nah. The only thing I ever kickstarted was T-Bun's game, for obvious reasons (I love tadpoles!). I support crowdfunding when it's gifted amateurs who just need to put the money together to achieve their dreams. I don't believe an audience should have to take on the financial risk of a major project, though.
Posted: 05/03/17, 04:19:37

You are correct.
Posted: 05/03/17, 18:02:47
I only pre-order physical games if I'm worried it might be sold out, or if I there's a pre-order discount or bundle deal (Amazon Prime's 20% off across the board on game pre-orders is nice). I don't buy that many physical games anymore, as I hardly buy any AAA games period, but whether or not I pre-order is just a practical thing that I don't give much thought to.

As for Kickstarter, I think it's problematic, but it is a way to fund games that otherwise wouldn't exist, so I'm in support of most games that go through it. I backed about a dozen games between 2013 and 2015, and all the games I've backed that got funded have been released or seem to be on track for release. I haven't backed anything since 2015, as nothing I've come across really grabbed me.

Not quite the same thing, but I've bought a few games in Steam Early Access or some other pre-launch playable form. That's different than either of the above situations, as Early Access games (almost always) have a playable build, so you're getting something immediate, if incomplete, in return. I'll often just wait for the game to be complete before digging in, though.

So my "frontlog" as of now would be:

Kickstarter games I'm waiting on:
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (progress seems slow but steady, fingers crossed for an E3 blowout update)
La-Mulana 2 (very good about regular backer updates on progress)
Shovel Knight (obviously the core game came out ages ago, and Yacht Club is on track to deliver the last of their stretch goals soon)

Early Access games playable but incomplete:
Crypt of the Necrodancer: Amplified
Bulby Diamond Course

Outstanding pre-orders:

Hero_Of_Hyrule said:
Maybe I'll preorder the new fire emblem because I'a nervous Nintendo will intentionally understock it, but who know.
I kinda doubt it, they'll want as many copies out there as they can, so more people can buy the $45 Season Pass.
Posted: 05/03/17, 18:41:00
I only pre-order when there's a crazy deal, like the Best Buy GCN/Visa Checkout thing before the Switch launch.

And I've only crowdfunded a few things, mainly to show my support. There are very few games that I NEED to have at launch.
Posted: 05/03/17, 21:15:50
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