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Which is your favorite of the Wii / Wii U era Donkey Kong Country games? [poll]
Donkey Kong Country Returns (3/26 votes)
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (21/26 votes)
I have not played both of the aforementioned games (2/26 votes)
I'm mostly looking for the opinion of people who have played both.

Just curious.

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Posted: 01/12/18, 08:21:25  - Edited by 
 on: 01/12/18, 08:21:12
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Haven't played Tropical Freeze yet. Heck, I haven't finished Returns.

What is wrong with me.
Posted: 05/13/15, 23:31:13
Tropical Freeze of course. It's like the equivalent of Galaxy 2, NSMB Wii, etc., in that it took the same engine and ideas and such, and expanded them to new heights. A lot of similar concepts in the levels, but more refined and more interesting, plus new water levels that actually worked pretty well for the most part. The music was also much, much better than the original game. The graphics are better too, though that one is partially attributed to being on a more powerful platform. Even so, the art style seemed a bit better.

The only negative I would have is that it has a few less levels, though on average its levels might be a bit longer than in Returns, so it's no biggie. Some "neutrals" I guess I'd call them, is that the bosses still drag on way too long, and the multiplayer wasn't improved any and doesn't work that well.
Posted: 05/13/15, 23:38:23
Whatever it is, it might be an early stage of what I'm suffering from, so go see your doctor as soon as you can; I haven't played either of them.
Posted: 05/13/15, 23:43:53
Tropical Freeze has the edge, though both are outstanding.
Posted: 05/13/15, 23:47:04
I am still on the last world of Tropical Freeze, whereas I've spent way more time with the first game... wouldn't be completely fair to vote yet, but I'd say that Tropical Freeze does seem to be an overall improvement in most ways, and the addition of the HD visuals, new characters, and amazing David Wise soundtrack sure help!
Posted: 05/13/15, 23:50:26
Tropical Freeze by a landslide for me, I love that game! I wasn't a huge fan of Returns.
Posted: 05/13/15, 23:57:53
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze without a moment's hesitation. Returns frustrated me to the point of quiting, while the controller had to be pried from my hands when playing Tropical Freeze. The only niggles I have regarding Tropical Freeze are the boss fights. They were repetitive and boring. Everything else, a blast.
Posted: 05/14/15, 01:50:29  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/15, 02:39:40
Tropical Freeze is basically the Wii one but better.
Posted: 05/14/15, 02:38:31
They're about even, but I'll throw DKCR a bone for being more fresh when it came out.
Posted: 05/14/15, 02:39:09
It's pretty close. I guess I'll give it to TF since it pretty much took care of the very few flaws of Returns (blowing mechanic, forced motion controls, forgettable soundtrack) and made the stages even better.
Posted: 05/14/15, 02:43:25
Both are incredible and really turned me around on the DKC series. But Tropical Freeze is the bee's knees. Does it take the cheese? Yes please!
Posted: 05/14/15, 03:05:25
I'd go with TF myself too. They're both really close in my eyes, but TF has two major advantages:

David Wise
No waggle
Posted: 05/14/15, 03:39:39  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/15, 04:59:59
Been too long since I've played Returns but I think I enjoyed Tropical Freeze more. I don't like either of them that much though.
Posted: 05/14/15, 04:06:53
Returns for me. Better hidden puzzle pieces, better difficulty balance, and there aren't 1-2 extra Kongs stuffed in that feel like they're made superfluous by a third Kong. Returns feels fresh. Tropical Freeze just feels like an expansion pack.

Granted, the visuals and music favor Tropical Freeze, but those are small enough pieces of the package for me that they don't override the rest.
Posted: 05/14/15, 04:40:19
Posted: 05/14/15, 04:46:40
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Princess
Posted: 05/14/15, 04:47:30  - Edited by 
 on: 05/14/15, 04:47:55
I must have been thinking Twilight Princess.
Posted: 05/14/15, 04:59:43

Now I'm imagining a DKC game with this cheeseburger of a song playing in the background. It's awesome, btw.

Posted: 05/14/15, 05:00:04
Hmm. I wonder why on a site like this we (mostly) recognize TF as superior, yet Returns reviewed a bit better in general.

Is it just because Tropical Freeze was perceived to be "more of the same"? Because it sort of is. But it is more of the same yet better, so not sure why that would lead to lower scores per se.

I kind of think it had more to do with most modern reviewers not wanting to bother much with Wii U games though...
Posted: 05/14/15, 05:07:09
I bet a lot of reviewers docked TF a little bit for not being as fresh. I mean it is pretty much a repeat of Returns except with much better graphics and animation and controls and gameplay and level design and music and fun and whimsy and basically better everything.
Posted: 05/14/15, 05:36:00
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