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"Super Mario Maker, I Will Play You" a beatnik tone poem by Kristopher Wright
In honor of the release of Super Mario Maker, here's my beatnik tone poem from the post-E3 Negative World Podcast.

You can listen to it here, straight from almighty YouTube:

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Posted: 09/12/15, 04:59:17
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*snap* *snap*

I like the final line.
Posted: 09/12/15, 05:28:44
Didn't know what to expect. Don't know how to react. I like it. That is all.
Posted: 09/12/15, 05:43:53
Posted: 09/12/15, 07:37:12
Posted: 09/12/15, 18:44:18
More tone poems please.
Posted: 09/13/15, 06:36:06
Loved it on the podcast, love it now. Bravo!!!
Posted: 09/13/15, 08:31:48
But, will you play Super Mario Maker?
Posted: 09/14/15, 17:49:19
You still haven't taken that Pit amiibo out of the box yet?
Posted: 09/14/15, 18:16:45

Whoa, man
Posted: 09/16/15, 01:40:20
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