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What's Your Preferred Splatoon Special Weapon? [poll]
Inkzooka (0/15 votes)
Inkstrike (5/15 votes)
Bubbler (0/15 votes)
Bomb Rush (3/15 votes)
Killer Wail (2/15 votes)
Echolocator (2/15 votes)
Kraken (3/15 votes)
And now for part two of the Splatoon combo polling! What's your favorite Special weapon? There aren't as many as there are sub weapons though which is a shame… still, lots of options to be had!

The thread poll for sub weapons is found here.

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Posted: 07/19/15, 01:00:56
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While the Inkstrike and Echolocator are nice, I think the Kraken still wins out.
Posted: 07/19/15, 01:02:57
I like the Inkstrike. I feel all tactical and ish when I use it, and it's nice to unleash on cowardly campers. Good potential long-range support for someone like me who often ends up using an Aerospray.
Posted: 07/19/15, 01:08:17
Let's see...

Inkzooka: Pretty nice, although I haven't played much with weapons that let you use it. I think it can cut through walls, which makes it a pain in the butt to counter. A solid special.

Inkstrike: This kinda frustrates me. My main (the Inkbrush) uses it, but I rarely have time to stop and use it myself since it leaves me SO vulnerable. And if you don't hit the right spot, it's easily covered up and the time spent launching it could be used to cover more turf than it covers itself. However, it's good for hitting snipers and launching on combat areas (the edge of your team's ink) to give your team the upper hand, and it's great at the end of battle.

Bubbler: Really nice special--I like moves that give you brief insurance when you hit the stick. I do think it's slightly outclassed by the Kraken, but it's one of my favorites.

Bomb Rush: This one's fine but I think it's kind of a less-good Inkzooka. Seems easier to stay out of harm's way.

Killer Wail: A bit too predictable in my experience, although I think it can work nicely in some Ranked battles.

Echolocator: Always useful, just a nice special at any time. Although you should wait until the enemy team is all alive before activating. Also a good, quick way to get all your ink back.

Kraken: A good mix of offense and defense, and probably my favorite special even with the nerf. Great for breaking through enemy lines and leaving a Beakon (with Krak-On Roller or Octobrush); just nice and versatile and always good to have for insurance.
Posted: 07/19/15, 01:43:47

Inkzooka won't go through walls but the blast is so tall that it can reach over short walls and get you.

How was Kraken nerfed?
Posted: 07/19/15, 02:38:24
I have no idea what a special weapon is.
Posted: 07/19/15, 02:59:12

Fill up your special gauge with attacking and covering with ink, then when it fills, hit the right joystick in, then go into special mode for 5-10 seconds. Bam. POWER!
Posted: 07/19/15, 03:15:40
I had no idea there was a special gauge, lol. I mean, I've seen people using these super powerful looking attacks and such I just had no idea what they were doing.
Posted: 07/19/15, 03:28:29

Each weapon comes as a set of three weapons: the main (gun/roller/charger/brush), the sub (bombs, mines, sprinklers, etc), and the special (all the things listed above). Don't neglect any of them--they can save you in tight spots!

Fairly minor, but there's a lot more knockback now when someone attacks the Kraken, similar to how the Bubbler gets pushed back. It makes it a little less unstoppable but still very handy.
Posted: 07/19/15, 03:36:50  - Edited by 
 on: 07/19/15, 03:37:33
I feel inclined to say the Killer Wail since my favorite weapon has it as its special. While it's not always the most effective weapon to use, it can definitely take out pesky players who think they can just hide and wait for you to come past them. It's easy to avoid if they see you use it but its long range and ability to simply fire through any wall makes it great and players just never see it coming if used correctly.
Posted: 07/19/15, 05:33:37
I like the inkstrike. I use it less for offense and more as a distraction weapon. Taking out people is a bonus. But either way if they are covering up my newly laid inkstrike that is giving me a few extra seconds to cover the area I'm in. Also good for rustling out campers who I can't quite get to.
Posted: 07/19/15, 06:40:02
Which one is the one that let's you throw a bunch of grebades? I like using that one at the end of the round to pick up a bunch of ink area on the board.
Posted: 07/19/15, 14:26:19
Bomb Rush, I think.
Posted: 07/19/15, 19:26:10
I like bomb rush with suction bombs. Great way to clear out an area and really useful for tower control.
Posted: 07/19/15, 20:48:18
@TriforceBun Inkstrike just doesn't make much sense on the Inkbrush. I honestly think they should have gone for the inkzooka instead.
Posted: 07/19/15, 21:18:46
The only one I've gotten a chance to use is the bomb rush. They don't seem super-useful... and I NEVER use my sub-weapons.
Posted: 07/19/15, 21:20:02
@Secret_Tunnel bomb rush is useless, although we haven't seen a weapon that has a seeker bomb rush which I assume exists because of single player. That could be interesting...

But yeah inkstrike is just way too versatile compared to everything else.
Posted: 07/20/15, 09:52:42
I went with inkstrike... it's great on tower defense and splat zones.

I like the bubbler, too, it's just not on any weapons I like to use. A few times a player has lured me in by inking in the opposite direction, then just turns the bubbler on and turns on me then splats me
Posted: 07/20/15, 16:45:22
Inkzooka is awful. Once again its easier for me to choose my least fave. I like all the others. Ink Strike is prob my fave with Killer Whail and Kraken being very close seconds. Bubbler and Bomb Rush are really good too, as is the Echo Locator.

The Inkzooka though...why is that thing so bad? What am I doing wrong? The hit box is strangely small for it, as is the range. Then I often find myself getting stuck in paint when using it and it doesn't even paint much either. I find that the only bad special weapon.

What? Bomb Rush is really good. Especially so with the Splat Bombs and Suction Bombs. Throw em all around your feet, around you, and ahead of you, and the kills will come. I think I was using the Splatterscope with the Splat Bomb special and man was that thing turning the tide.
Posted: 07/22/15, 03:23:12  - Edited by 
 on: 07/22/15, 04:07:35
I'm a Kraken lover, myself. So so happy that the. 96 gal deco reps it.
Posted: 07/22/15, 05:22:42
I'm a fan of the Killer Wail. In addition to providing a burst of offense, it can also be used as a distraction or a makeshift shield which is kinda cool.
Posted: 07/23/15, 06:58:50
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